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Healthy Meal Plan and healthy eating during stressful times

Healthy Meal Plans: staying healthy and paleo during stressful times
I'm going to be mysterious in this post due to extreme paranoia and fear that major jinxing will take place, but it looks that things are looking up on the house front and the horrible, terrible paperwork monster seems to be tackled. Still a few signatures to add, but... I'm not even going to think it because we've had far too many setbacks. I will just say that hopefully in the very near future, some before shots should be coming your way! I'm keeping calm about it though because we already thought we were this far a month ago. 

Instead, this week, I hope to focus more on cookin' up a storm. Paleo and just plain eating healthy has been increasingly difficult with my in laws' temptation filled house and offerings of processed junk food to which I apparently am unable to say no. As my husband very unkindly noticed, I've ... ahhem, packed on a few pounds. So while I do manage to stay healthy Monday - Wednesday, eating crisps on Thursdays - Sundays is just not worth it. I mean, if you offer me a delicious chocolate filled cake or brownie, every day then sure! I'll stuff my face with no regrets, but well, crisps or something deep fried, meh. I do feel guilty eating them because they just don't taste as nice (to me). 

I also eat when I'm stressed, and aside from the house, we've also had some pretty difficult problems in the extended family that have been successfully helping to further reduce the amount of sleep I get. 'Cuz, ya know, getting up at 4.30 in the morning isn't crazy enough, I'm now unable to fall asleep until about midnight. What was it we were talking about? 

Oh yes, foooooood! I've decided that I have had enough of a time period to adjust to living with my in laws and finding a good balance for my diet. I need to regain control over what I put into my body, and realise (again) that I don't need to eat everything offered to me, or that eating a cookie isn't going to really make our house magically finished and make our family member healthy again. 

The reality is that what I eat impacts me. A lot. I didn't realise how much until gradually stepping away from paleo and going back to unhealthy habits that I had previously managed to eschew. 

Eating less sugars, less unhealthy grains, less unhealthy fats should also make me feel more energized. Snacking (health-ily) throughout the day should also prevent my major energy crashes, and back when paleo was going well, I was able to stay fuller for longer periods of time without feeling stuffed. That's also my problem with grains, and eating oats - maybe it's my portion sizes, but I just end up eating too much and feeling lethargic afterwards rather than energized and satisfied. I want to feel that way again, and not just for the first three days of the week. 

I'm also going to start working out again. Going on a short run or doing a few push ups every now and again isn't cutting it anymore. I always feel better about how I look and just generally feel good when I am consistently following some kind of a fitness routine, but haven't been consistent at all. 

Alrighty, let's get onto the food: 


Fruit bowls
Egg scrambles
Stuffed tomatoes (I hope that I can eat one this time and that my darling son won't want to devour every single one I prepare!) 

Easy healthy recipes: Oven roasted stuffed tomatoes by Welcome to Mommyhood


Stuffed sweet potatoes 
Sweet potato stampot (Recipe should be posted this week!) 
Crab salad 
Celery and apple salad 
Chicken salad 

I haven't felt much like cooking for lunch, so salads it is! 


Skinny, paleo green bean casserole 
Paleo crab cakes and roasted asparagus (and a salad)
Lemon herbed chicken and endive salad with bacon, tomatoes, and onion
Chicken sate in a paleo peanut butter sauce with a side of a beets and leeks
I ain't cookin'! 

Psst! Can you guess which protein is on sale this week? I'll give you a hint- it's the one we will be eating four times! 


Remember when I wrote about my ridiculous lack of sleep? Well, I have been drinking far, far too much coffee. I guess I was quite excited about being able to do so after my son stopped nursing, but it's crazy. I'm going to go back to one cup of caffeinated coffee  in the morning and then a cup of half caf in the afternoon. Hopefully this will help. 

Flavored waters. It's been warming up, and I haven't been drinking water. Like at all so I hope that adding some flavah to my water should help. Lemon water, lime water, blueberry water! Oh the possibilities! 


More ice cream creations that I need to perfect before sharing!
Black bean brownies to get my very necessary chocolate fix sans bad sugars and flour (not paleo, but unlike greasy processed ick-tastif foods, these are oh so worth it for their deep, rich chocolate flavor and just because they are awesome!)

Welcome to Mommyhood: healthy meal plans


1. Are you a stress eater? How do you keep those cravings at bay? 
2. Do you workout regularly? 
3. Any tips for adding a fitness routine back into your life after a few years break (pregnancy + baby = lazy mommy over here!)?

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