Thursday, 31 July 2014

Life this week + Fruit and vegetable Montessori Printables

Happy Friday! Normally I'd be sharing a load of photos relating to Montessori Toddler activities. Today, it's a little different because I'm keeping it short and sweet, but it's more of a here's what we've been up to post. I'm still going to be sharing our week, and some fun fruit and veg printables! See: 

Montessori Inspired Fruit and Vegetable Printables by Welcome to Mommyhood
We haven't gotten to those yet though, and will be working on them next week, I hope. Life has been too hectic and I haven't been able to find a good rhythm yet.

If you've been around this week, you may or may not know that we finally got paperwork settled regarding our new home! Yay! But, it's made life especially crazy because of this: 

Massive amounts of remodeling and construction that need to be done. My scheduling, plans, ability to get stuff done have all been thrown way off! 

So Tot School has been cancelled and instead we hung out here: 

In the backyard. We did some gardening, hung up the wash, and ran around like wild little boys enjoy. 

The Toddler put massive amounts of sunscreen on at cafe.

He also got ice cream, but preferred to eat the real fruit slices served with it. Then he realised the ice cream had mostly melted. And asked for more fruit. 

My coffee addiction is still going strong:

We checked out how these are doing: 

And ate lots of these from my mother in law's garden: 

This week, I also started cleaning all of the massive amounts of overgrown ivy and weeds from the new house. That meant that I had to go buy stuff for our garden, obviously. I packed up the Toddler, grabbed my mother in law (kindly asked to borrow her gardening expertise, same difference), and we went to a huge gardening shop. 

It was one of those few places that was comparable to a US size store (most things are significantly smaller here). I ended up buying some berry bushes to plant once the earth has been prepped, or rather, once I am done removing the weeds, stinging nettle, and ivy roots from everywhere. My purchase consisted of: 4 red currant bushes, 3 blackberry bushes, 2 blueberry bushes, 1 black currant bush, 2 white currant bushes, and 4 different types of raspberry bushes. I also have some strawberry plants. Um. Do you think I went overboard? That's quite a lot of berries! 

Last random note on our week: I drove by myself this week, which only took me five years to do here! Driving a stick shift, navigating tiny roads, and not hitting any cyclists has been going well! I don't stall the car, too much anymore either!

Next week, we'll be continuing with our Montessori Fruit and Vegetable Unit, including these Free Montessori Inspired Fruit and Vegetable Printables that include 3 part cards and Beginning letter activities. 

Montessori Inspired Fruit and Vegetable Printables by Welcome to Mommyhood #MontessoriToddlerActivities, #Montessori

Free Montessori Fruit and Vegetable Printables

Don't forget to download last week's pea counters for some Montessori inspired math and counting activities! Also, please remember these are free! If you see these available else where for a fee, it will not be from me, and please let me know! 


  • Do you take a summer break from homeschool/learning activities or do you go year round? 
  • Did we go overboard with the berry plants? 
  • How has your week been? 
  • Do you drive? Have you ever driven in Europe? 
  • Do you think that I have asked too many questions? 

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I hope you have a lovely weekend!