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WIAW: Thwarted by the rain

Before we get to the goodies today, I want to mention something really special! Marnie over at Super Smart Mama nominated me for the Liebster award! I am so honoured to have a blogger that I find to be so inspirational nominate me. I definitely recommend her blog if you're on the lookout for healthy food inspiration, fitness tips, parenting, travel and anything in between! 

I've already written a Liebster related post, but I still want to respond to Marnie's post (and then we'll get to food). So here ya go, you can get to know me a little better: 

Marnie's Liebster Questions 

1. How do you typically start your day?

Coffee. At 4.45 in the morning. Then I blog, work, and drink about 2-3 huge mugs of coffee before making my husband's lunch and Mr. Toddler's breakfast. 

2. What is your favorite book?

Oh, tough one. I can't say that I have one as reading for pleasure has been absent from my life since graduating from university. Even then it was academic books about international relations because I'm a geek like that.

3. What is the one piece you wish your current self could give to yourself at 21?

Another tough one. Keep in touch with that handsome guy I met in Prague. Ya know, the one that ended up becoming my husband ;) I was 20 when we met on a holiday there. We kept in touch, but had a major email miscommunication that stemmed from English being neither one of ours first language and lost touch for almost a year.  

The other one would be doing more field work before having a family. I love traveling and even though I love being a SAHM, I miss the exciting component of being a researcher in the field of International Relations. It was absolutely my favourite part of working! 

4. If the Internet didn't exist, how would you spend your free time?

Books. Knitting. More knitting and major tea drinking. 

5. What are you most looking forward to this upcoming holiday season?

BECOMING AN AUNTY. Ahhem, and spending loads of time loving on my kiddo and getting major work done on our home so we can finally move in. 

6. Are weekends for relaxing or living it up?

Hahaha - the thought of either is laughable right now. Actually, I don't know if I should laugh or cry. We're just working on the house. It will be great when it's done or live-in-able, but the process is exhausting and I miss either relaxing or doing fun things in the weekends. 

7. What do you love most about blogging?

Connecting with others, the wonderful inspiration, getting to know all of you, and writing. Back in my working day, I was officially a 'researcher', but basically, I wrote. I still freelance occasionally and write articles on various international relations topics. I've actually been published ;) 

8. What do you love least about blogging?

Time. Why is there never enough of it?!

9. Chocolate or fruit?


10. What is one of your talents? This can be big or small.  Just something that is unique to you!

Langues. Does that count? I can pick up on languages pretty easily and learned Dutch in just a few months. I now speak 4 fluently (English, Russian, Dutch French) and understand an additional 2 (Frisian, Ukrainian) on top of that. It's not that impressive here in the Netherlands though. Everyone here speaks at least 3. 

Meals lately

On to the food. I had some pretty tasty noms on Tuesday. I was going to share that, but then typical Dutch weather happened and the sky returned to it's normal gray state. Then some rain clouds decided to permanently hover over the window that (normally) has pretty lighting during the day, and I'll tell ya what didn't happen: pretty food photos. Alas. Instead, you get a random look at some random meals that happened over the weekend, even a husband cooked meal! 


Nom nom: eggs! I'll be sharing this simple recipe soon, but oh my word! It was a perfect combination of eggy-herby-goodness! A version of this has been happening consistently on Sundays for at least a month. 

WIAW: Paleo meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleomeals


WIAW: Paleo meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleomeals

Something like my cabbage and carrot dish, but (mostly) raw and as a sort of 'slaw' with cashews and celeriac instead of potatoes. It worked wonderfully! 

WIAW: Paleo meals by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleomeals


I know I usually post recipes and meal plans where I am the one doing the cooking, but I have a secret: my husband is an amazing cook! He doesn't cook often, and never during the week, but on a typical weekend, he will come up with some delicious meals. 

Yea, hi! Horrid cellphone photo in poorly lit room, but my hubby made it: a burger and extra huge salad. He really gets me :) 

WIAW: Paleo meals by Welcome to Mommyhood

And his non-paleo version: 

WIAW: Paleo meals by Welcome to Mommyhood


Aside from mugs of coffee (did ya read the part about my 4.45 am wake up time), and loads of delicious tea: 

WIAW: Paleo meals by Welcome to Mommyhood

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