Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Activities for kids: cutting practice

My son has been absolutely obsessed with using scissors lately. Not only has he been asking to practice every single day, but he actually sits down to do so and keeps busy for approximately hour long intervals! A toddler - sitting still for an hour?! Yes, it happened.

Christmas activities for kids: free cutting practice printables {Welcome to Mommyhood} #freeprintables, #montessori, #toddleractivities, #christmasactivitiesforkids

With Christmas and all of those wonderful holidays in December coming up, I made a quick printable for those of you guys who have little ones that are learning to use their scissors. 

Christmas activities for kids:

Cutting printables

I love that these are themed. I know that my son really doesn't care so much if I let him cut up a blank piece of paper, or one with reindeer on it... buuut I'm kind of obsessed with the holidays, and making themed printables. So I created a simple printable for my kiddo to practice a skill he's been keen on learning while satisfying my desire to have holiday themed works on our shelves. 

Christmas activities for kids: free cutting practice printables {Welcome to Mommyhood} #freeprintables, #montessori, #toddleractivities, #christmasactivitiesforkids

Free printables 

More Christmas Activities for kids

All Christmas themed activities
Christmas tree letter and number recognition and more

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