Tuesday, 25 November 2014

WIAW: paleo

Happy Wednesday everyone! If you're located in the US, I wish you guys the best of luck in preparing for Thanksgiving, and ... black Friday. I went to a clothing store with a friend on black Friday. Once. It was chaos. 

To be honest, the entire concept kind of scares me. As in, I keep imagining that people are getting trampled in stampedes of rushed shoppers to get the absolute cheapest electronics they can possible find. Regardless of what you're plans are, I do hope you have a blast carrying them out! 

We've been drowning in house stuff in my neck of the woods. That and holiday preparations. Folks, our house is seriously no where near done. It seems every time one project is completed, we find ten more that need to be done before we can move on to the next. If we could just get the roof back on, the floors on the first floor, electrical, and plumping work done, we could move into the first floor at least. We're so crazy for doing this all ourselves. But! In the end, we'll have a pretty home for current and future offspring to play in. 

Because of all of the aforementioned stuff on our to do list, we have been taking comfort in obnoxious amounts of delicious food. It's all healthy, so I can't say that I'm minding stuffing my face with pumpkin. See: 

Paleo WIAW {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo

While pumpkin isn't quite able to fix up our house, it makes a pretty nice comfort food, and I was certainly comforted yesterday! Anyway, here are the other eats and treats from Tuesday: 


Leftover baked un-stuffed cabbage 

Paleo WIAW {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo

I warmed it up in a pan and cracked an egg into it because leftovers from dinner need an egg when being consumed for breakfast, right? 

Really, I am just too lazy in in the mornings. Aside from the fact that I went a little bit overboard with the chili peppers, this dish was awesome and I officially took my laziness concerning stuffed cabbage to a whole other level by baking it in the oven. 

There was a time, long ago in the land before kids, when I bothered stuffing cabbage. Now, I just chuck the ingredients in a pot, pan, or baking dish, and call it a day. Or rather, I call it dinner. 


Roasted pumpkin and sausage

Lunch was absolutely delicious! Although I suppose there are few ways to make pumpkin un-delicious. I also added some chilis to this dish,  but I refrained from dumping them in in obnoxious quantities so that Mr. Toddler could also dig in with me. Here's a view of my actual plate that I finnnaallly managed to capture: 

Paleo WIAW {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo

My small, two year old son devoured most of the pumpkin I had prepared, meaning no leftovers. Booo. 

He kept asking for seconds, thirds, and finally, I cut him off at fourths as I thought his little belly would explode. The kid sure loves his pumpkin! 


Not a very beautiful photo - the lighting indoors was not only terrible, but it also gets dark quite early now a days so even when I cook dinners during the afternoon, the photos still don't turn out too pretty. I suppose that's what we get for having days that last about 20 hours in the summer time - very short days in the fall and winter. And also the reason why you don't see very many of my actual plates. 

Paleo WIAW {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo

Dinner was cooked by my mother in law. You can kind of see the difference between my one pot meals, and my mother in law's fairly Dutch style of cooking - meat, potatoes, and a steamed/boiled veg. I drowned my potatoes in apple sauce. 

I kind of have to admit though that I prefer my green beans like this more than just boiled: 

You will be sure to impress your friends and family with any of these 19 healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: 19 healthy Thanksgiving Side dishes by Welcome to Mommyhood #healthythanksgivingrecipes, #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes

Green beans and chicken in one pot. Still super easy, but much more flavour! 


Chocolate covered nuts. I guess that kind of could be paleo. If they were homemade and didn't contain loads of sugar. Whatever. The rest of my meals were healthy, and I only had a little... sort of. 

Paleo WIAW {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo


  • Are you attending/hosting a big Thanksgiving bash? 
  • What's on the menu for Thanksgiving? 
  • If you are in the US, do you attend those Black Friday sales? Ever stay the night in front of a store to get in first? 
  • Thoughts on pumpkin? 

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