Wednesday, 2 July 2014

We're getting picky! Healthy toddler eats

The last time I put together one of these posts, I was in that wonderful stage where the Toddler ate everything. Apparently, between now and then, he decided that he was making my life too easy and we are now meandering our way through pickiness, including the absolute refusal, clenched teeth, head shaking, fist clenching stage where he refuses anything leftover EVER. Does child really expect a freshly cooked meal everytime he sits down in the high chair? Whaaaat is this? I refuse to spend that much time in the kitchen. Seriously. I refuse

As a result of our new found pickiness adventures, I feel like this post is just not going to be as diverse as the last Toddler Meals post I shared. I had big plans though! Really big ones with all of these ideas for delicious and easy toddler meals, but with a) the paleo challenge b) horrible house buying problems, I've just been less than creative. Honestly, all I've wanted to do was cuddle up on the couch with my hubby, some music, a glass of wine and pretend that we were in the new house that we still only kind of own. I tell ya what, being an adult is hard! 

Okay, enough complaining! I'll be enjoying that glass of wine later in the week perhaps, for now it's a cup of coffee and some easy Toddler noms because it's time for Brittany's monthly Munchkin Meals link up party! 

munchkin meals

Here's a look at the meals that the Toddler has actually been enjoying! 


4th of July muffin tray! 

He had: an egg, a half a banana, strawberries, cherries, and blueberries. He ate the rest of the banana before I gave him the tray and he ate everything on the tray except for a few blueberries. He doesn't like blueberries anymore apparently. 

Oatmeal with whatever fruits we have

No photo, but this is pretty self explanatory. I also like to add chia seeds, and typically make with coconut or almond milk. If we don't have that, then I'll add full fat cow's milk. 

Apples with a melted nut butter (usually with oats for the Toddler)

Without any oats, it's also one of our favourite snacks! 

Easy banana blueberry muffins (recipe coming soon) 

2 of these paleo broccoli egg muffins and a banana

Baked stuffed avocado 

Before I share photos, I just want to say that this is simply the best breakfast ever. We would both gladly eat this everyday. It's an avocado with an egg inside that was baked in the oven. 

I had it like this: 

But gave it to the Toddler like this: 

I was pretty sure that he wouldn't like the sprouts, but wanted to offer a little anyway [I was right about the sprouts]. I wasn't sure about the olives so he got a few. Along side the tomatoes and stuffed avocado, he also ate a banana. 

Happy bacon and egg 'muffins' with a banana


Corn on the cobb, avocado, [accidently overcooked] steamed broccoli, and chicken breast


Before giving this to the Toddler, I took out the pit of the avocado, peeled and chopped it up. I also cut up the chicken. He ate all of the corn and avocado, most of the overcooked broccoli, and about half of the chicken. 

Oven roasted carrot fries with more chicken breast

I can never go wrong with carrots. If he continues to refuse most foods other than sweet potatoes and carrots, I'm scared he'll turn orange. 

Carrots, fava beans, broccoli lemon chicken, and loads of quinoa 

Loved it. Devoured it. Quinoa made a mess, but is worth it every now and again. 

Stir fried veggies with chicken and leftover fava beans + quinoa

He didn't go for the beans + quinoa (remember, leftovers are apparently evil), but did eat most of the veg and meat. 

Stuffed white sweet potatoes with an oven roulade 

Carrots, broccoli lemon chicken, and some sugar snap peas

He loved it for dinner, but hated the broccoli chicken when I offered it the next day for lunch. 

Mashed potatoes with kale 

My apologies for the lack of a photo, but this is just such a fantastic way to hide leafy greens, I wanted to share! I actually do have one photo (all I managed to snap before I heard yelps of 'Mama! NEED TO EAT!!!'), but that photo made it look like ... not loveliness. 

I love this recipe for getting my newly picky kiddo to eat greens. The Toddler refuses to eat any so I am constantly hiding them in all sorts of other meals/foods he does like, like potatoes. He loves this, and will gladly shovel spoonful after spoonful into his mouth. My in laws made this using white potatoes, but I have a sweet potato version, as well: 

Mashed sweet potatoes by Welcome to Mommyhood

Desserts and treats

Typically fruit, sometimes yogurt, or sometimes: 

Paleo, healthy berry popsicles

Or some frozen berries

[Aww cute toddler feet] 

So. I mentioned before that I had ideas that I didn't have a chance to make yet. Here's a list to perhaps entice you to come back in two weeks and check out my next Toddler food post: 

  • Skinny butternut squash mac and cheese
  • Zucchini pizza [this. will. be. awesome. And paleo!] 
  • Healthy funfetti ice cream 
  • Almost paleo sweet potato and corn burgers 
  • Toddler sized meatloaf muffins 

See! There are ideas there! I just need to set aside time to actually make those things as most of them are experiments for which I have tid bits of recipes forming in my head. I need to sit and write them out, then actually make them a few times and see what the Toddler thinks of them before actually sharing recipes. I hope to get these all cooked and perfected within the next two weeks. At least three of them should be freezable and I am desperate for something freezable. Perhaps that would go over better than not frozen leftovers? Yes, no? 


  • Are your kiddos picky? 
  • What have your kiddos been loving lately? 
  • How do you encourage them to eat something they have no interest in eating? 
  • How do you stay calm when they refuse your food? 

Ahh, that last one just drives me crazy if I spent time thinking up something special for the Toddler and he refuses me. I feel so rejected haha. 

Anyhow, that's it for this month's Munchkin Meals! Be sure to visit my Healthy Toddler Meals page for more toddler eats!

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