Sunday, 4 May 2014

Meal plan: getting back to our normal, whatever that is

Hello there everyone! I hope you are having a lovely weekend! Before we get into meal planning, I thought I would share a little snippet of Dutch life and history with you! Today is Remembrance day, which commemorates all of the lives lost during the Second World War. In 1961, Remembrance Day was expanded to include those that passed in all conflicts and peacekeeping missions since World War II. Tomorrow, May 5 is Liberation day, which is more of a celebration rather than a day of mourning. 

And an extra little tidbit: in Russia, these are celebrated on May 9, which marks the capitulation of Nazi Germany. This is Russia's 4th of July, and is known as Victory Day. We won't be doing much as far as celebrating either except for listening to some fun music, working on some red white and blue crafts (conveniently, the colors of the US, Dutch, and Russian flags), and probably most importantly in my home, we will be making some traditional foods!

I've spent quite a bit of time working on our meals for this week. I plan to cook a lot, try out some new recipes, revamp a few old ones that I have up on here but will not be linking to because the photos are horrible. I'll be fixing that! 

I also really need to get back into healthy eating and our former habits. This move has really caused a huge break from the way we used to do things, and we yet again completely ignored our meal plan last week. I've started viewing meals as a chore and haven't been enjoying cooking. Because of moving, we really just didn't have the same amount of fresh produce (as in my fridge was not stuffed to maximum capacity and then some with greens, veg, and loads of fruits). 

To top it off, I had baked a total of four cakes for my Hubby's birthday and we loads of leftovers. Of course, it was necessary to finish all of them off because, well, throwing out brownie cake, carrot cake, and apple pie is a tragedy! 

This upcoming week, we have no plans, no birthdays, no anything. Just a boring week, and I will be using that time to get us back to healthy eating. We're going to be heading out to the one grocery store that is open today and I'm going to be stocking up on ingredients to get my self excited about food and cooking again! Tuesday, I will be visiting the market, and perhaps Friday, too! I need inspiration folks! 

Wow, that was long. Let's finally get to the meals: 


  • Business as usual - eggs and smoothies
  • Egg muffins
  • Egg scramble? A frittata? Eggs, eggs, and more eggs baby! We ran out this week due to the massive amount I used for baking and I was miserable at breakfast time. We love our eggs!


photo 2-2

  • I'm going to find kale somewhere and I will be making this simple and sweet kale salad from Marnie at Super Smart Mama! Doesn't it just look fantastic? Yes, yes it does. 

  • Chickpea patties (will be trying out a new version, but you can click on the photo to see the original recipe)

Welcome to Mommyhood: Healthy recipes - sesame chickpea patties

  • Roasted veg which will make it into some kind of paleo buddha bowl concoction
  • Leftovers 


  • Mini shepherd's pies - a new recipe idea! 
  • Paleo Fajitas and a side of roasted vegetables. Ahhem, I'm a little obsessed with roasted veg at the moment.
  • Green borch using kale instead of sorrel (it also contains: potatoes, carrot, onion, egg, meat, dill, parsley, and perhaps a parsnip.) 
  • Stampot andijvie (I'll be making a sweet potato and endive mash with bacon. It is delicious!) 
Welcome to Mommyhood: roasted squash mash with spinach

  • Paleo tuna cakes with a salad or roasted veg. Actually, Kat from Naturally Global recently wrote that quinoa has magically reappeared here in the Netherlands, so if I am able to find some good, ole, quinoa, I may make a quinoa salad with sweet corn, bacon, and green onion. Not quite paleo at all, but so, so tasty. 
Welcome to Mommyhood: Paleo meal ideas (tuna patties)

  • Leftovers
  • Hubby cooks

Toddler noms: 

  • Squash and sweet corn muffins 
  • Beet muffins 
  • Kale and carrot muffins 
  • Spinach and rosemary bread
Yea, that's a lot of carbs, huh? He's quite obsessed with bread lately, and my in laws eat it often so he sees it and wants it, too. I thought I would bake up several healthier options than what they buy at the store, and freeze them. That way, if he does have bread or muffins, they will be homemade so I can control the ingredients, and also sneak in a bit of extra veg. Plus, if we are on the go, these make great snacks! These may or may not end up being paleo or some sort of combination of paleo and non-paleo. 

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