Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What I Ate Wednesday, or some other day and paleo dessert!

Another week has gone by and it's time to give you a look into what the Toddler and I ate throughout the course of a day. These meals are from sometime last week. I have no idea which day it was. I went on a cooking binge and just prepared a million and one (or 5) meals in one day, and took a bunch of photos, knowing that we'd be eating from these meals all week. As far as I can remember, these are all from the same day. The snacks and drinks are pretty much the same every single day.

Let's get to it: 


Did I mention to you that I have an apple + peanut butter addiction? 

Easy Healthy Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood

Oatmeal + apple + 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. I only forgot to add chia seeds. It was delicious! The Toddler also thought so - given that he ate most of my portion. I didn't feel like making more, so I simply settled for another apple and another tablespoon of peanut butter. 

Here's a bit of a side note: I still prefer to have a lighter breakfast, but I have been so lazy about this meal again that I simply don't feel like making so much as a smoothie (think of all of those horrific dishes). This is just way too easy and the Toddler loves it. I wish I was creative when it comes to breakfast, but alas, boring breakfasts are not going to disappear anytime soon in my household. 


These. Were. Awesome. And most definitely not as boring as breakfast. 

Easy Healthy Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood

Sweet potato-bean-quinoa burgers. I begrudgingly shared this plate with the Toddler like any good mother would, but I still ate waaaay too much. They were just too good to put down! Again, this meal was another hit with the Toddler! They have definitely made their way up on the priority list and I will try to get the recipe up by next week! 

We had the 'burgers' with a lean Russian potato salad (another recipe that is in the works finally!) 


Clearly, after so much lunch, I wasn't too hungry, which explains why there's so much food on my dinner plate... 

Easy Healthy Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood

There were a lot of greens though! Not a beautiful photo either, but it was very tasty. There is a small portion of quinoa, and some fava beans with bacon. The Toddler helped me to prepare the fava beans and ended up consuming about a quarter of them, leaving us with very little for dinner. Oops. 

The main was broccoli lemon chicken, which was also very tasty. Had I made this just for the Hubby and I, I probably would have served it in bowls like this with cauliflower fried rice (but quinoa is pretty awesome, too!):


Healthy Fourth of July inspired popsicles! These were not only absolutely delicious, but they are also paleo! Note to self - make them a million times once we are back to paleo. 

Easy Healthy Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood


Is it bad that I had more peanut butter + apples and then some more apples? This happens just about everyday. 


Two big mugs of coffee and I don't even know how many cups of water. I'm finally drinking lots of water again. I've been adding a lemon or a lime wedge (or both) to it, which has been extra refreshing. 

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