Sunday, 2 November 2014

Fall Meal Plan (November Week 1)

Happy Sunday everyone! This weekend has flown by for us. We got a caravan set up on our property and can now spend there! We did that on Saturday, and it was wonderful! We were cramped there, but it felt so wonderful that it was just the three of us in our space. Mr. Toddler even took a nap so I got to help hubby get some work done in the house. 

I even did something unspeakable - I slept in! Granted, sleeping in these days means getting up at 7, but an extra few hours of sleep really makes such a big difference how I feel. 

We spent the entire day on Sunday with my sister in law and her husband, visiting a zoo in a different province of the Netherlands. Mr. Toddler had so much fun checking out all of the fun animals! 

This week will be relatively busy again - we're still chugging along with all of the renovations. It's taking so long, but I guess that's what we get for doing it all ourselves. I'm also going to do some preparations for a baby shower I'm throwing soon, and then we have Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas' Day) coming up, so that means: lots of holiday shopping! 

So, with all of that, I still think I have a fairly ambitious meal plan, including two new recipes. I'll see how cooking goes, but here's the plan: 

Healthy Meal Plans #paleo {Welcome to Mommyhood}

Healthy Meal Plan 

Breakfasts and lunches

Sweet potato and spinach pie 
Paleo sweet potato chili
Broccoli cauliflower soup
Egg muffins


Cauliflower lasagna from Popular Paleo with my own sauce
'Hot Lightening' cabbage and potato bake (we have so much cabbage at the moment!)

Easy, healthy recipes: cabbage and potato bake #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes, #toddlermeals

Paleo tex mex casserole again from Popular Paleo

Sage sweet potatoes with sausage and satueed greens
Stove Top Brussel sprouts casserole with pan seared chicken breasts
Someone else cooks


What is your favourite thing to do in the weekend? 
Have you started shopping for holiday gifts? 
Are you trying any new recipes this week? 

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