Saturday, 8 November 2014

Meal Plan November Week II

Last week, I had a bit of difficulty sticking to our meal plan. We have quite a bit to do this week, and I've also started DIYing some holiday gifts [read as major time suck whilst I sit in a pile of assorted yarn colours, unable to decide what colour scarf to make]! 

This week, I've put in a lot more effort into planning our meals. I specifically picked dinner recipes with sides or mains that can be leftover and 're-purposed' into delicious breakfasts and lunches. Leftovers are the easiest meals, but I get tired of eating exactly the same thing two days in a row. I want to turn those dishes into something else instead. 

As a result, I'm changing up the way I structure these posts. I'll share the dinners I'm planning on first, and then share the breakfasts and lunches to give myself (and you guys) an idea of how to reuse the leftovers. This way, I'll be saving time in the kitchen with a more clear plan of how much to prepare of everything and what I want to have leftover. 

Healthy Meal Plan 

Healthy meal plans {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo


Coconut cauliflower pork from Grok Grub with a side of stir fried vegetables
Sweet potatoes with butter sage sauce [Carry over] with pan fried sausages & roasted broccoli  
Stove top green bean casserole with rosemary lemon chicken

Easy green beans recipes by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo, #vegan, #EasyGreenBeansRecipes

Bacon roasted carrots with cauliflower mash and pan fried halibut

Easy healthy recipes: paleo or vegan stir fry by Welcome to Mommyhood

Someone else cooks
On Sunday, I'm hosting a baby shower!

Breakfasts and lunches

Sweet potato pizza - I'm intrigued here, but not sure that I'd be able to get it to work as well 


Egg muffins
Sausage and sweet potato no bake frittata (using leftover sage sweet potatoes)
Leftover green bean casserole
Shred leftover chicken, add sweet potato and brussel sprouts, and make into a hash
Use leftover stir fry as a base for a hash 

There ya go! Those are just some ideas for re-using leftovers. I really need to get a bit more sleep, which means I hope to accomplish all my bloggy tasks during nap time. That in turn means, cooking needs to be quick! Hopefully I can accomplish it. But really, it won't happen. I'm pretty sure, but one must hope!

Oh and did you catch the baby shower bit? I have to admit, I'm getting nervous about that one. I still have loads of preparations to take care of, which is quite scary. Again, easy meals this week to save on time!


  • What do you do in order to save time in the kitchen? 
  • Do you plan out all of your meals, just the dinners? Nothing at all? 
  • Are you doing something special this week? 
  • Have you started shopping for holiday gifts?!?! Holy moly - where did October go?!  

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