Tuesday, 5 August 2014

WIAW: on Tuesday

So um, what paleo? It's been that kind of a day. Or rather week or two. It's really, really hard to keep up with given not only our crazy lives with rebuilding the house and being gone most of the day, but also that we are still living with my in laws. I try, I really do, and some days, I am able to stick with it, but ohh maaaaannn it is tough. I think I'm going to just have to call it quits again for the time being. I keep telling myself that once life calms down, I'll have more control over our meals. 

So does anyone have any healthy (or paleo) cooking tips for busy days? We're trying to spend the days at the house, or I spend the day running errands and the evening there. I have to keep thinking that the new kitchen will so be worth all of this.  

Let's get to the noms already, right? Yes, here we go: 


So, both Monday and Tuesday, I completely skipped breakfast. With all of the crazy in our lives, I seem to think that coffee = breakfast. What I wish I would have eaten for breakfast was Monday's early lunch/late brunch: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: What I Ate Wednesday

Welcome to Mommyhood: What I Ate Wednesday

Carrot latkes with chives and greek yogurt topping. The yogurt topping was for the Toddler. Mine actually were paleo: 

Welcome to Mommyhood: What I Ate Wednesday

I went a little photo crazy with this one - although mostly because I couldn't quite get the shot I wanted and the yogurt kept melting. 


Not from the meal plan, but something I felt like testing: Quinoa Tuna Patties. Absolute win! The Toddler loved 'em as much as I did, which is always a win. This time it was even more so a win because I was mean and snuck (is that a word? spell check says no) broccoli in them. Ha ha, child! Mommy wins again!

Welcome to Mommyhood: What I Ate Wednesday

Welcome to Mommyhood: What I Ate Wednesday


I was intending to make the pilaf I had mentioned in the meal plan, and bought carrots to make it. Every single one was bad, so instead I thought to make the green beans from said meal plan. But then I didn't. Hubby had asked for spaghetti, so I made some sort of a stove top green bean casserole type dish which was so not paleo with milk, a little bit of cheese, and some spelt flour. 

The cheese comes from the my uncle in law who is a farmer. Seriously folks, you can't buy cheese fresher than that! And most importantly, the cows are free range, and I think it would be considered biological. They don't get all sorts of chemically shots, I know that at least. There are really strict rules about food here in the Netherlands (according to my husband's family and about half of them are farmers). Anyway, animal friendly cheese without all sorts of ick-tastic additives is something I don't mind breaking paleo for every now and again.  

Welcome to Mommyhood: What I Ate Wednesday

Notice the huge portion? My father in law served me. I ate half. I guess I have lunch for tomorrow!


A few crisps. Like not the healthy kind, but the straight up crap kind. Yea, fail. 


Obnoxious amounts of coffee as per usual. My ability to function on about 5 hours of sleep a night has come crashing down this week. 

Also lots of ice water with mint

For more healthy noms, be sure to checkout my healthy recipes page! As always, I'm linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for this week's What I Ate Wednesday!

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