Monday, 30 June 2014

Paleo Loaded Sweet Potato Mash

Hi there! Happy Tuesday! It's officially day two of the Paleo Challenge! [Don't worry, I won't remind you everyday for the entire three weeks.] I'm actually really, very behind in publishing recipes. Like this one, for example, something I had meant to share about a month ago:

Mashed sweet potatoes by Welcome to Mommyhood

It's a wonderful paleo recipe that is also very versatile, and is also an adaptation of my favourite Dutch meal: Stampot Andijvie! Given that it's paleo and that challenge that I have going on, I figure, it's time to share this recipe. 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Healthy [& Paleo] Potato Salad

Challenge accepted! It's day 1 of the the three week long paleo challenge that I mentioned in yesterday's Meal Plan post! I'm so excited about it, and after attending a [Dutch] birthday party yesterday, which means, there were loads of deep fried snacks and cake, I really need it.

To make sure that I stick with my goals during the week, I'm going to be doing a lot of meal planning. I'll be updating you lovely folks every Sunday and Wednesday with how it goes (Meal plan and What I Ate Wednesday posts). Because my husband is also participating, I think I'll do a post about what I pack him for work sometime along the way, as well. 

Moving on to today's topic: with the 4th of July coming up really, really soon, I thought I'd share a simple potato salad recipe! This was actually something I ate a lot as a child, straight from my grandma's cookbook. 

Healthy potato salad by Welcome to Mommyhood

Saturday, 28 June 2014

I'm taking the plunge (again): Full on paleo meal plan!

I'm really excited to announce that I will be participating in a three week Paleo challenge hosted by Giselle at My Healthy Happy Home! Did I mention that I'm really, really, reaaallly excited about this? Because it's true, I am. 

Since we've been living with my in laws, my healthy diet has definitely ... changed, and I'm not too thrilled with the results (or my lack of self control for that matter!). Not only have I been feeling a bit more sluggish than normal, but I've also noticed it with regards to my weight or rather my figure. 

I can't really complain about how much I weigh at the moment, but I am also very petite (5 feet 1 inch) and even a fluctuation of two pounds is noticeable. Conveniently, any weight I gain tends to go to my belly, especially since having my son. Dear body, please distribute added weight evenly. No? I guess I'll go workout then...

Anyhow, when I was actually sticking to paleo right before we moved here, I noticed that things just seemed less swollen and more proportional. I felt great and had energy. At the time, I was also cooking paleo meals for my husband who absolutely adores carbs (as most Dutch people do), but was happily enjoying the meals I provided. I still struggled with providing consistently paleo lunches for him for work though.  

I'm also really thrilled that he agreed to take the plunge with me! We both recently weighed ourselves and he was a bit unhappy with the result. He's also been feeling the same way as me - low energy, and also some digestive problems. 

This actually going to mean a bit more work for me - more planning and larger portions, but I hope that it's going to really improve how we've been feeling. I do think that Hubby would struggle with going straight to paleo 100% of the time, so I will still be providing some small portions of healthy non paleo foods (quinoa, buckwheat, black beans). Paleo will also be a bit tricky given our living situation, but well, it will definitely be worth it. (Oh and by the way - still no good news on the house front!) 

Now let's talk food. Here's a look at our meals, and the bottom of the post will have a list of groceries that I bought for the next week to two weeks: 

Friday, 27 June 2014

Sweet potato, bean, and roasted quinoa burgers

Hi there! I have a confession to make. I love burgers. A lot. All kinds, varieties, shapes and sizes. I love that first bite of deliciousness and how they always make me feel like summer. It's actually one of the things that I unashamedly look forward to every time I go to the United States - a big, delicious burger. 

The Netherlands just doesn't quite get it and the burgers often consist of the same texture/questionable meats as Frikandels (a favourite deep fried snack around here. Don't ask me what they are made of. It's kind of a mystery meat concoction). 

We often make traditional, meat burgers at home. I love them, but I'm not always in the mood for something so heavy and meaty, especially for lunch. While digging through our pantry and fridge last week, I was delighted to see these ingredients on hand: sweet potatoes, a black bean and kidney bean mixture, and quinoa. Do you see where we're going here? I'll give you a hint:

Quinoa burgers by Welcome to Mommyhood

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Montessori inspired 4th of July activities for Tot School

This week was pretty laid back around here. I didn't really feel like prepping much for Tot School. I wanted a bit of a break myself. I got out some of the printables that I had made for our Memorial Day Unit, and didn't make too many more for this one. Part of my problem is that I actually had multiple ideas, but didn't have the manipulatives I had envisioned to go with them, and really just wanted to keep things simple this week. I'm pretty sure it's time to visit some second hand shops!

I also plan to return to our garden unit next week with a lot of flowers and plants works, which I think the Toddler will enjoy quite a bit. I am actually really looking forward to sharing that with all of you because most of the photos in that unit, I took myself! 

Anyhow, let's chat about this week's unit: we worked on a red, white and blue theme again in honor of the Fourth of July. Here in the Netherlands, we won't be having much of a celebration. Perhaps some grilling will happen, but obviously, there won't be all of those beautiful fireworks you get to see in the US. 

I still wanted to have a small unit to expose my son to the part of my background that is connected to the United States. As he gets older, I will use holidays like this to teach him some history, but for now, we focused on colors and the US flag. After all, he's not even two yet!  

As always, scroll down to the bottom of the post to get your free printables! 

Here's what we've been up to: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: 4th of July activities

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Paleo and Vegan Fourth of July Inspired Popsicles

With the Fourth of July coming up, I've been on a bit of an American food kick. This has also translated into red, white and/or blue food. The latter however, is a bit difficult to find naturally so I should really say red and white food. Like these healthy popsicles:

Healthy Popsicles by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo #vegan #healthypopsicles

Obsessed. I am so obsessed. 

They were so easy to make that I wondered why I ever feared delving into the world of popsicle making. I'm not sure what it is that I love most about them - the fact that they contain real fruits, that they are so refreshing, so easy to make, that they are healthy? How about that these are also paleo and vegan! So much win. 

Okay, enough gushing about them, here's what I did: 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What I Ate Wednesday, or some other day and paleo dessert!

Another week has gone by and it's time to give you a look into what the Toddler and I ate throughout the course of a day. These meals are from sometime last week. I have no idea which day it was. I went on a cooking binge and just prepared a million and one (or 5) meals in one day, and took a bunch of photos, knowing that we'd be eating from these meals all week. As far as I can remember, these are all from the same day. The snacks and drinks are pretty much the same every single day.

Let's get to it: 


Did I mention to you that I have an apple + peanut butter addiction? 

Easy Healthy Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood

Oatmeal + apple + 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. I only forgot to add chia seeds. It was delicious! The Toddler also thought so - given that he ate most of my portion. I didn't feel like making more, so I simply settled for another apple and another tablespoon of peanut butter. 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Chickpea burrito bowl recipe with lime mint cauliflower rice

After yesterday's decadent Fudgy Brownies Recipe, I feel obligated to share something a bit less unhealthy (but still very tasty). And that's exactly what I plan to do today! I am sharing two healthy recipes: Chickpea burrito bowls and lime-mint cauliflower rice! 

Burrito bowl recipe and cauliflower rice recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood #easyhealthyrecipes

This combination is very filling, and the Burrito Bowls also contain so many veggies (underneath all that protein!) and so much flavah! The ones I made contain chicken, but you could easily leave it out of this dish for a delicious, vegan meal. 

Bonus: it's a freezer meal! I have been slacking in the freezer meals department lately. As in, I'm pretty sure I've made zero in the past three months. Whoops. Well, this one counts. It freezes well, which is logical as it's quite similar to how I make chili, but with more veggies and chicken. 

I'm keeping it short and sweet today! Here are the recipes: 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Fourth of July inspired fudgy brownie recipe

With the 4th of July coming up, I've been working on putting together another US inspired Tot School unit. And then this happened: 

Fourth of July Desserts: Fudgy brownie recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood

A chocolate cake that I decorated with my son's school printables. Is that Weird? Perhaps a little. I liked it, but given that it was my father in law's birthday the next day, and I was thinking about the US, that meant that I was simply obligated to bake another decadent chocolate dessert! I mean, it was his birthday! The situation was completely out of my hands and baking was necessary. So these brownies also happened: 

Fourth of July Desserts: Fudgy brownie recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Hello meal plan!

I've been cooking a lot lately! I think I currently have 40+ posts in my drafts bin waiting to go live. Seriously folks. The past two weeks have been filled with experiments, new recipes, and delicious throwbacks. I'm really excited to be sharing these recipes with you all and will be doing so during the next few months, but...

Now I'm all cooked out. When I sat down to write this week's meal plan, I had zero inspiration, and am a bit sick of my kitchen to be honest. I'll still be cooking, and hopefully, I can challenge myself this week with some new meals, but most of my plans are for recipes I've already made like:


  • Scrambled eggs with sausage, kale, and broccoli (kind of a routine) 
  • Smoothies 
  • Hard boiled eggs 
  • Healthy banana nut muffins if I feel like baking (unlikely)  


  • Sweet potato bean burgers (I made a test batch last week and they were pretty amazing. I'm making sure they're good this week!) 

Sweet potato quinoa burgers by Welcome to Mommyhood

Friday, 20 June 2014

Healthy pineapple banana popsicles!

I absolutely adore ice cream. Seriously. During the summer, I would be fine eating only ice cream for every. single. meal. No joke. But, sadly, I do try to restrain myself and keep to a more or less healthy diet. Oh wait, these happened: 

Healthy Pineapple Popsicles 

Pineapple Popsicles by Welcome to Mommyhood, #pineapplepopsicles, #healthypopsicles

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Buggin it up! (Tot school 20 months)

I have to admit, it felt quite weird making this unit. At first, I was honestly a little mortified that the Toddler started showing an interest in bugs. I find them icky, gross, and most definitely not fun. And given that I have zero related manipulatives, I knew I'd have to make a gigantic printables pack, which I was honestly not looking forward to doing. However, as I got busy and a bit more into it, I did end up enjoying the process (although not as much as the other packets I make), and am really, rather pleased with the result! And, just because, all of the printables I used are available for free to download at the end of this post. All of the activities are available in English and Russian! 

Before we get going, I have a small story. I was laminating and cutting out our activities for the week when my mother in law got a visit from a friend who teaches. Said friend was impressed with my printables and suggested I contact a curriculum making company (I have no idea what the proper word/term for this is in English). Quite cool to have some 'official' approval of the massive amount of time I invest in making learning fun for the Toddler. 

It's actually sometimes a bit silly - I spend hours making up some counting cards that are used for maybe five minutes a day. Granted, I really see how much the Toddler enjoys looking at the animals or whatnot that I include with them, but really, five minutes is all it takes to go through each of them and count. I am seeing results though with his speech, counting, and now letter recognition so I'll continue doing it, of course! Now, let's talk bugs: 

Insects activities for Toddlers and free printable pack by Welcome to Mommyhood

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

23 Healthy Toddler Meals (but really, it's what I've been eating, too)

I love is looking at what other people are feeding their kids. I don't mean that in a creepy way, but my husband and I are really conscious about what we feed our son, and we are constantly on the lookout for new ideas to try out in the kitchen, not just for the Toddler, but for ourselves. 

When it comes to feeding our son, we make sure that he is getting a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables with each meal, along with a good ole serving of protein, which may or may not be a meat product. We usually follow a particular pattern for a few weeks at a time. This depends on what is available at the market or what is growing in the garden. This week, he got loads of eggs, bananas, carrots and broccoli. 

In order to make sure that the Toddler consistently gets healthy meals, I make sure to whip up a few basic meals during the beginning of the week. I make homemade frozen vegetable mixes based on whatever we have that week. I like to freeze them in Toddler sized portions so that I can simply steam them about five minutes before it's time to eat. 

Healthy Toddler Meals:

Welcome to Mommyhood: 23 healthy toddler meals and snacks, #healthytoddlermeals

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

WIAW - a coincidental almost paleo day of healthy eats (and our house)

Let's start with some not so foodie photos! We did a walk through the house again thanks to our awesome realtor. Nope, still don't officially have the key, but most papers are done. We have started getting really organised as far as remodeling and needed to take measurements for yet another project hubs decided to add on - extension of the downstairs bathroom and construction of an extra closet. Awesome man. Our budget is very much so limited for this stuff though, so this last addition really needs to be the last add on project. We might as well just tear the house down then anyway, as he is planning on changing everything... 

Here's a sneak peek of the horrid condition of the house though: 

Oh what? Do your doors actually go in the frame? Pshh, a bathroom (on the left somewhere) without a door is way more awesome. 

Ahhh, Moommmmyy, it's dirty, we have to vacuum! That room will be Hubby's and my bedroom. It's actually the only bedroom that looks not terrible.  

That's all because I keep forgetting to snap photos. We're going to clean it out soon though, and then, I'll give a real tour, maybe even make up some fancy photos that demonstrate the work that will be done. As you can see from the first one, there will be a lot of work. Awesomely, the upstairs bath is still in good condition and except for adding some modern/pretty tiles, we actually don't have to do anything!  

Anywhooo, here are this week's noms/last Wednesdays eats:  


Sweet potato and kale breakfast hash (paleo!)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Montessori Inspired ocean activities for toddlers part II

Are you tired of all of our ocean related activities yet? I hope not because this post is going to be filled with them! Montessori style, of course! We have been focusing on math based activities quite a bit lately. I'm not trying to force anything on the Toddler, but he has been loving math, and using his index finger for counting. I've tried to encourage this interest by providing largely math based activities for him last week. Of course, with all of these activities, we also tried to add in some language work by talking about the manipulatives we are using, and our ocean themed 3 part cards

Now that I am able to better see which activities he enjoys, I've really been noticing his language skills growing by leaps and bounds, but also, I see that he's enjoying our school activities so much more! I try to focus our themes based on his interests, as well, which really helps to maintain his attention.  

These are the ocean themed activities that we worked on last week:

Welcome to Mommyhood: Montessori activities for toddlers (ocean theme)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Kale and sweet potato hash

I've mentioned before how I don't do breakfast. I don't like cooking it or making an elaborate breakfast. I like to slowly drink my coffee and enjoy my quiet time. Since, I've started getting up waaay before normal people do, this has slowly started to change. I have occasionally cooked breakfast if everyone else decides to sleep in a bit later. 

Following my typical style, of course, all of my breakfast cooking falls into one category - easy, healthy recipes. Like this: 

Easy, healthy recipes: kale and sweet potato hash by Welcome to Mommyhood

Easy - throw in a few ingredients in a pan, stir occasionally, while continuing to sip coffee and check pinterest. Healthy - kale + sweet potato + egg = awesomeness. 

Plus, I figured, I'm hiding some leafy greens amongst sweet potatoes, which means there would be a high likelihood that a certain little boy would also eat some greens. I said likelihood! Not for sure, but I try every chance I get. 

And what about the taste? Even more awesomeness! The different textures (leafy greens and peanuts and sweet potatoes) and the spices make it loaded with flavah! Definitely something the Toddler loved, and is going to be added to my very small list of breakfast recipes (although this works just as well for lunch, or even dinner)! 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Healthy meal plan & Happy Father's Day!

I feel like since I've abandoned any hopes of sticking with paleo, I've now gone in the opposite direction and have been indulging a bit too much. Whhhooops. This week, I'm going to try to regain self control. 

Given what I mentioned last week about more delays regarding our house, I know I'm going to be spending time in the kitchen this week. Ya know, destressing. I'm going to give myself permission to get creative, but I hope to find a balance between paleo and non-paleo that will work for now. I have to admit, I am so looking forward to getting back to living on our own again. I really don't do well with sharing a kitchen, and really, really want to just do things our way without worrying about being considerate to others. I mean, if I want to dance around in a sports bra while vacuuming and listening to whatever crazy music, I most certainly cannot do that while living with my step-father-in-law... that would be awkward. 

Anywhooo, so, while fully dressed in not work out clothes, I will however, be cooking. A lot. I'm going to hopefully have the energy for a full on cookout on Monday, at which time, I will be taking care of meal prep for the week. I figure, if it's easier to get already prepped healthy foods whenever, I'll be less likely to make something quick and unhealthy? Yes? Yes! 


  • Smoothies and hard boiled eggs 
  • Sausage, kale and broccoli omelette 
  • Sweet potato and kale hash (recipe coming soon!)

Healthy meal plans by Welcome to Mommyhood - Sweet potato and kale hash

Friday, 13 June 2014

Sweet potato hummus - a healthy hummus recipe

Given that this is a recipe post, I just wanted to chat a bit about how excited I for my new kitchen. Yesterday, our lovely realtor, who is very sympathetic to our situation, let us do another walk through to get some measurements. It was really nice to go back in and see the place, talk about the possibilities and narrow down our plans. I am so excited for the kitchen. So. Excited. 

I actually love the style of the kitchen that is already there, but it's old, has water damage and is generally in a condition that I can only describe as being ick-tastic, so it's going to have to be replaced. The kitchen and the living room/dining area are going to become one big open room, instead of three separate rooms. 

At the moment, the stove top is next to the window (hello danger due to curtains catching on fire!), and will be moved somewhere safer. Hubby will also be building an island so that I can chop, mix, etc while watching the kiddo in the living room. The island will also be used for eating breakfast, or having a cup of coffee. I'll be setting up some sort of coffee station somewhere, as well. Why? Because it's coffee. I can imagine it already! For now, I'll stick with using my in law's kitchen to make more recipes like this:

Sweet potato healthy hummus recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood

An easy, peasy, healthy hummus recipe of the sweet potato variety. It was delicious and creamy, and so easy to make! It makes the perfect lunch or snack on a warm day, and requires very little effort to actually prepare, which is always, always awesome. We couldn't get enough of it!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Toddler ocean scene DIY activity and free Montessori inspired printables

I decided to do something a little different today - instead of photo bombing you with a whole bunch of Tot School activities, I'm sharing one and the printables I used to make them (the photo bomb post will come on Tuesday): 

Ocean scene craft for Toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood

This was by far my son's favourite activity of the week, and thus it gets it's own post. Initially, when I was planning it, I thought I would use felt, a hot glue gun, and had considered decorating it with some seashells and sequins. I changed my mind because I wanted to keep this simple and really focus on the animals and fine motor aspect rather than give my son something to tear off. I was also pretty sure the Toddler would get a kick out of it so I was anxious to get it in use. 

Ocean scene craft for Toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Easy peasy citrus mint salad

So... remember yesterday, when I wrote that we would know about our house on Friday. Well, we found out yesterday and it is not looking good. In fact, it is not good, and we will still be key-less on Friday... half a year later. My very sweet in laws had actually come home yesterday with these 

Red currant plants. We currently have one along with blackberries, strawberries, and a raspberry plant all in pots. Hubs and I were going to celebrate being official homeowners by buying more plants. Is that actually strange? I feel like most people would go out to dinner rather than go plant shopping. But! These plants grow for about two ish years before giving fruit so I really wanted to get more for my future garden (if that happens). My in laws saw these at the store and got them for us, too. Very sweet, but we still aren't official home owners. 

We're still trying to stay positive about everything, but daaaang we are frustrated. At least, this set back gives me more time to come up with recipes like this: 

 Easy, Healthy Breakfast Recipes: Citrus salad by Welcome to Mommyhood #easyhealthyrecipes

A very simple citrus fruit salad. It was perfect for summer and the mint made it quite a refreshing treat! 

You see, I don't like cooking in the summer. We don't have air conditioners, so the last thing I want to do is get even warmer in front of the stove top, or worse yet, turn on the oven! I always have two requirements for breakfast recipes: they must be easy, and healthy, which this recipe most definitely is! 

Easy citrus mint salad

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

WIAW & House update

Hi there! Is it Friday already? No, but I desperately wish it was because it's our official day to know for sure what is up with the house. If everything is good, we get a key and would be done with paperwork!  

In happy house news: On Monday, my hubby was off, so we were total creepers and drove to the house to take measurements for some extensions/work we will need to do. The lovely man decided to show me how big my promised laundry room would be. 

And it was big! Very big! We had talked about it before, and agreed to something about half this size, but the man knows me and after spending all weekend working on finalising our budget, he surprised me with that news. I was definitely surprised to be honest, but he also explained his brilliant logic - he's prepping it for a future extension on the second story, which would be great if we have the amount of kids we want. Plus, he explained, it would be a nice place to store a huge deep freezer. Awesome man. He really gets me. 

Oh wait, there's more! Hubby actually decided to put me work. You see, our fixer upper is basically going to be fixed up by him, friends, and family. Now, my husband is extremely handy and just makes and fixes things that blow my mind. His father has a construction company so it's not that crazy that we  he will basically be completely rebuilding our house... Right? 

Hm, what was my point? Oh, yes, hubby told me to start designing everything. As in, the final result so he can also take into consideration how to build the kitchen, where to put sinks, how to build closets, etc. We've been putting all of these decisions off because nothing has been final, but now it's really time to get going!

So I'm a bit overwhelmed. I mean, it's really exciting and awesome that I get to basically decide the layout of our house, but where do I start getting organised? I think my home decor based pinterest boards are going to get some lovin' this week because I have no idea. Anyone have experience with this type of thing? Tips, tricks, and any ideas are all welcome! 

Anyway, this started off as a WIAW post so, I should give you some food, right? 

Yes, here ya go: 


Easy citrus fruit salad  

Monday, 9 June 2014

Travel Series Part IV: air travel tips with toddlers

Thanks so much for stopping by the last part of my four part Travel Series! Today, I am going list ideas for entertaining Toddlers during flights. I have experience with longer ones and hope that I am able to provide you with some simple ideas for keeping your little ones as happy as possible! 

Travel Series: Air Travel Tips with Toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Healthy quinoa salad: Toddler approved!

I've been doing some thrifting lately. It's always hit or miss, but I finally managed to pick up some photo supplies (fun colored napkins and some bowls). I love thrifting and finding some hidden treasures that I can repurpose! Plus, it saves money, which at the moment, is always a bonus. 

What does this have to do with today's post? Well... I was putting my post together and yet again realised how plain my food arrangements are. Sigh. I have a few ideas for some DIY projects (and some tot school DIYing), but well, with the house coming up, a baby shower I am planning (my first one!), some major knitting projects for the handful of pregnant friends we have like this: 


and my son's and my joint birthday party in September, I have a lot of DIYing on my list. Sooo, my very long winded point: I hope that my future food photos are going to have a little bit more color, and that I'll be able to add some nice touches to how I style my photos while keeping supplies cheap-o and not spending too much time on it. Keep an eye out! 

Now, let's talk food:

Easy, healthy recipes: Healthy quinoa salad by Welcome to Mommyhood

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Healthy meal plan

Before we talk about meal planning, I just want to say, I love the smell of outside early in the morning. Here in the Netherlands, we barely get any night as the sun sets after eleven at night, and rises - well, before 4.30. I love the long days, and I love going for a run around 5, watching the last bits of the sun creep upwards while covering the sky with beautiful streaks of pinks and purples. Of course, our long days also turn into unbelievably short ones in the winter, which can be quite depressing. For now though, I am just loving all of the gorgeous weather!

This also means that I am getting pretty lazy in the kitchen. I realised last week that my meals (which strayed heavily from my plan), while healthy, were still pretty boring simply because I would rather be tending to my mother in law's ridiculously awesome garden or playing with my son outdoors. I do want to get busy cooking again this week because I have several ideas, and recipes to finish 'perfecting' so I can finally get them up on here.

Here's what I hope will be brewing in the kitchen:


  • Smoothies
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Fruit salad

Welcome to Mommyhood: healthy meal plan

Friday, 6 June 2014

Avocado egg salad recipe

I love avocados. A lot! But I promise you there is no one in the world that loves them more than the Toddler. This child sees an avocado, grabs for it, and proceeds to eat an entire avocado sans anything - just like you would an apple. Who does that? 

My son, that's who! Anyhow, I knew when I saw some fantastic avocados on sale at the market that it was definitely necessary to stock up and get creative! This avocado egg salad recipe was the first of several avo meals that I had made up for us this past week. Not only did the Toddler get his fix, but I have to admit, my taste buds were pretty thrilled to be able to get some, as well. Not that my son really wanted to share or anything, but I did sneak some for myself. No one else in the house likes them, so at least they only needed to be divided between the two of us ;) 

Avocado egg salad recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood

This can also be a paleo recipe, if you skip the wrap and corn! 

Avocado egg salad recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Ocean (or sea) themed activities for toddlers

This week has definitely been Toddler focused. Since we're living with my in laws and since we still haven't officially bought the new house, I've found myself having loads more free time than before. We share all of the household duties, so I have been loving all of the extra attention I have been able to give the Toddler. 

Not only have we been amping up the 'formal' Tot School activities, but we've been spending loads of time outdoors, playing with the neighbour kids (4 little girls ranging in age from 4-10ish that the Toddler can flirt with), and toilet learning! Overall, this week has been a lot of fun and I can finally see the 'fruits of my labour' as the Toddler has been blowing me away with his new skills. All of the sudden, his language has taken off! He actually strung together two words this week - a first! I am just so impressed with how sponge-like kid's brains can be. 

Oceans Unit Part I: Montessori activities for Toddlers by Welcome to Mommyhood

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

17 Healthy Toddler (and Mommy) Meals at 20 Months old

17 Healthy Toddler Meals and recipes at 20 Months old
Another month has flown by far too quickly. I think I say that with every single munchkin meals post (hosted by Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life), but seriously - he's almost two! Where did all that time go? 

Okay, okay enough whining and nostalgia! I feel like we've been doing pretty well with keeping up a well balanced diet (at least for the Toddler), and I'm excited to share what he's been eating lately! 

There's been a lot of good stuff, but like always, I forget to snap photos of his actual portions. I will try this time around (again) to do better at that. I initially wanted to blog to share some healthy kiddo recipes anyhow, so I do think it makes sense to do better at that. I also will be trying to feature his meals in a more organised manner than a photobomb once a month - my goal starting this month is to make a 'Toddler Meals post' every other week with two or three options per meal time. 


I'm usually pretty lazy when it comes to breakfasts. Lately, we've been eating hard boiled eggs and fruit. Simple and quick, but always a hit mostly because he likes to peel them himself. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: 17 Healthy Toddler Meals

The few times I have been cooking, the Toddler has adored:

  • Breakfast sandwich using homemade squash bread, egg, arugula, and cheese 
Welcome to Mommyhood: 17 Healthy Toddler Meals

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

Easy healthy recipes: What I Ate Wednesday
Like I mentioned in Sunday's meal plan post, paleo is just not realistic at the moment. It shows with what I've been cooking this week (grains), but I am really, really glad to say that these meals are all healthy except for the cocktail at the end, but shhh! That happens about once a year, so I don't mind. 

Anyhow, let's move on to the good stuff:


Yum-tastic (toddler approved) Carrot smoothie and a mango. Recycled photo, sorry! 

Travel series Part III: What to pack in your carry on

Welcome to Mommyhood: Air travel tips
We're back for the third part in this air travel tips series! Today, I'm going to be sharing a checklist for what to pack in your carry on, including a free printable at the end! 

First off, let me say that I made this list with kids and families in mind, but based it on my own experiences traveling so it's pretty much the same as what I would bring pre-children. 

If you are going with toddlers and infants, I highly recommend a stroller, a diaper bag, and a baby carrier. It's nice to have somewhere to stash things (the stroller), and also an alternative way to transport the baby other than having your arms busy. 

If my husband and I are going together, then I take a diaper bag (for diapers and baby necessities), a purse (for documents, technology, and valuables), and a small suitcase for in the airplane where I put the remainder of our things. If I go without the hubby, then I still take a diaper bag, a purse, and then a small bag or backpack to put those extras. 

This may seem like a lot, but here's the thing - your suitcase can get lost, stolen, or delayed. I pack a carry on with that in mind. While I may love to travel light and only take my purse in the plane with me, I would much rather be prepared and not have to wear the same outfit for a week. Ya know? Plus, kids always come with a bunch of needs and stuff, so we need the extra luggage. So, what do we bring in our carry on luggage? 

Travel series part II: what to pack in your carry on luggage (with kids) by Welcome to Mommyhood

Carry on packing list

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Best ever carrot mango smoothie

Healthy smoothies: Best ever carrot mango smoothie by Welcome to Mommyhood
I don't think I've ever really complained about my child's eating habits on here. Sure, he won't eat leafy greens, but he generally eats whatever he's given and devours his veggies. He's always been a fantastic eater, and I've loved watching his 'food' journey. Well, now he's almost two and things are starting to change... 

For example, a much beloved favourite like carrots can can suddenly and without any warning turn into the absolute worst thing ever. The Toddler will simply turn his head away from his plate, as if scoffing at our feeble attempt to get him to eat something nutritious. 'Ha! Silly parents, I refuse to cooperate!' He thinks. 

I still won't go so far as to label him as a picky eater (I'm generally one to eschew labels anyway), but he is certainly developing his own preferences. It makes sense though, right? I don't always feel like eating a particular food, but I do know that I need to eat a balanced diet and get those veggies in! My kid doesn't know that so I like to get creative and make sure that I can at least hide them in something that he will love, like a few healthy smoothies!  

Healthy smoothies: best ever carrot mango smoothie by Welcome to Mommyhood

Working out meal plan

I think I have to call it quits on paleo... for now. I'm really quite saddened by this realisation, but it is just so hard to keep up with when living with other people. I don't want to stress out about the foods I'm eating, which has been happening a bit more than I feel comfortable admitting. However, I am still planning on maintaining a generally healthy and active lifestyle. Which means - I'm going to be working out again! And quite a bit.

I started last week, and it's been going pretty well. Some hilarious attempts at jogging have been made. Actually, while looking up my routes on google maps, I realised that I walk a lot. And in heels. Oh yes, folks, that crazy Russian bit of my background surfaces every time I decide that walking about ten kilometres (just over six miles) in high heels is a brilliant idea. I don't know what it is, but wearing sneakers, just really doesn't float my boat if I'm running errands.

Last week, though, I really wanted to actually jog - sans stroller, water bottle in hand, ipod ready to go! It worked. I did it. Granted, this time certainly not in ridiculous high heels, and I was wearing my husband's sweats because I don't own any... oops. Did I really just admit that on the internet? Yes, yes I did. I am so horribly out of shape that I no longer own workout clothes. 

What was I saying? Oh yes, working out. So, while paleo and living with other people has generally been a bit of a fail, I have decided to counterbalance the occasional crap that I will be eating with a good ole run (and an occasional trip to the gym with a new workout buddy!). Adding fitness back into my routine has been a goal for quite a while, and I am so pleased to say that I finally doing it again! 

This upcoming week, I plan to continue my attempts at jogging 3-4 times a week, add in some abs workouts, and see whatever else I feel like doing. I feel like all of this will involve spending far more time on pinterest than I really should searching for workouts to do. I don't have much planned with the exception of the times I will be exercising (5.30 am because who needs to sleep? Not me... I hope). 

Shall we get onto the food already? Yes, let's have a look at this week's meal plan:


Welcome to Mommyhood: three ingredient healthy pancakes recipe