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Montessori inspired tot school part II

Montessori inspired toddler activities
Today's post is a continuation of our Montessori Activities Tot School post from yesterday. I showed the sensorial activities/work we worked on, the practical life activities, pouring activities, science experiment, and our nature/farm walk. Today, I'm sharing our language development work, math activities, and music. 

We have really been enjoying Montessori themed activities. I won't say that these are all Montessori or that I know a lot about it. I've only started really researching and have a lot of learning to do myself, but I have been trying to incorporate ideas and inspiration from Montessori into our Tot School. Like I mentioned yesterday, the set up is so easy, which means that we can do so much! I'm spending a lot less time thinking about what we will be doing in 'school', which has made it much less stressful for me! 

Language (and letters)

I mentioned yesterday that we started something really new for us: [Russian] Phonics! 

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities

Now, the Toddler is only 19 months old (just shy of 20). I have seen some awesome youtube mama's (like Jady a) who have gotten their tots reading very young - around 2 years old! That is not even close to being a goal for us, especially because the Toddler does not say too many words. 

What I am trying to do is simply to reinforce the sounds that the Toddler already knows. For now, I only have a few letters on the fridge and we occasionally walk up there and I read them to him (ah, buh, vuh). I don't say letter A or whatnot, but just the sound that they make. 

I thought that since he is making sounds and trying to repeat what we say, that this may be... interesting for him? I did get the idea from the youtuber above. I'm not sure how frequently we will be working on it or what will come of it, but so far, the Toddler is very, very intrigued. He loves walking up to the fridge and pointing at them. He also enjoys taking the magnets off of the letters, and then putting the letters back on the magnets. 

Like I said, he isn't talking very much, and I am trying to talk to him more. I feel responsible for his lack of speech because honestly, I just don't talk to him as much as I should. That in combination with the amount of languages to which he is exposed (primary: Russian and Friesian. He also hears Daddy and I speak in English to each other), I think is a challenge for him. 

I was inspired by the Montessori sand tray letter activity to come up with something similar. I stuck with our spontaneous and pseudo birthday/baking theme this week by using flour (мука) instead of sand, and I presented the Toddler several items that start with the letter M (in Russian of course. I know hammer starts with H in English ;) 

Flour play with letter M things 

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities and Montessori activities

After all of the flour play we did, I can honestly say that he was not too interested in this activity. We did spend a few minutes talking about our objects, and then he ran away to read a book or play with his cars. 

I did want to continue with the language aspect of this activity so I set up: 

Letter M Mystery bag

The objects we used (sans milk): 

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities

I put them all into a backpack and let him dig them out. I was inspired by the Montessori sandpaper letters, so I made some of my own using hot glue instead. 

These letters actually did catch his attention, so I talked to him that that's the 'muh' sound like in m-m-mama and m-m-mouse (but in Russian of course). I also traced the letter with my finger. He was quite intrigued and did it himself a few times before running away to play with something else. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities

Overall, he was more interested in unzipping everything rather than taking the items out. Oh well. I will be trying again next week with other items/letters that will hopefully spark his interest more. I want to use a form of the Montessori 3 period lessons (this is x, can you point to x, what is this?), too. I think that these types of activities would be really beneficial to his language development, and definitely will be trying to do things like that more.


Size sequencing with measuring cups

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities - size sequencing


This turned into pouring. He doesn't do sorting. Actually I did get him to sort about three candles before it turned into pouring.  

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities - Montessori inspired sorting

1 to 1 correspondence

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities - Montessori inspired 1 to 1 correspondence

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities - Montessori inspired 1 to 1 correspondence

1 to 1 correspondence using a spoon for scooping 

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities - Montessori inspired 1 to 1 correspondence

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities - Montessori inspired 1 to 1 correspondence Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities - Montessori inspired 1 to 1 correspondence

More 1 to 1 correspondence (with pom poms)

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities - Montessori inspired 1 to 1 correspondence

Practicing numbers

We didn't do much of anything with this. I drew on the numbers, and put the corresponding quantities of chalk into the bowls, while counting. The Toddler watched, and then drew with the chalk himself.  

Welcome to Mommyhood: toddler activities

Just like reading, I'm not trying to get him to do much with this. He knows the words for 1-3 in both of his main languages, but doesn't know what these quantities look like. He's not too interested in learning at this point either, which is perfectly fine! I'm just trying to set up different types of activities and see what he does like to do. After all, he is only 19 months old! 


To increase our Russian and because the Toddler loves to sing and dance, I have also started playing more music for him. We sing, dance, and generally act crazy. Sometimes, I pick him up and we twirl and we sing really loud all around the house, usually when the Hubby isn't home as he says my singing is not b-eau-ti-ful. Whatever dude! The Toddler loves my terrible singing, which usually results in him laughing [at me?] and joining in. I love watching the Toddler dance. He bends his knees and shakes his tush. It's incredibly cute. 

We also have a few instruments, like a wooden xylophone or some mini drums that he likes to play on. 

Alrighty, that's about it for this week! We did a lot, a lot, a lot this week, including those I posted about yesterday! For part 1, please visit our Montessori inspired tot school post where we talked about practical life, science, sensorial activities, and nature. 

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