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Spring (and Easter) themed sensory activities

Spring (and Easter) themed tot school sensory play
One of the Toddler's favourite activities is sensory play. He absolutely adores getting out our measuring cups, pouring, scooping, and discovering what I have hidden in the bin. 

Before we started tot school, and before I even began to research it, we had already been enjoying some simple sensory play at home. I actually remember showing my in laws a photo of the Toddler at nine months old, covered in flour from one of our adventures. They were pretty surprised and exclaimed something to the extent of 'Wow! He sure is allowed to do everything!' It wasn't a negative comment (certainly wasn't intended that way), but it did get me thinking about our parenting style. 

The Toddler, even as a baby, was always allowed to do a lot. Hubby and I are very laid back and as long as something is not dangerous, the Toddler is mostly likely allowed to do it. We want to encourage him to explore, to use his senses, and develop his skills even if it means we have a mess to clean up. That flour play led to one big mess, but I got some amazing photos out of it, some beautiful memories, while the kiddo worked on developing his fine motor skills, and exploring his senses. No harm done, right? 

Even as he has grown older, sensory play has remained an important part of our weekly routine. The Toddler loves it, and it gives us a fantastic opportunity not only to introduce new vocabulary, but to really refine his fine motor skills. This week, we worked on discovering the color yellow with sensory play, and I tried to tie that in with an Easter-y theme. 

Easter sensory play

I set this up for the Toddler about a month ago, and reintroduced it again this week as we talked about Easter a bit. The Toddler loved it, again!

Welcome to Mommyhood: Easter sensory bin 

You can read more about this activity by visiting the original post I wrote about this sensory bin.

Easter themed yellow muffin tin 

We had a lot of success when I introduced a blue/green muffin tin activity like this last week, and I figured I would give it a shot again this week. The Toddler really enjoyed ripping off the tape, and seeing what little 'treasures' I had hidden underneath! Then the real fun started as he began dumping out the compartments on the floor, and making a mess.

Welcome to Mommyhood: yellow muffin tin activity

It's not exactly overtly Easter, but there are eggs, bunnies, and flowers, so I think it counts. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: yellow muffin tin activity

Yellow (Easter egg) sensory bin 

We also set up a pretty large yellow Easter egg sensory bin. Macaroni as a sensory material is always going to be a win in my house. The pouring, the scooping, the dumping - oh the fun! 

Welcome to Mommyhood: yellow Easter sensory bin

Just checking it out: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: yellow Easter sensory bin

As you can see, the other major theme we have been working on is continuing to learn our colours, which focuses on yellow. We have had pretty much zero success with learning to say the words for colours, and very limited success with recognising the proper ones when asked. The Toddler is 19 months old, and I'm really not sure if I am trying to get him to do something he isn't ready for. 

As we introduce new ideas and skills into Tot School, I do try to make sure that the activities will be fun, and age appropriate for him. I try to take cues from the things he likes to do during free play, or other past activities that he has enjoyed. So far, I am just trying to set up a few activities geared towards one or two colours so we can talk about how they are called, and compare like the activities above.The Toddler seems to be having fun, so for now, I will continue to do some research, while taking cues from him.

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