Tuesday, 30 September 2014

What I Wish I Ate Wednesday

It's definitely been one of those weeks around here. You know the kind, right? Where it seems like you're behind before you start? Where the chores and responsibilities pile up, and as much time as you spend running around it seems like nothing on that pesky to-do list is getting crossed off? 

My meal plan (at least as far as dinners go) has been neglected because we've had to do some major work on the house and cooking hasn't even been a priority. We keep discovering new problems that need to be resolved, having to wait on other people, and of course are discovering that we want to do additional renovations because it's fun, right? Well, not per se 'fun' but certainly the result would be nice. 

We actually spent the weekend gathering up all of our handy male friends and relatives to help remove all of the roof tile-y bits (sorry, English is not my first language and I'm lost when it comes to proper construction terms). 

My organisational skills came in use though and I stacked each one into a lovely pile in the backyard as the garage is absolutely stuffed with wood and other construction materials. See, the roof was add on project number 13837 as we discovered it needed to be replaced due to rot somewhere. We budgeted for these extra projects, but it also means that our solar panels will have to wait, and certainly means that we'll have to wait even longer to move in. 

Okay, that was a lot of negativity. It's not bad. I know that we are very lucky to have a home on which we are even able to do renovations! I know that these are all necessary projects that are making it safe for us to move in and settle down. I keep reminding myself of all of these are happy things. Even if the solar panels will be coming later, at least I should have a nice laundry room ...and a roof. These are nice things! 

Because the house is a looming, time consuming project, this week, I've been taking it slow in the kitchen. I love cooking, but just haven't actually managed to find time to do it very much. That's why this post is going to be filled with goodies I wish I had eaten instead of the nutella and bread combination that tends to happen when I spend the day working at our house. At least this time, I also bought some bananas. 


Zucchini latkes! Or sweet potato latkes? Or something vegetable-y and in a latke shape. 

Healthy Zucchini Recipes: Zucchini latkes by Welcome to Mommyhood

I rarely make things like this for breakfast, but oh, they would be so perfect and delicious in the morning. Of course, I'd have to have a spinach or kale smoothie with it.


Cabbage and chicken hash because ... yum!

Healthy cabbage recipes: cabbage breakfast hash by Welcome to Mommyhood


Paleo beef and potato stew

It's so gray here. I seriously could go for something hearty, warm, and delicious. With some homemade sriracha???? Oh yes, pleassseee. 


Double chocolate cookies because busy times call for delicious treats. Or because I want chocolate. Same difference! 

Double chocolate cookies


  • What kinds of meals do you like to eat in the fall? 
  • What do you cook when you are pressed for time? 

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