Saturday, 22 November 2014

Thanksgiving Week Meal Plan

The tittle of this post is totally anti-climactic because we aren't having a Thanksgiving dinner. Disappointing, but sigghhh it's life. We'll probably be eating dinner in a caravan with a space heater, where I will cook something on one small gas burner. But it will mean the house will be one step closer to being done. And that's awesome!

So, food! Due to the amount of craziness in my life the last two weeks, I have royally failed at cooking the things on my meal plan. The thing is though that I was really looking forward to consuming those meals. I'm pretty sure that the only meal from last week's menu that I actually cooked was this 'Bloody Mary' stew {Recipe coming really soon!}. 

Healthy meal plans: paleo {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #healthymealplans

I hid butternut squash in there. My husband claims to dislike butternut squash. Well HAH. Healthy tastes good and he's now a converted butternut squash lover. He just won't admit it... but it's true. Here's evidence from our conversation: 

Me: Did you like the stew? 

Him: Oh yea! It was really nice! {he says enthusiastically because food is awesome} 

Me: Even the vegetables? 

Him: Yea, those were my favourite!  

Me: {trying really hard not to be obnoxiously excited} There was butternut squash in there. 

Him: -.- I don't like butternut squash.

Hm. What the what dude?! It's good and you know it. He still admitted to liking it before knowing what it was and that's good enough for me!

This opens up a lot more doors in terms of our dinners or at least time saving opportunities for me as I frequently need to swap sweet potato or squash recipes with other stuff as he claims to dislike them. I guess as long as he doesn't know that something actually contains sweet potato or squash, then it's okay. 

I feel like that conversation should have happened with a child instead of a twenty something year old adult man.

I seem to have gotten side tracked there for a minute! Sorry folks. So the menu this week involves loads of Thanksgiving-y meals, meals from last week's menu that I didn't get to, and a bunch of recipe testing. I miss the kitchen. A lot. Here's what I hope to accomplish:

Healthy meal plans: paleo {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #healthymealplans

Healthy Meal Plans: Paleo 


  • Garlic cauliflower and celeriac mash with sausage 
  • Roasted bacon glazed carrots with a ham 
  • Squash, spinach, and mushroom bake with lemon-garlic skillet chicken
  • Bacon burgers and roasted vegetables

These oven roasted vegetables are absolutely delicious and are so easy to make! They are full of flavour and will be perfect every time. {Welcome to Mommyhood}  #paleo,

Healthy Thanksgiving recipes:  Stove top brussel sprouts 'casserole' {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #healthythanksgivingrecipes

  • Hubby cooks 
  • Friend's birthday party 

Breakfasts and lunches

  • Individualised Shepherd's pies
  • Mini sweet potato crust egg bakes 
  • Leftover ham with smashed sweet potatoes (non-paleo, I'll be adding goats cheese) 
  • Leftover roasted vegetables. With an egg. Really nothing new there. 
  • Leftover turkey. On everything. Just sayin'. You know you'll be doing it, too. 
  • Chia pudding

Healthy Dessert Recipes:  Pumpkin chia seed pudding {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #vegan, #healthydessesrtrecipes


  • Are you celebrating Thanksgiving this week? 
  • Are you hosting? Visiting family? 
  • If you aren't in a Thanksgiving-y country, what will you be cooking up this week? 

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