Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What I ate on my date night + random photos

So paleo? Yea, fail. This week was a major fail. I did know that would happen. We went out and celebrated being official home owners. That meant a pretty carb-tastic meal. I'm okay with it. It was awesome. And I'm sharing photos of every course, plus an obnoxious photo bomb that will actually include photos of myself!

I don't post photos of me [or my family] on here very often. My husband doesn't want to have his face all over the interwebz, which I respect. We also don't feel too comfortable with putting the toddler on here, which is also a-okay. I do think that I should actually let you guys see me, but here's the thing - I find it very difficult to find photographs of myself where I don't look 14. I'm not 14. In fact, I'm almost 27. But people think I'm 14. True story, this happened: 

A few years ago, my parents were dropping me off at the airport to fly back to the Netherlands. I was 24 at the time. The woman working at the check-in counter asked who was flying.

Me: Just me 

Woman: *sighs and says to my parents* You know, that your child must be 14 or older in order to fly as an unaccompanied minor

My parents crack up laughing and I was pretty mortified that she thought I actually looked under 14. I don't know if it's because I'm pretty short and petite or because my face looks so young, but this is just one of many instances where I have mistaken for a child in my adult life. My point, aside from this really random story, is that I sometimes get a bit worried posting photos on here. So this is my disclaimer: I'm not 14, or a teenager, etc. I'm a married, adult lady even if airport staff (and employees at gas stations, anyone that works at the checkout counter when I buy wine, or anything where I need to be a certain age) don't think I look it. 

So hubby and I went to this city: 

And ate this: 

Mussels for me: 

Tomato soup for the husband: 

Mixed grill for him [veg for sharing]: 

Steak with a wine sauce for me: 

Creme brulee for me: 

Cheese cake for the husband: 

And in between, we did this: 

Like I said before, Hubby doesn't like to have his photo on here too much. The photos below were the only ones he agreed to me sharing. Ya know, the ones where you can't tell it's him because he's hiding or it's too dark. To make up for it, I bring you goofy photos of my face: 

Difficult decision making - which dessert do I choose? 

Peekabo! I see you!

I can play this game, too: 

And finally, he's thinking: 'Woman, can you please stop shooting photos already! You don't need to photograph every second of our date'. Silly man! Of course I had photograph every second of our date. Pshh. 

And that's all folks! Life is already getting really busy, but we squeezed in a quick dinner for some adult time. So. Necessary. 

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  • What's your favourite type of food to eat when going out? 
  • Do you go out to dinner often? 
  • Do you get dessert? 

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