Tuesday, 17 June 2014

WIAW - a coincidental almost paleo day of healthy eats (and our house)

Let's start with some not so foodie photos! We did a walk through the house again thanks to our awesome realtor. Nope, still don't officially have the key, but most papers are done. We have started getting really organised as far as remodeling and needed to take measurements for yet another project hubs decided to add on - extension of the downstairs bathroom and construction of an extra closet. Awesome man. Our budget is very much so limited for this stuff though, so this last addition really needs to be the last add on project. We might as well just tear the house down then anyway, as he is planning on changing everything... 

Here's a sneak peek of the horrid condition of the house though: 

Oh what? Do your doors actually go in the frame? Pshh, a bathroom (on the left somewhere) without a door is way more awesome. 

Ahhh, Moommmmyy, it's dirty, we have to vacuum! That room will be Hubby's and my bedroom. It's actually the only bedroom that looks not terrible.  

That's all because I keep forgetting to snap photos. We're going to clean it out soon though, and then, I'll give a real tour, maybe even make up some fancy photos that demonstrate the work that will be done. As you can see from the first one, there will be a lot of work. Awesomely, the upstairs bath is still in good condition and except for adding some modern/pretty tiles, we actually don't have to do anything!  

Anywhooo, here are this week's noms/last Wednesdays eats:  


Sweet potato and kale breakfast hash (paleo!)


Beet and apple salad with walnuts, leafy greens, and endive (paleo!)


Bacon wrapped sweet potato fries (paleo!)

Okay, so I really, really, really wanted to eat these as a snack. I only used 1 sweet potato though because the rest of ours were allotted for three other sweet potato recipes I had prepped for the week. I fully intended to eat some. 

And then my son woke up. He saw them. He requested some. And then some more. And then yet more. And then there were none. Sigh. I had two though, and my mother in law taste tested one. The verdict: So. Much. Awesome. 

Of course, I also snacked on a ridiculous amount of apples (like everyday), a banana, and some cherries! Plus, we have homemade banana-pineapple popsicles! Yummie!


Lemon mint cauliflower rice and chicken and bean burrito bowls (not paleo)

And we have another Toddler win! 

I just realised in putting this post together that the only non-paleo meal here was dinner, and that was due to the beans. I'm pretty pleased with that even though it was coincidental. I'm not a very good paleo eater I think though because I don't really eat much meat. 

As always, check out Peas and Crayons for more delicious eats! 

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