Sunday, 16 November 2014

Meal Plan November Week III

So remember last week's meal plan? Yea, so did not happen. We actually still ate pretty healthy and paleo, using much of the same ingredients, but last week was absolute madness. My husband ended up having two random days off to get stuff done at the house and go to the dreaded dentist. 

Side note: I'm a baby about the dentist. 

Back to meal planning... we ended up cooking at the caravan on our property instead of at my in laws a few days a week, which meant I had to make several one pot meals with limited groceries. So Brussel sprouts casserole it was. Again! 

I was obliged to make it anyway because when Mr. Toddler and I went to the grocery store, he ran to the sprouts and dropped them in our basket. So you see, I had to make it again. 

This week, I'm going to be working the leftovers into my meal plan again. It's going to be another crazy one! We're celebrating one of my sister's in law birthday (I have 3 total), and we the next day, we are all celebrating Saint Nicholas' Day. We're doing it early because another sister in law is due with her baby girl around the actual date (5-6 December). 

So! I'm keeping it simple this week. We'll be eating loads of one pot meals and I'll definitely be reworking my leftovers. Easy, peasy is the way to go for me! It also makes such a difference when trying to keep things healthy.  

Healthy Meal Plans: 


Healthy Meal Plans: paleo with leftovers {Welcome to Mommyhood} #healthymealplans, #paleo


One Pot Spanish Chicken and Potatoes - a vibrant, comforting meal with simple flavors. 360 calories.

  • Loaded cauliflower and celeriac mash with sausage 
  • 'Bloody Mary' beef stew (recipe testing and a busy week? Why, yes, I'm that ridiculous)
  • Unstuffed cabbage bake - because I am getting seriously lazy when it comes to stuffed cabbage. And we harvested some from the garden so I am obliged to make yet another cabbage recipe. Mhm. It's out of my control. 
  • Sister in laws birthday party 
  • Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas' Day) celebration with the in laws  

Breakfasts and lunches

  • Leftover Shepherd's pie. Maybe with a pan fried egg. Yep. 
  • Leftover sausage with butternut squash and carrot breakfast hash
  • Smashed sweet potatoes with some delicious fillings (A recipe is in the making)
  • Some wonderful 'Identity Crisis Cake Doughnuts' from Gigi Eats Celebrities. These contain turkey and squash and all sorts of deliciousness! {These will definitely be used to munch on throughout the week} 

Cake Doughnuts made of coconut flour, acorn squash, stevia and flax!


  • What's on the menu for this week? 
  • Do you have exciting plans for the upcoming week? Are you doing anything special or different? 

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