Tuesday, 27 May 2014

WIAW - Working out again!

I'm so, so, so, so very excited to say that I finally did it! I have gotten my bum off of the couch and have started working out again! I have officially gone jogging two days in a row. Actually, let's be frank, it wasn't really, officially jogging... it was technically walking really, really fast while flailing my arms like a madwoman in attempt to prevent any mosquitoes and other little bugs from landing on my face, all the while letting out several 'awwws' at the ducklings that are swimming in the canals by the farms where I 'jog'. I'm glad you can't see it and that it's been 5 am when I've gone out so no one else except for the aforementioned ducklings have seen my attempts at getting fit either. But, hey! Swatting at mosquitoes = arms workout. Look at me being so positive! 

On a random note, things in the homeland seem to getting worse and worse as there are increasing quantities of casualties and the new Ukrainian president has officially called Russian separatists terrorists ... Okay, this blog isn't my international relations platform so I'll keep my mouth shut as to my opinion on the current 'Crimean Crisis' beyond the fact that I am utterly heart broken that this is happening in the country where I was born and a country that I love very much. I hope that in a few years, we'll be able to go back and visit. Thank goodness that the last of my family no longer lives there, but I haven't been in touch with friends and have no idea as to how things are going there for civilians other than exceptionally horrible. I'm also so very selfishly relieved that the final paperwork I needed to emigrate to the Netherlands was resolved just about a year before Crimea became... well what is it? An (unofficial) warzone? Sigh. Can you imagine getting on with your daily life and then all of the sudden your country starts breaking up into pieces? 

Well that got serious very quickly. I guess I shouldn't check the news while writing a blog post. I will say though that working out has been a fantastic distraction and a great way to get out some extra tension. It's also a great way to get myself pried away from the computer. 

Now, let's talk about food. Food can certainly be awesome and well, Sunday's eats (what I am sharing) were nothing short of awesome. Seriously folks. It was filled with healthy and unhealthy deliciousness and I most definitely do not regret stuffing myself with way more homemade pizza than I should have. 

Nope, don't regret a single bite!


I started off with just some fruit and a hard boiled egg, but I really wanted to get my Carrot Cake Oatmeal Recipe right, so I got to baking! This time, I most definitely got the recipe to the way I like it. Unlike last week's version, this one had both an awesome texture annnddd all the right flavors. 

Evidence of the deliciousness is the fact that my 20 month old little buddy ate about half of the entire batch. He had three plates full and I had to cut him off when he asked for a fourth because certainly his little belly couldn't possibly hold anymore food! 

I'm still trying to stick with paleo and I'm still not giving oatmeal a permanent position in my breakfast rotation (what rotation? I always eat eggs), but it was delicious. 


Apologies for the recycled photo, but we ate stuffed tomatoes for lunch again: 

Easy healthy recipes: Oven roasted stuffed tomatoes by Welcome to Mommyhood

I'll try changing it up again next week! ... probably. 


There was far, far too much dinner. Even for four adults and one mini human (the Toddler). 

Dinner Number 1: Spinach pizza

Underneath all of those toppings, is a big ole pile of spinach!

Yea, this is so not paleo. Not even close, but I have been so exhausted with everything going on that I can't even say that I care. I mean come on, it's pizza! It's one of the ultimate comfort foods. 

Plus, hubby made it and I never mind when he has a go at something in the kitchen. He's so meticulous about getting it just right that it always turns out fantastic as opposed to my strategy of just adding a bit of that and some of this while rocking out to some crazy music and just going with the flow of where the dish takes me. 

Dinner Number 2: Cabbage pizza

They were so big we needed a community effort to cut them up. Both were delicious and I will be sharing the recipes sometime soon. I know these aren't the healthiest things ever, and I was bit bummed that hubby didn't use the spinach pizza dough recipe that we like, but it was most definitely worth it. Plus, I jogged it all off the next morning! 


No dessert. We were stuffed. Those pizzas were huge, and topped off with so many wonderful toppings that we simply didn't have the room. 

Later in the evening, I did have my third apple of the day. I sometimes try to eat less apples, but it never really happens. I do sometimes eat more though. 


Loads of water and loads and loads of coffee with almond milk that I whisked and heated to get it all foamy. 


Do you follow recipes when you cook or do you prefer to experiment? 
What's your favourite comfort food? 

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