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17 Healthy Toddler (and Mommy) Meals at 20 Months old

17 Healthy Toddler Meals and recipes at 20 Months old
Another month has flown by far too quickly. I think I say that with every single munchkin meals post (hosted by Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life), but seriously - he's almost two! Where did all that time go? 

Okay, okay enough whining and nostalgia! I feel like we've been doing pretty well with keeping up a well balanced diet (at least for the Toddler), and I'm excited to share what he's been eating lately! 

There's been a lot of good stuff, but like always, I forget to snap photos of his actual portions. I will try this time around (again) to do better at that. I initially wanted to blog to share some healthy kiddo recipes anyhow, so I do think it makes sense to do better at that. I also will be trying to feature his meals in a more organised manner than a photobomb once a month - my goal starting this month is to make a 'Toddler Meals post' every other week with two or three options per meal time. 


I'm usually pretty lazy when it comes to breakfasts. Lately, we've been eating hard boiled eggs and fruit. Simple and quick, but always a hit mostly because he likes to peel them himself. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: 17 Healthy Toddler Meals

The few times I have been cooking, the Toddler has adored:

  • Breakfast sandwich using homemade squash bread, egg, arugula, and cheese 
Welcome to Mommyhood: 17 Healthy Toddler Meals
Welcome to Mommyhood: 17 Healthy Toddler Meals

  • Carrot cake oatmeal - something the Toddler absolutely adored and ate three portions the last time I made it. Safe to say that this is a favourite. 

Welcome to Mommyhood: Carrot cake oatmeal bake recipe

Healthy smoothies: best ever carrot mango smoothie by Welcome to Mommyhood

Lunches and Dinners 

Usually, whatever we are eating, such as: 

Easy healthy recipes: chicory salad by Welcome to Mommyhood

Welcome to Mommyhood: 17 Healthy Toddler Meals

Guess who didn't want the arugula? He ate everything else on that plate though and a hard boiled egg!

Welcome to Mommyhood: 17 Healthy Toddler Meals

  • Avocado and egg wrap with asparagus

Welcome to Mommyhood: 17 Healthy Toddler Meals

  • Lots of steamed vegetables and protein combinations. The Toddler is sometimes not a fan of beans so they are always risky, but vegetables (especially broccoli and carrots) are usually devoured!

Welcome to Mommyhood: 17 Healthy Toddler Meals

  • Spinach pizza (underneath all of those not too healthy toppings are heaps of freshly picked spinach from my mother in law's greenhouse. Mommy won the spinach battle this time!) 

Healthy pizza recipes - spinach pizza by Welcome to Mommyhood

  • Quinoa salad in a stuffed avocado plus more quinoa salad - it was that good! 

Actually, I ended up taking several bites of the side salad because I thought it was really tasty and that portion was huge. The kid loved it though and devoured every single last bite (except for what ended up on the floor). 


  • Crackers with healthy peanut butter  
  • Raisins
  • Mangos, peaches, nectarines, whatever fruit we have 
  • Freshly picked strawberries

  • Apples and peanut butter 
  • Peanut butter, banana, chia seeds, and a few raisins

Drinks? Mostly water. He gets Greek yogurt a few times a week, drinks almond milk or cow's milk in smoothies, and that's about it. Sigh. It's been working and he's growing so I'm not too concerned about it, but I can't help but feel like that's not good. 

For more healthy toddler meals, checkout my Healthy Toddler Meals and Recipes page. For even more ideas, be sure to stop by my Baby and Toddler Food Pinterest board!

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