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Munchkin Meals: What the Toddler has been munchkin on lately

This month's Munchkin Meals features a whole bunch of photos of my portions. You see, every time I try to snap a photo of the Toddler's food lately - he has a meltdown. Epic meltdown. Tears. Foot stomping. He even covers his face with his hands and shakes his head. 

Can you blame him? He's hungry, he sees his food, but he can't eat it yet. [Little] Man hungry. [Little] Man needs food. 

Healthy toddler meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #HealthyToddlerMeals, #Easyhealthymeals

So to avert this ever so cute temper tantrum, I try to prep food in advance, sometimes it has worked. Well, let's have a look: 


Paleo pancakes and a kiwi - no syrup needed. They were so sweet and moist!

Healthy toddler meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #HealthyToddlerMeals, #Easyhealthymeals

Dutch rye bread with cheese (which was rejected), a hard boiled egg and a fruit salad (mandarin, kiwi, and a plum). He likes the bread on it's own  or puts the egg on it. The fruit was devoured first. 

Healthy Toddler Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #MunchkinMeals, #HealthyToddlerMeals

I shared these yesterday in my What I Ate Wednesday post, but we have been loving all sorts of latkes! These were made with carrots and 1 small sweet potato. These were savory, although I'm pretty sure they would be tasty as a sweet latke with cinnamon and banana. 

Healthy Toddler Meals: carrot latkes by Welcome to Mommyhood #MunchkinMeals, #HealthyToddlerMeals

Healthy Toddler Meals: zucchini latkes by Welcome to Mommyhood #MunchkinMeals, #HealthyToddlerMeals

Latkes are a thing in my house this past month. Partially due to my in laws zucchini plant producing way more zucchini than any household needs, and mostly because they. are. amazing. 

The Toddler loves both of these latkes recipes and I love that I can hide all sorts of goodies in there. He eats vegetables like zucchini, which otherwise would be rejected unless in the form a noodle. Everything is accepted in the form of a noodle.

Another breakfast he absolutely adores is oatmeal with full fat milk or coconut milk, a banana and chia seeds. He asks for it every morning, but is usually more than happy as long he sees a banana available for breakfast. Yes, he eats an entire banana with every single breakfast above. It is madness. Breakfast is also the only meal where pickiness has to show. 


Quinoa tuna cakes with hidden broccoli! My plate again, but these were awesome! 

Healthy Toddler Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #MunchkinMeals, #HealthyToddlerMeals

Even though these cakes count as a toddler meal on their own because they contain: fish, quinoa, and broccoli, I did present them on a whole wheat bun [because the Toddler found some and asked for it] with a side of carrots. The carrots, of course, ended up having to be covered in chia seeds and almond slivers because veg + chia = only way the Toddler will eat vegetables unless he gets peas. He loves peas. 

Healthy Toddler Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #MunchkinMeals, #HealthyToddlerMeals


Quinoa 'mac and cheese' with peas

Healthy toddler meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #HealthyToddlerMeals, #Easyhealthymeals

Okay, it's not even close to mac and cheese, but that was the inspiration, but then it just ended up being quinoa with a tiny bit of cheese from my uncle in law (farmer), and some peas. The peas were the child's favourite part. He requested a separate bowl of peas. And ate three bowls. That kid rocks my socks. 

Green beans from the garden

Healthy Toddler Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #MunchkinMeals, #HealthyToddlerMeals

Again, I have to drown them in chia seeds or they get rejected, as well.

Busy day dinner: assorted goodies from the garden and sweet potato mash with kale. Everything was devoured except for the tomato because they're apparently horrible. I keep presenting them though. I figure eventually... maybe... he'll try them? 

Healthy Toddler Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #MunchkinMeals, #HealthyToddlerMeals


Yogurt with fruit and chia seeds

Healthy Toddler Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #MunchkinMeals, #HealthyToddlerMeals

We run outside to eat these from the vine. Can't get fresher than this: 

Healthy Toddler Meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #MunchkinMeals, #HealthyToddlerMeals


  • What have your kids been eating lately?
  • Do you struggle to present healthy meals in the summer time? 
  • Is it strange that my child will only/mostly eat vegetables that are covered in chia seeds?
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That's it for this month's Munchkin Meals! Be sure to visit my Healthy Toddler Meals page for more toddler eats!

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