Tuesday, 6 May 2014

...And we're back to Paleo! (this week's WIAW)

Easy healthy recipes and toddler meals
Do you ever wake up and just know that it's not going to be the best of days? Yesterday was definitely one of those days for both me and the Toddler. We had about four meltdowns and not enough coffee. 

We tried turning it around though with fun cooking! These eats saved my sanity yesterday - the Toddler not only loved eating them, but helping to make them, as well. 


An egg and an apple (or two). I got up at a quarter to five so by six I was hungry but didn't really feel like eating so egg and apple. 


We had something a bit more satisfying a little bit later when it was Smoothie Time! This base was actually supposed to turn into carrot cake muffins that I really, really want to make, but instead I adapted it to be a Carrots and Cream smoothie. 

Welcome to Mommyhood - Easy healthy recipes: Carrots and cream smoothie

The only thing that was missing was a blender full of spinach. I guess I just can't have a morning smoothie without some greens! 


We had breakfast for lunch! 

Welcome to Mommyhood - Easy healthy recipes: Kale and egg bake

We put together some kind of egg-y oven bake. I added loads of kale, some zucchini, green onion, and a bunch of spices! The Toddler ate about 2/3 of it. No joke. I guess that explains why he wasn't too interested in dinner... 

Welcome to Mommyhood - Easy healthy recipes: Kale and egg bake

I wanted to set us up to eat here. 

But then in typical Dutch style, it started to drizzle, then storm, then the sun came out again. 


Loads of fruit and 

Welcome to Mommyhood - Easy healthy recipes: roasted chickpeas

Lots and lots of roasted chickpeas. We snacked on these all day! Not paleo, but fairly healthy, especially because I was having some major cravings for chips. 

While the Toddler was sleeping for nap number one (yes, my almost two year old had two naps yesterday and I still didn't accomplish half of what I wanted to!)... what was I saying? Oh, yes, smoothie popsicles! We had some smoothie left over from the morning, so I did this:  

Welcome to Mommyhood - Easy healthy recipes: carrots and cream popsicle

I finally bought some sort of popsicle/candy thing mold. I have been on the lookout for one for a while, and tried freezing our morning smoothie in the form of a popsicle. I mean, don't kiddos love ice cream and popsicles? Yea, not mine. He loved the smoothie, and asked for seconds and thirds even, but turned his head away from the popsicles. 

What about me? I loved them. A lot. More than in the liquid form. Actually, I'm a wee bit obsessed. I've got another billion and one recipes forming in my head! Come on, their paleeeoooooooo!  

Welcome to Mommyhood - Easy healthy recipes: carrots and cream popsicle


Doesn't look too exciting, but rest assured it was super tasty and even Husband approved! He's tougher to satisfy than my little sidekick. I was just happy that after all that cooking during the day, dinner took all of about ten minutes to prep. 

Welcome to Mommyhood - Easy healthy recipes: roasted vegetables and chicken dinner 

We had more chickpeas, roasted veg (a whole cauliflower and a few carrots), which the Toddler seasoned and tossed before they went into the oven. He loved pouring the seasoning on top! We had some kind of Asian-y inspired chicken concoction- I quickly pan fried the chicken with some onion, garlic, ginger, and spices: 

Welcome to Mommyhood - Easy healthy recipes: chicken dinner

The Toddler ate the same as us, but decided he wanted chia seeds on his meat. I obliged, and he happily munched on his dinner. He only ate about half of his portion, and later stole the apple I had taken out for my own dessert after I took one bite. 

That's all for Yesterday! Today, I'm not cooking. We need to finish off leftovers... Okay, maybe I'll bake something, but that doesn't count, right? 

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