Sunday, 13 April 2014

Would you like some (healthy) orange pancakes?

Welcome to Mommyhood: three ingredient healthy pancakes recipe Hello there! I just wanted to show you something... I made these 3 ingredient pancakes: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: three ingredient healthy pancakes recipe

Healthy breakfast recipes:

3 ingredient paleo pancakes

And they were great! 

As yummy as these were, I have a problem when it comes to making pancakes of any kind. I am a destroyer of pancakes. 

I need to learn to make more of the batter. Why? Because I will inevitably mess up the first batch, get distracted, forget about them, burn them, flip them too soon, get them to crumble somehow, or just somehow make them taste not as good. This has happened every time I have set out to make them. 

Next time, I am doubling this recipe because this is what happened: 

Yea, blogging + making pancakes = fail. But nap time is so precious that I try to multitask! However, lesson learned. The rest of the batch, I actually stayed in the kitchen, and the pancakes turned out like this: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: three ingredient healthy pancakes recipe

Healthy 3 ingredient pancakes recipe 


I'm not sure because I burnt the first batch. I think it made about ten mini pancakes. It would have been enough for both me and the Toddler. 


1 banana
1 egg
1 sweet potato (cooked by method of choice) 


Mix ingredients and pan fry on low heat (or they will lose their color).

These don't end up bright orange, you can add a carrot for that, but it was a fun way to have pancakes! The Toddler most definitely was amused and ate the entire batch with the exception of the burnt attempt and the one I stole for a taste test. I suppose that means they were good then, right?

I almost feel too ashamed to call this a recipe because it's just so easy and tasty and paleo! You could make it a bit more complicated by adding a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spices and a few tablespoons of chia seeds. That's happening next time I make them. Or maybe I'll use a carrot, too and make some 'carrot cake' pancakes. Oh, the difficult decisions that will have to be made in my kitchen.

Welcome to Mommyhood: three ingredient healthy pancakes recipe

As you can see ate them with some raspberries, which reminds me - now that the weather is getting nicer and we're getting berries at the market, I think it's time to whip up a homemade, pectin free jam. Guess who has her Russian grandma's tried and true recipes for some super tasty berry-licious jams. This girl! Me, me, me! Yea, my grandma is my food hero. Actually, she's just generally my hero and an all around fantastic human being. 

So that's it!  A very simple three ingredient paleo pancake recipe! 

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