Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Whole 30: WIAW

Hi there! It's Day Three of Whole 30, which I am doing with the support of fellow blogger Lean Lena! I have to say, after completing Giselle's Paleo Challenge, I pretty much knew that this would be a difficult given our current living arrangement. However, it also seems that the only way I can keep to healthy food choices is by being held accountable via the interwebz/participating in this sort of challenge. With all of the temptation and access of junk food and carb overloads that leave me starving a half an hour after meals, I know I have to change my eating habits. 

I'll give you guys a more thorough look into our meals and how it's impacting me during my update post next Thursday, but here's a look at What I Ate on Monday: 


Simple pan fried eggs with chives, a bit of sea salt, and pepper. 

Paleo Meals: random meal by Welcome to Mommyhood #WIAW #Paleo #PaleoMeals


Raaandom: broccoli, carrots, and ground beef with some Italian spices and fresh rosemary from the garden. 

Paleo Meals: random meal by Welcome to Mommyhood #WIAW #Paleo #PaleoMeals

And because I was super starving, I also made more of the carrot latkes which were totally unplanned, but happened to be made perfectly in time for my Toddler to wake up from his nap and enjoy with me: 

Healthy Breakfast Recipes: Paleo Carrot Latkes by Welcome to Mommyhood #HealthyBreakfastRecipes, #paleo, #latkes

My apologies for the recycled photo, but as you can tell, I've been slacking on the food photography front. Next week, I'll bring you some new paleo recipes though so maybe you can forgive me for taking photos in the worst lit room in the house? Please?  


Beets and pork chops vis a vis my mother in law on my night off from cooking! I love beets prepared this way and these were from her garden so they were extra tasty. They are simply steamed then pan fried in slices with loads of onions, pepper, and bacon. 

Paleo Meals: beets and pork by Welcome to Mommyhood #WIAW #Paleo #PaleoMeals

Monday marked day 1 and I did well on Whole 30! I cooked, but didn't prep too much though. Again, that's just another thing that I find more difficult while we are staying here - we have to share fridge space and fresh fruits and veg take up lots of space! 

Tuesday? Tuesday was a fail due to said lack of planning and our busy, crazy lives. I ended up running around trying to do way too much in one day and had fruit for lunch. By the time dinner rolled around, I got the Toddler some food while I tried desperately to get caught up on work, then got the Toddler ready for bed, and drove over to our house to help my husband take out some walls. Did you catch what I didn't do during dinner time? Um... eat dinner? 

So that happened. I forgot to feed myself. Perhaps I should add that to my to do list. I ended up eating the only food we have available at our house - buns and nutella. While my sweet tooth was doing a happy dance, I was pretty disappointed. It's Wednesday morning in my neck of the woods, and I'm determined to make today a whole 30 success! I've already had breakfast at 5.30 am because, well my dinner wasn't satisfying so I was huuunnngrry and stole some of the lunch I had made for my husband - a gigantic meatball wrapped in bacon. Lesson learned: I need to eat real food and sadly nutella doesn't count as a) real food or b) paleo/whole 30 friendly. Sad but true. 

For more healthy noms, be sure to checkout my healthy recipes page! As always, I'm linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for this week's What I Ate Wednesday!

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