Tuesday, 15 July 2014

WIAW: Paleo challenge week III

Hi there! Welcome to yet another What I Ate Wednesday! Did you notice my accidental posting break yesterday? My darling husband dropped the computer from the couch on Monday evening, whilst I was in the process of uploading photos for about four posts so I could get a headstart on the week. Sigh. Our fancy shmancy computer has sadly taken too many hits recently - the man also stepped on it. It may be time for an upgrade soon, but for now, he reattached the screen and got the touchscreen working again. I'm still annoyed that the screen needed to be reattached to be begin with, but I do find it absolutely wonderful that the man can just fix things. 

This actually has nothing to do with today's post except that I had to get up way too early this morning to get it written after staying far too late last night. A certain somebody in our family (not me) is currently expecting!!! A little girl! The couple stopped by to tell us the sex, which means I need to start knitting little pink things for the little babe! 

Okay, I am finally going to get to the food now. Here's What my Family Ate Saturday. A lot of food, and somewhat of an overlap between my meal plans for last week and this week. That tends to happen every now and again as I go to the market on Fridays and then need to make several meals all together. 


More cabbage. I am officially over it. I mean, this dish was delicious, but we've had a bit of a cabbage overload these past few weeks. I'll be certain to switch it up next week.

A day of paleo meals by Welcome to Mommyhood


Zucchini latkes with a fennel and cucumber salad. These were wonderful. Delicious. Awesomeness! 

A day of paleo meals by Welcome to Mommyhood

Guess who absolutely adored the latkes? My Toddler! Oh yes, that same child that has consistently been refusing anything green gobbled up two of those large latkes! I got him to eat veggggg, I got him to eat veggg! [I'm dancing on my chair. I'd sing, too, but then I'd risk waking the monster the Toddler.]

A day of paleo meals by Welcome to Mommyhood

Salad was very tasty, too. The Toddler, of course, didn't try it, but I loved it!


Paleo pasta! Nom nom nom. I tricked my son into eating zucchini again! Oh snap! I was on a roll apparently! He, however, did refuse the tomatoes and olives, and got another side of veg that was semi-eaten. 

A day of paleo meals by Welcome to Mommyhood


The usual: Apple + nut butter and a handful of nuts. There was a lot of food so the snacking was pretty minimal, which brings us to the end of this post. 

As always, I'm linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for this week's WIAW!

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Happy hump day!