Sunday, 10 August 2014

Paleo Meal Plan

This week is going to be crazy again. I also have a fairly ambitious meal plan. I'm going to try to cook. I'm going to try to stick to paleo. I'm going to try to blog.  I'm starting some youtube adventures! Oh yea and then there's our house. My hubby was on holiday for two weeks and now he's going back to work. With one car and a bunch of work to do on our fixer upper, this is just going to wreak havoc on schedules. 

As far as food goes, well, I guess I decided to make my life a bit more difficult [and a lot more healthy] by doing Whole 30! Lean Lena had the idea, and I'm going to join her starting Monday! I'm really excited about this even though I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous about being so strict with my paleo again given how hectic life is. We're going to be giving updates every ten days, so be sure to come back on Thursday the 21st! 

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Healthy Meal Plan by Welcome to Mommyhood


  • Eggs from the free range chickens in the backyard in tomatoes and kale
  • Sweet potato hash
  • 3 ingredient paleo pancakes [because I'm starting Whole 30 with Lean Lena on Monday, I may just serve this to my son and have a smoothie myself. They're so easy, and I'd probably still serve a smoothie alongside them anyway that the extra cooking doesn't matter much]

Welcome to Mommyhood: three ingredient healthy pancakes recipe

  • Vegetable fritters or latkes [paleo style as per the obsession I've been developing lately]
  • Baked eggs from Marnie at Super Smart Mama 

Baked eggs by Super Smart Mama


  • Left overs
  • Sweet potato pasta with meat balls 
  • Tuna salad 
  • Mac and cheese recipe testing for my son's birthday party. I really hope I'll have enough self control to not actually eat enough of this to make it a meal, but I really need to get some recipe testing done for my son's SECOND birthday. Where did all of that time go?! 
  • Chicken salad with strawberry vinaigrette, and mandarins, nuts, and loads of leafy greens. Leafy greens rock my socks. 


  • Stuffed peppers or stuffed something else with ground meat and vegetables and a red sauce like this: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: healthy stuffed peppers (paleo)

  • Carryover: chicken pilaf [modified recipe from my grandma]
  • Sausage that will look something like these from the Civilized Caveman


  • Steaks with a salad and beet and apple salad [recipe to come!]
  • Grilling at the new house? Oh yes. 
  • Lettuce wraps with cauliflower rice

Burrito bowl recipe and cauliflower rice recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood #easyhealthyrecipes

  • I'm not cooking!

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