Sunday, 27 July 2014

Meal Plan: birthday parties galore, eating out, and some healthy food edition

I didn't quite realise how crazy this week is going to be until I started putting together this post. I think I'm cooking dinner only twice this week, and for the rest of the meals, I'm going for basic, easy, peasy minimal effort dishes. I'm not even going to try to keep it paleo - I know I won't make it due to birthday parties, eating out, it being obnoxiously hot, and life being generally crazy right now because ... see yesterday's announcement. I cannot honestly say that I mind the lack of cooking that I'll be doing as I am fully annoyed with the kitchen, my current food rut, and the lack of food related inspiration at the moment. 

It's really not helping that we finally HAVE A HOUSE, and all I can think about is design, remodeling, and construction. Oops, that was yesterday's announcement. Anyway, the week after will be better [I hope], and I'll make up for it with tasty noms, but for now, we'll be eating: 


  • Green smoothies 
  • Eggs + tomatoes + zucchini = omelette of some kind 
  • Oatmeal for the Toddler, fruit for me
  • Hard boiled eggs that will be generously provided by my mother in law's chickens! 

By the way, eggs eaten from the freest of free range chickens shortly after they have been laid, are absolutely delicious! I never saw such yellow eggs before. I also never had to chase a chicken that keeps escaping to where the sheep are before. I should show you guys the 'backyard' [farm land] around here- it's gorgeous! I keep promising a garden tour... this really needs to happen soon. 


  • Sweet potato latkes [carry over, still haven't made them, but really want some]
  • Spinach + strawberries + blueberries + chicken + chia seeds = some kind of a salad of awesomeness 
  • Beet and leek salad 
  • Stuffed avocado [if I dare to use the oven, but it's just so good!]

Baked Avocado By Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo
  • Stuffed sweet potatoes that will hopefully turn out something like this from Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. No cheese though because ... well... see our dinners. 

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Arugula and Feta


  • Stuffed zucchini (to hopefully finish up the big ole stash of zucchini from the garden) 
  • Big, gigantic chicken salad to make up for all of this craziness: 
  • Out to dinner with the Hubby to celebrate life. Chocolate will be involved. 
  • Mother in law's birthday dinner not cooked by me. And Cake. [and let's be real - a glass or two of wine]
  • Friend's daughter's birthday party where we will eat something 'Dutch' like macaroni or rice with some veg and cake. Oh and more cake. 
  • Dinner at Ikea or my sister and brother in law's home
  • Someone else cooks

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