Tuesday, 10 June 2014

WIAW & House update

Hi there! Is it Friday already? No, but I desperately wish it was because it's our official day to know for sure what is up with the house. If everything is good, we get a key and would be done with paperwork!  

In happy house news: On Monday, my hubby was off, so we were total creepers and drove to the house to take measurements for some extensions/work we will need to do. The lovely man decided to show me how big my promised laundry room would be. 

And it was big! Very big! We had talked about it before, and agreed to something about half this size, but the man knows me and after spending all weekend working on finalising our budget, he surprised me with that news. I was definitely surprised to be honest, but he also explained his brilliant logic - he's prepping it for a future extension on the second story, which would be great if we have the amount of kids we want. Plus, he explained, it would be a nice place to store a huge deep freezer. Awesome man. He really gets me. 

Oh wait, there's more! Hubby actually decided to put me work. You see, our fixer upper is basically going to be fixed up by him, friends, and family. Now, my husband is extremely handy and just makes and fixes things that blow my mind. His father has a construction company so it's not that crazy that we  he will basically be completely rebuilding our house... Right? 

Hm, what was my point? Oh, yes, hubby told me to start designing everything. As in, the final result so he can also take into consideration how to build the kitchen, where to put sinks, how to build closets, etc. We've been putting all of these decisions off because nothing has been final, but now it's really time to get going!

So I'm a bit overwhelmed. I mean, it's really exciting and awesome that I get to basically decide the layout of our house, but where do I start getting organised? I think my home decor based pinterest boards are going to get some lovin' this week because I have no idea. Anyone have experience with this type of thing? Tips, tricks, and any ideas are all welcome! 

Anyway, this started off as a WIAW post so, I should give you some food, right? 

Yes, here ya go: 


Easy citrus fruit salad  


Sweet potato hummus with sugar snap peas from the garden, and other veggies

Guess who decided to eat the hummus by the spoonful? Yep, the Toddler. He loved it so much, there was no need to use the veggies (he still ate the veggies though). 


Well, now you get to see a recipe in the making. It started of as a curry, but ended up as a whole bunch of veggies with curry spices. 

With green beans and corn couscous 

Not too sure what was happening with dinner, but it ended up being a bunch of random things. I had actually spent the entire day a) battling nap time with my darling son, who learned that taking off his diaper is awesome and b) cooking. I've been slacking on feeding my toddler healthy lunches, so I prepped about six thousand lunches (four) for the week. By the time I was was going to start dinner, I was pretty tired and unsure what I wanted to eat, so weird things like that happen because I follow cravings.


Apples and peanut butter, bananas, mandarins, homemade paleo popsicles 

It's getting hot and I just haven't been too hungry lately. My adventures in ice cream making are going to skyrocket in the next few weeks because humidity minus air conditioner = insanity. I have been melting. Oh, Europe. 


Ice water and coffee. Huge amounts of both. 


  • Have you rebuilt/remodeled your home? 
  • Did you keep to a healthy diet? Advice? 

As always, check out Peas and Crayons for more delicious eats! 

Thanks for stopping by!