Thursday, 27 November 2014

Invitation to Christmas play dough

Christmas seems to be everywhere on the internet, and I have to admit that I am getting pretty excited! I've already created a whole bunch of printables and planned loads of Christmas themed shelves and activities for Mr. Toddler! 

Today, I'm starting by sharing a Christmas inspired invitation to play: 

Christmas activities for kids: invation to Christmas playdough #ChristmasActivitiesforKids, #toddleractivities

Christmas activities for kids

Christmas playdough invitation

The majority of my playdough exploration ideas start with a walk, and this activity was no different. We collected a few sticks that Mr. Toddler and I found along the way.  Even though the weather has been cooling down, I have still been trying to get Mr. Toddler outdoors everyday.

This time around, we went on a simple walk through the village, gathered a few sticks, and came back. The sticks themselves ended up providing ample entertainment as Mr. Toddler loved just playing with them and some toy cars. 

After a snack, I put him down for his nap (which lasted three whole hours). While he napped, I created a very simple invitation to play, with a bit of a Christmas theme. 

Christmas activities for kids: invation to Christmas playdough #ChristmasActivitiesforKids, #toddleractivities

I have taken to lining our surface with baking paper whenever we use play dough. It has been making clean up so much easier and keeping Mr. Toddler's table looking nice. 

For our simple 'Christmas' exploration, I simple presented some green play dough that I figured we would sculpt into a tree. I also had a play dough mat I had created ready to go. We really didn't get that far. 

Instead, Mr. Toddler had wanted to explore the dough, using the tools I presented: green glass beads, red buttons, red beads, green beads, and of course the twigs we had collected earlier that day.

Christmas activities for kids: invation to Christmas playdough #ChristmasActivitiesforKids, #toddleractivities

He had a lot of fun exploring, working with 'tools' I had provided, and adding his own - the yellow play scissors. 

Christmas activities for kids: invation to Christmas playdough #ChristmasActivitiesforKids, #toddleractivities
Because I had set this up while he was napping, Mr. Toddler didn't even want to change out of his pajamas - he had to get to work, exploring the play dough table, working his fine motor skills, and just playing with the items I provided!

Christmas activities for kids: invation to Christmas playdough #ChristmasActivitiesforKids, #toddleractivities

This really simple incorporation of nature and few Christmas-y themed accessories into our play dough table proved to be absolutely successful - Mr. Toddler sat at his table, quietly working for about an hour at one point. 

We had some pauses naturally to dance around the kitchen, cook dinner, and read a few books, but overall this activity entertained my two year old for an entire afternoon. 

And guess what? Even after a three hour nap from the nature walk that started off this play dough table, he still went to bed at 18.15 (6.15 pm) and fell asleep straight away! 

Christmas activities for kids: invation to Christmas playdough #ChristmasActivitiesforKids, #toddleractivities

If you're looking for a simple activity to incorporate some pre-Christmas cheer into your home, I definitely recommend a simple play dough exploration table using supplies you have on hand, including those that may be in your backyard! I love it when I can bring in something from the outdoors into our activities, and this simple concept proved to be quite the hit! 

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