Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Paleo WIAW: a day in the oven

Last week was ridiculous. A bit too busy for my liking, but that's life, isn't it? Taking some advice from the comments, I definitely skipped out on a lot of plans from my meal plan. Sophie at Sophie in Clogs suggested roasting vegetables for convenient, easy, and healthy meals. That's a-okay with me, and I certainly did that last week, while neglecting my meal plan. Marnie from Super Smart Mama said that our house situation was a great excuse for take out, and I most certainly did that, too. It was such a relief to stop getting so worked up about not cooking as much.  So thank you ladies!

This week has been a bit less hectic for me so I've been back in the kitchen. Here are some of my eats from... honestly, I have no idea which day. It could be Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday? I'm not sure, but nonetheless, they were healthy and easy to make! 

Paleo WIAW


Do I even need to say it anymore? Greentastic smoothie it was! Just like everyday. I'm boring,  I know.

Pumpkin pie muffins by Welcome to Mommyhood #easyhealthyrecipes #PumpkinPieMuffins, #healthytoddlermeals

I also may or may not have snatched one of these from my batch of pumpkin pie muffins for Mr. Toddler. 

Pumpkin pie muffins by Welcome to Mommyhood #easyhealthyrecipes #PumpkinPieMuffins, #healthytoddlermeals


Roasted goodness all the way. While the corn on the cob is also not paleo, I don't really mind that much as it's definitely not a food product anyone in the family has problems with. So Mr. Toddler helped me to prepare some roasted veg! He really wanted to eat it raw... but that wasn't tasty.

Healthy Meals: Welcome to Mommyhood

Easy roasted vegetables

I also cooked a soft boiled egg for myself and a hard boiled one for Mr. Toddler. Delicious!


beet and potato bake

As always, I'm linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for this week's What I Ate Wednesday!

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