Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Not that Paleo WIAW

Welcome to Mommyhood: easy healthy recipes and toddler meals
Today, we are just going to go straight to the food for today's What I Ate Wednesday, which is really What I Ate Tuesday, but you get the idea:  

Soaked carrot cake oats

I most definitely didn't start out the day with my typical paleo and super awesome breakfast of green smoothie + hard boiled eggs. Instead, I ended up having some carrot cake soaked oats that I had made for my son. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: easy healthy recipes

Welcome to Mommyhood: easy healthy recipes

I don't feel bad for having some of his breakfast though because he ate all of my lunch! 

Breakfast eggs for lunch

Oven roasted sweet potatoes with 'breakfast' oven baked tomatoes. So, so good. It was very much so the Toddler's favourite meal of the day (even though the oatmeal was a close contender). I barely got a chance to have a few bites before he requested my tomato and my sweet potato because he had already finished inhaled his portion. He only left some of the greens, but I did get him to eat a few leaves!


Welcome to Mommyhood: easy healthy recipes

Post some time in the oven

Welcome to Mommyhood: easy healthy recipes

Toddler eating Mommy's lunch: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: easy healthy recipes

Because I had still not eaten lunch, I quickly whipped up some beet greens, which were also fantastic if I do say so myself. And I most certainly do! 

Welcome to Mommyhood: easy healthy recipes

I really need to share this recipe soon, too, and also get a better photo. I shared this portion with my mother in law, who had had beet greens before, but didn't like them at all. However, she really enjoyed my version (loaded with ginger, mushrooms, and awesome spices). I've learned she's the pickiest of all of the people I'm living with, so if she likes it, I know I need to share the recipe! 


Paleo wraps/sloppy joes/stir fry... something in between all of that. I'm not too sure what to call this. I intended it to be a sloppy joe, and this is what it turned out to be: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: easy healthy recipes

It was so good and the Toddler even adored it in spite of the extra heat (chili flakes) I added to it! I really loved it with the lettuce and sprouts, as well as they had added a bit of crunch. 

Note to self: learn the proper names of food and what to call dishes.

Desserts and Snacks

Frozen blueberries, yogurt (not paleo!), and a fruit salad. Not all at once, but throughout the day. I guess breakfast was also really dessert, or at least it definitely tasted like it. 


Coffee. Oh my goodness, so much coffee! The Toddler just doesn't nurse anymore so I can indulge in all the wine (1 glass) and coffee (4 cups!) that I want without feeling guilty. But! I am finally back to drinking more water and even made some blueberry ice cubes:  

Welcome to Mommyhood: easy healthy recipes

Overall a pretty healthy day, but, I prefer to start it off with eggs and a smoothie. Not that I am so stuck in a routine, but rather because I feel more energized and less full. I do drink a lot of coffee first thing in the morning, and adding something as heavy as oatmeal, just is too much and is definitely why I prefer a light breakfast and a heartier lunch.  

I also prepared the oats differently than I normally do and don't know how I feel about that. The Toddler, who normally is a huge fan anyway, didn't seem to notice or care. He devoured the oats as if I had starved him for days... straight from the pot (which was fine because there was just enough for him). I am definitely sharing the oatmeal recipe soon because it tasted delicious, but I will also be trying it out at least once more to see which cooking method I prefer. I'll probably end up showing both methods just because it's fun though. 

Now the for the questions:
  • Flavored water? Yes, no, maybe? 
  • Do you have a go to breakfast every morning? Do you like to change it up? 

And we're done here! For more healthy recipes, check out my healthy recipes page or visit more WIAW posts.

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