Sunday, 28 December 2014

Healthy Meal Plan

Hello again! I'm still not completely back to my normal blogging rhythm as the husband, all sorts of family and friends, and I are still working on the house. It's holiday time, and we really have some amazing loved ones that are helping us get our home closer to done! I'm so excited about the progress, but I just haven't had a chance to squeeze some extra computer time in. 

Even though life has suddenly become even more hectic now that the husband is on holiday from work, we did have a lovely Christmas dinner with all of sisters and brothers in law, my husband's parents, and my step-grandmother-in law (what a mouthful!). My husband and I don't exchange gifts for Christmas, 'just' Saint Nicholas Day and New Year (secular, Russian Christmas of sorts). 

New Year (used to be)/is the biggest holiday if the year in Russia. It was always my favourite growing up, not just because January 1st meant we got to open the gifts under the 'Christmas' tree, but because December 31st always meant a fabulous dinner with obnoxious amounts of delicious food, loads of time with family, and many songs being sung! Oh and fireworks, and dancing, and guitar playing. It was a fun, family oriented time, and I always look forward to recreating something similar for my own son. 

It's a bit more difficult here in the Netherlands, where we are the only Russian folks around in our near vicinity and all of my family being scattered around in other countries, but we do try to make it special. A family meal on the 31st, which will mostly likely lack the guitar playing and dancing that accompanies it. 

We also have some fun gifts for the Toddler to open. I wasn't planning on doing gifts this year, but then I went to the store to get some other things... and well, a few wooden toys on sale (ya know, because Christmas is over), and New Year gifts happened. I'm sure Mr. Toddler won't mind. I also went through some boxes we had in storage, and found a book, and few other stocking stuffer worthy gifts that will manage to make their way under the tree. Ohh, I feel like the Christmas spirit is returning to my house in spite of all the tasks we have to do in order for it to be done! 

Oh, and here's what we'll be eating while I'm prepping for all that because none of those gifts are wrapped and nothing has been done for our New Year celebration prep!  

Healthy Meal Plan 

Healthy Meal Plans: paleo & family friendly {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #healthymealplans


Chicken stew with carrots and celery

Chili (not at all paleo, but easy enough for a busy week)
New Year Dinner (maybe ordering out or steaks)
Breakfast for dinners (oven baked eggs, paleo pancakes)  
Paleo shepherd's pie 
Someone else cooks 


  • How did you spend your Christmas (if you celebrate?) 
  • Any exciting plans for New Year? 
  • Did you already get rid of your Christmas tree? When do you take it down? 
  • When do you put away your Christmas decorations? 

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