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Tot school - Easter activities and some extra fun

Welcome to Mommyhood: Easter Toddler Activities
This week has been a bit crazy, and unfortunately, that definitely translated into our tot school plans. While I had a list of fun Easter activities planned, we veered away into convenience land and focused on activities with little to no set up and lacked any sort of theme really. 

The biggest 'activity' we worked on was learning facial features and their names. I loved this because there was absolutely no set up. All I did was point to a feature on the Toddler's face and say what it is called. I would also do the same to mine. Then, after doing this a few times, I would ask him to point it himself. So simple. I did this whenever the Toddler was still enough to pay attention to me, which was actually quite a lot because he's apparently super tired from our road trip and has been asking for lots of cuddles. Fine with me! Toddler cuddles are awesome. The Toddler has actually taken to a new 'way' of having a temper tantrum - a very loud cry, followed by perhaps a foot stomp or two before begrudgingly walking up to me with arms extended for a hug. If only all temper tantrums could manifest in the form of hugs and cuddles. 

We have also been working a lot on getting the Toddler to do things on his own. This is something that he has actually shown a lot of initiative for, and I am trying to strengthen his skills and teach him how to do certain tasks like: getting undressed (totally has this one down and enjoys running around in the nude... oops), getting dressed (so if he gets himself nakie, he can also get himself re-dressed), washing hands, using the soap dispenser, washing his hair, cutting up soft veggies/fruits. Phew, I think that's all, but it's quite a list!  

The Toddler also invented a fun activity - unpacking boxes that I just finished packing. Not cool. Not cool at all. I suppose though, I bring these things upon myself by packing while he's playing. 

Anyhow, here are the rest of our activities that I did manage to get on camera: 

Fishing for Easter eggs 

The Toddler loves water play so we set up this simple activity. Because he was only wearing his diaper, I don't really have 'action shots', but believe me, this kept him occupied for well over forty minutes. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: Easter Toddler Activities

Which turned into fishing for toy cars... 

Welcome to Mommyhood: Easter Toddler Activities

Welcome to Mommyhood: Easter Toddler Activities

It also became a sink or float experiment as we added more objects like feathers and more buttons. The feathers turned the water orange, which caused the Toddler to become even more intrigued by it and he ended up pouring the water from one container to another for an additional fifteen or so minutes. Needless to say, water play, is a huge hit at our house.

Easter carrot art 

I still had one of the carrot printables from last week's orange tot school activities so I decided to turn it into an art activity. I put some double sided tape on the triangles because the Toddler has not been enjoying using a glue stick. I prepared the supplies (buttons, balls, and feathers), and thought he would enjoy sticking them onto the tape. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: Easter Toddler Activities

He found it moderately entertaining, but was quickly done with it. I decided to try to regain his attention to it by grabbing one of our favourite sensory bin fillers - a mixture of lentils and rice... and we had a winner!

He loved dumping the lentils onto the carrots and seeing that they were sticking to the paper! Afterwards, he even went back for the other materials and tried sticking them on, as well. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: Easter Toddler Activities

Our final result was proudly displayed on our dining room table until Daddy came home. 

Easter sensory bin

I made a simple Easter bunny sensory bin. If you check out my Easter Toddler Activities post, you can see a few other simple Easter activities we did this week.

Welcome to Mommyhood: Easter Toddler Activities

The item that caught his attention the most was the wooden bunny in the right corner. I bought a set of wooden animal puzzles at a local second hand shop. I think it's family owned, and they tend to have wooden toys, which I much prefer to plastic. 

Side note: I actually participated in a very interesting experiment where children's toys were tested for various chemicals while I was out in the workforce. The results were pretty shocking, and if you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me! 

Welcome to Mommyhood: Easter Toddler Activities

Welcome to Mommyhood: Easter Toddler Activities


The Toddler hasn't been liking using tweezers for sorting. I thought I would give these clothes pins a try. He was also not interested. At all. He did have fun transferring the balls, but with his hands rather than the pins. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: Montessori sorting


We brought out our homemade letter monster again!

Welcome to Mommyhood: Letter Monster

I made this little monster a few months back, and love that we can use it to learn about facial features, shapes, letters, numbers, etc. This time, we used some Russian letters and felt shapes to feed our very hungry monster. 

Photo  Photo

Lots of outdoor play happened, as well. Easy. Zero setup (well, if you don't count actually getting dressed). I love that playing outdoors completely exhausts the Toddler and then he naps so well, too!

Welcome to Mommyhood: outdoor play

Plus, I can usually get in an extra cuddle by letting the Toddler chase and then 'catch' me in a huge bear hug. Note that in this photo, he really just wants my purse/makeshift diaper bag, but whatever! A hug is a hug even if he did have ulterior motives! 

Welcome to Mommyhood: outdoor play

And that's all. A very simple, but still fun week! As always, I'm linking up with Carissa at 1+1+1=1 for the Tot School Gathering Place

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