Monday, 18 August 2014

Montessori Inspired Tot School 'Curriculum' [scope and sequence] 2014-2015

Okay, so this isn't really a curriculum, let's just get that out of the way in the beginning. Really, this is a list of goals, ideas, and semi plans for the upcoming tot school year. One more disclaimer before we get to my long lists - these plans are designed specifically for my son who is turning 2 in September. These goals are based specifically off of where he is developmentally at the moment, based on my knowledge of his skills/capacities and what I think is possible for us if we continue to work at a similar pace and I am able to produce the same amount of activities/works for my son. Phew! That was a mouthful! In Montessori lingo, this is our [kind of] scope and sequence: 

General Goals

Vehicle toddler activities by Welcome to Mommyhood [Montessori inspired] #toddleractivities, #Montessori

  • Count to 20 in Russian
  • Learn shapes 
  • Increase vocabulary 
  • Recognise all letters in Russian [phonetically that is. I am teaching him the sounds the letters make, not their names. This is very ambitious, too. I don't know if we'll get there towards the end of the year or not, but we're going to start.]
  • Learn a short poem/song 
  • Work on practical life a lot 

  • Learn days of the week 
  • Learn about months 

Mom Goals 

  • Get us onto a  slightly more structured routine again
  • Introduce books/reading specifically for 'school time'. We usually read books as part of our free play and bed time routine. I want to start picking out books at our library that relate to our themes. However, because of the language [books in the Netherlands are available in Dutch, but I speak Russian to my son], I will be translating as I read. I'm unsure about the ramifications this would have for our letter recognition efforts so I will be stalking to internet for sales on Russian books.
  • Introduce classical music during school time. 
  • Science 1-2 times a week
  • Art project once a week and learning about an artist or famous work of art once a week
  • Unit themed beginning letters power point presentations [purely to save ink, but basically this will be my beginning sounds printables in electronic form. We go through them so quickly anyway that there is not too much need at this time to print them. Later, when he will be a bit older,  I will use them as a matching work and will then be printing them.] 
  • Review letter sounds each school day [I made simple cards with each letter of the Russian 

Practical life

  • Get dressed and undressed completely on his own [He can't get his shirt on/off on his own at this point. Everything else he can mostly get on off. That does not include buttoning/zipping/etc]
  • Practice buttoning, zipping 
  • Lacing practice
  • Fold towels and clothes 
  • Pouring to more than one cup


  • Opposite matching
  • Start sequencing 
  • Using [homemade] sandpaper letters
  • Beginning sounds cards and object matching
  • Beginning sounds baskets (I'll present a sandpaper letter and objects that begin with that letter in a basket/bin) 

Unit themes 

  • Body 
  • Living vs non living
  • Dentist [First dentist appointment is coming up]
  • Birthday [Mr Toddler is turning two in September. Eeek!]
  • Farm 
  • More vehicles, construction, anything transportation because my kid is still obsessed 
  • Weather 
  • Astronomy
  • Holidays: Christmas/New Year, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, etc more depending on time/prep 
  • Countries: Russia, Holland/Europe, United States 

Field trips

  • 1 art museum. Depending on how it goes, we may do more
  • Apple orchard [definitely looking forward to this one] 
  • Zoo (different ones) 
  • Botanical garden 
  • Indoor swimming pool (if we do a sink of float lesson that week, I could totally see this being an educational activity. Okay, it would be a totally for fun trip, but I'm including it here anyway!)
  • Not sure about this one, but there's an 'Ice cream farm' nearby. Or we may just go to a 'regular farm'. 

These lists are really a work in progress and I'll be updating and changing my plans as we go. I'm sure of it, but for now, I feel like I have a direction to head in and this is it! 


  • Have you planned your toddler activities and goals for the year? 
  • Do you have any tips for organisation? 
  • Do you work in unit themes or present activities from a variety of topics? 

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