Tuesday, 16 September 2014

What I Ate Wednesday, but on Monday: Healthy meals

What do you get when you combine one stressed out mommy and a lot of fresh herbs and vegetables? Well, for me, it means, I cook. A lot. Or I clean, but cooking is more fun because you get to eat. By the end of my Monday afternoon (because cooking happens during naptime), I had cooked enough to stuff the fridge to capacity with a whole bunch of squash, green beans, and cabbage. And by the end of the day, those nom-tastic meals were deliciously packed away in my (and my family's) bellies and we had left the fridge with enough room for new creations. 

Here are the healthy meals we ate on Monday:

Breakfast: Cabbage hash

You know how in my meal plan, I said I'd make this for lunch? I did, but then I had leftovers on Monday. So I had a no cook breakfast, which was fabulous. 

Healthy cabbage recipes: cabbage breakfast hash by Welcome to Mommyhood

Recycled photo? Yes, I'm sorry! Breakfasts are just not the best time for me getting anything photo related done. I promise, the rest of this post has loads of tast-i-liscious food that's brand new! 

Lunch: Roasted butternut squash salad 

I had a lovely squash that I had roasted earlier in the afternoon and some tomatoes from the garden. Obviously, something delicious needed to happen with both ingredients. And it did: 

I added some fresh herbs and a littttttle bit of goats cheese with fenugreek from a local 'Cheese Farmer'. I'll be posting the recipe really soon - this was amazing! 

Dinner: Healthy green bean casserole

This was unplanned, but I swapped out my broccoli soup from the meal plan for a green bean casserole. I forgot to buy cauliflower (necessary for the soup), but did notice that the garden was supplying yet more green beans. Mr. Toddler helped me to harvest a large bowl. We got a cookin' and made a green bean casserole.

Here's a note on this casserole - I make it 10008774 types of ways. Okay, okay, two ways. Paleo and non-paleo. The non-paleo version makes an appearance on special occasions: holidays. Both however are generally healthy, but the main difference is dairy products: cow's milk versus coconut milk. I'll be sharing both recipes soon, too! 


2 apples, a banana, and theeesssseeee: 

Rosemary squash fries! I really, really had to exercise a lot of self control and save some for Mr. Toddler because I'm a nice mommy. They were super tasty though, and the kid inhaled his version as quickly as I devoured mine. Another recipe? Oh yes folks!

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