Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Blog writing process tour and blog goals

Hi there! Today, we're changing things up a bit, and I'm going to be participating in the Blog Writing Process Tour. Marnie from Super Smart Mama asked me to continue this tour so be sure to check out her blog and Blog Writing Process Tour post! She has a wonderful Mom Blog, and writes about health and fitness, Toddler activities, and much more! 

Today, I'm going to be sharing an inside look into Welcome to Mommyhood, how I write, and my goals for the near future! I have been blogging since August 2013, but Shhh! You don't really need to know that. 

The first six months or so were consisted of very poor quality posts as I didn't know what I was doing, what blogging meant, or how to actually take a photo that shows what I wanted to photograph. Since February/March 2014, I have started really getting into blogging, and am now thinking about the future of this blog.

At this point, I'm going to try to expand this blog a bit by adding some new topics, and working more on the ones that are already here! I hope to be able to grow this blog a bit, and perhaps even start monetizing. I'm really excited about this new adventure, am so thankful for my husband's support, and am so grateful for every single visitor I have on this blog!

When I started blogging, it seemed unfathomable to me that I'd be able to get so much as fifty visitors a month to visit my blog with family recipes, or mommy ideas! Now, this blog has really grown! I still think it's crazy that some of my printables are being noticed by my favourite bloggers, or that my recipes are being pinned by people that aren't me! 

Now that this long intro is done, let's move on to the tour! 

What am I working on?

A lot of things at the moment, and to be honest, it's a little overwhelming. I have 50, yes f-i-f-t-y draft blog posts that are waiting to be finalised and go live, as well as a lot of longer term goals. I have big plans for my little home on the internet. 

Monetization [is it a bit taboo or something to talk about monetization out here in blogland?] is a larger long term goal, but oh my! There is so much information, much of which is just not concrete enough for me to figure out what I want to do. I hope to take the plunge and reach out to a few companies for some kind of collaborative work. I fear a big ole rejection, but we'll see. I also plan to get a PR page/media kit up sometime soon. This is something that I will be researching as time goes, and will be starting small. I certainly will not be changing up the topics/posts on here as this happens. 

What I am really, really, really excited about is trying to work with other bloggers! I hope to set up some collaborative projects, guest post, and just reach out more to other people. I want to get out one guest post sometime in August to start , and would love to have a guest post on here! One of my favourite aspects of blogging is the interaction, and it's something I will be definitely be increasing! 

I have also been going back and forth with making a youtube video or two sometime in the future. This is still something I am debating and wouldn't have time for it for several months. 

I think I'll have to stop here. I have quite a few more ideas and specific goals I want to accomplish this summer, but I'll spare you the long ramble-y story. Instead, here is a shortened version of my August to do list.

Blog to do list

  • Organise the tabs/pages I have on here and get photos up for them
  • Organise tot school posts 
  • Make a page with an ongoing and organised list of printables
  • Remake old recipes and take nicer photos
  • Make a blog facebook page. I actually did this: Welcome to Mommyhood facebook page! I'm just getting started with it, but it would be wonderful if you could support me! 
  • Grow social media Start using google +, facebook, and pinterest regularly 
  • Guest post once in August
  • Monetization research and start basic implementation 
  • Collaborate with other bloggers 
  • Work on posts relating to: natural beauty recipes, homemade cleaning supplies, babies/nursing, party planning, DIY, remodeling/new house, saving money. I'll take on other post topics too if someone has suggestions!  

How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?

First of all, I really struggle to identify the specific genre to which my blog belongs. I suppose it's a bit of a 'Mom blog'. 

As far as it being different from others in its genre. It doesn't that much, right? I guess the randomness of blogging about paleo and Montessori and being an expat. This actually makes me feel like this blog is really un-connected. That's also something else I want to work on this summer - making this blog a bit more of a 'whole' by introducing the topics I mentioned above. 

Why do I write what I do?

Simply put: I love it. I write about the topics that interest me, that make me excited when I talk about them, and the topics that I started pinning about before I even thought to blog! If I can help someone to eat a bit healthier or to do an educational activity with their child, it's absolutely fantastic! 

How does your writing process work?

I recently solidified my blog schedule, and posted in on a start here page. This has helped me to keep organised with my posts, and has prevented me from getting overwhelmed by my ideas, and from posting a week of recipes only. 

1. Inspiration + Pinspiraton + research

I'll have a look through some  magazines, my idea notebook, visit the blogs I love, and then there's pinterest. I go on Pinterest a lot. It's a part of the 'research phase' so it's productive! 

2. Once I get a concrete idea, I jot it down in my excel idea list. I also have a paper 'idea notebook' for if I'm out and about, or jotting down ideas that need to be made more concrete. Or I write stuff down on a scrap paper. Or an envelope. Actually, who am I kidding? I'm not organised. I use all of the above and: I write ideas down on whatever I have around. I pretty much get ideas anywhere at anytime, and am constantly toting around some sort of writing utensil to be sure that I grab that moment of inspiration! Eventually, it may go in excel.  

3. Testing phase. I make a recipe [once, twice, third times the charm!] or try out a printable. I make sure to use the Toddler as a guinea pig for food and activities. The Husband also more than happily volunteers to be official food tester #2. 

4. When I get an idea for a recipe, I type up the initial ingredient list down as a draft blog post straight away. While testing, I will tweak the ingredients, and make notes about the instructions. Then, when I make it again, I will be sure to follow the recipe [notes] I already started. 

5. If all of that goes well, I will go to my editorial calendar and schedule it in. It goes into a digital calendar and a paper planner I have, where I keep my blog to do list for that day. 

6. Photos. This usually consists of me taking about 10,000 [okay 100] photos of something only to choose 3-4 that are acceptable, and even then I find myself hoping for better photography skills in the future.  

7. I sit down to write up the post, add the intro, search for keywords, links, edit photos, add photos, etc. Basically, I try to finish up the post so that I have everything done for it to go live.

What I need to write: baby monitor to be a creeper and watch my kiddo sleep, idea notebook, and planner. Not in the photo: buckets worth of coffee [ahhem, three mugs, but same difference].

8. Blog post goes live somewhere between 6 am to 7 am Dutch time. The morning a post goes live, I hope to have everything done and just give it a read through to edit for language and grammar. It doesn't always work that way, and sometimes, I do write posts that morning/day although I prefer to have them done the night before at least. I try to promote it, but I'm not great at that. Usually, the only posts I really schedule ahead of time are the ones that are going live in the weekends, otherwise, if I am one day ahead, I am content. 

9. I get nervous thinking about what others will think! This part is absolutely necessary, obviously. Actually, I'm a bit shy in real life, and I'm really, really sensitive. This makes blogging a bit of an emotional process for me as I do get concerned about whether or not the quality of my posts is good enough. 

To continue following the writing process tour...

I pick you! Would you like to continue the tour? Send me an email and I'll give you more information! 


  • What's your writing process like? Do you spend a lot of time thinking up posts? 
  • Do you get nervous when a post goes live? 
  • Do you have any blogging advice? 
  • What is your favourite part about blogging? 

Thanks for stopping by!