Sunday, 30 November 2014

Post Thanksgiving, Light Meal Plan

Hi there! Before we get onto meal planning and all that healthy food stuff, I have something kind of exciting to share! My husband and I are finally a two car family. My mind = blown. I have a car. To use. Whenever. I don't have to drop my husband off at work, I don't need to figure out public transportation (albeit it is ridiculously cheap and easy here), but this really does bring a whole new level of convenience to our lives now, especially with construction. 

Here's the thing with cars and my hubby and I - we have never bought a new car. Ever. It's only started being thing here in the Netherlands in recent years, too, as everyone we know also buys used, or at least purchases something they can pay in one go. As in people here don't really do debt outside of a mortgage. It happens, but it's not too common. 

So my point? Well, we've been saving for a while, and finally took the plunge on getting hubby the 'fancy' car he wanted and were finally in a position to do it without credit. It's still oldish, but it's got a powerful engine -.- Obviously that's the most important bit, right? Like psshh safety. 

It's a Volkswagen golf though so it's pretty safe and is also the most typical European car in my neck of the woods. As in every parking lot has about ten of them. As in our older car is also the same one, but older. Same colour, too. 

Anyway that was totally random and unrelated to food and all, but I'm so excited to be able to take Mr. Toddler to the library whenever we feel like it! It's also really nice now that the weather is getting cooler and we can't be outside for most of the day. And to be able to drive on over to our house and have dinner with my husband, then go back to my in laws house right in time to get Mr. Toddler to bed. 

Now, if only I could stop being nervous about sharing the road with tractors and cyclists. Driving in Europe is kind of scary. Driving on tiny European roads while tractors are approaching and a cyclist is refusing to get off to the side is really scary. Driving a stick shift is no longer scary. I guess that's a start! 

That was way too much rambling! Here's what's on the menu for this week, most of which should hopppeeffullly be cooked at the caravan at our house! Yay!

Healthy meal plans: 

Paleo meals

Healthy Meal Plans: paleo recipes {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #healthymealplans


  • Sausages and cauliflower mashed potatoes with sauerkraut 
  • Chicken Kiev with roasted brussels sprouts 
  • An additional stew recipe that has formulated in my head
  • Chicken coconut curry from the Paleo Plan

Healthy Meal Plans: paleo recipes {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #healthymealplans

Healthy Meal Plans: paleo recipes {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #healthymealplans

  • Paleo burrito bowl or perhaps a lettuce wrap 
  • Someone else cooks

Breakfasts and lunches

Healthy Breakfast: brussel sprouts and sweet potato hash #HealthyBreakfast #paleo

Welcome to Mommyhood: Paleo Tuna cakes recipe


  • How was your Thanksgiving? Are you still full? 
  • What's on the menu for this upcoming week? 
  • Did you have a relaxing weekend? 
  • Do you have a car? More than one? 

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