Tuesday, 16 December 2014

WIAW: upcoming recipes, healthy meals and deliciousness

This week, I've definitely been loving getting into the kitchen again. I've been thinking up many new recipes, and actually getting excited about sharing them. My mini food rut was over after I purchased a new notebook for stashing recipe ideas. For some reason, a new notebook always gets me excited to get creative and have something to fill up the blank pages with. I'm a geek for office supplies. As in sticky notes and new pens get me totally excited. 

Speaking of pens, have you seen this {Ellen on pens for ladies}? Like, really? Reaaaallly??? By the way, I have no idea when this was actually aired because a) the Netherlands has limited tv shows that are worth watching except for Australian masterchef and b) I rarely watch tv. We watch so little television that I'm contemplating not getting one once we move. We have netflix so we're not that weird, right? Yea, probably is weird. 

Enough random chit chat, let's talk food! Err, look at food? Yes, that. I have photos, see:  


While I wish I can say this was breakfast

Easy, healthy recipes: herb loaded omelette #paleo #WIAW

Instead I had this, but swap the nose for an egg: 

Easy, healthy recipes: lazy breakfast #paleo #WIAW

I'm still a breakfast slacker. I have gotten my cooking 'groove' back so to say, but I'm still sticking to 1000 cups of coffee and fruit with an occasional hard boiled egg in the morning. I'm a slacker. I need to go make some paleo eggy muffins or a huge frittata for a more filling breakfast. I really, really should. 


I usually eat lunch pretty early because I'm usually quite hungry following my not so breakfast. This is a recipe I will be sharing soon because it was so easy, pretty healthy, and absolutely delicious! The best part is that if I make something like this for my son, I also get to hide all sorts of greens in it. 

Easy, healthy recipes: lazy pizza #easyhealthyrecipes, #wiaw

And yes, I ate devoured the entire thing. I am kind of obsessed with goats cheese. The best part was that Mr. Toddler helped me to make them! Even he loved his!  


An easy stir fry that actually came from my meal plan! I'm glad to finally not only be showing you guys a portion of my meal rather than the entire pot aaand to have stuck to the meal plan!

Easy, healthy recipes: easy chicken stir fry #paleo, #wiaw


I even have drinks to share! Two! Aside from constantly drinking coffee or water (obnoxious amounts of both), I've been loving all sorts of warm drinks like this rosemary tea. It sounds kind of strange, but it was really delicious! 

Easy, healthy recipes: rosemary tea #paleo, #wiaw

Also, I've been loving mulled wine because yum! I don't drink many alcoholic beverages to be honest, except for the occasional glass of wine. But with the weather being as typically Dutch as can be, I've been loving drinking something warm, spicy, and comforting. This is definitely it!  

Easy, healthy recipes: mulled wine #wiaw


  • Opinions on pens specifically 'designed' for ladies? 
  • Have you ever had mulled wine? 
  • Do you have a favourite cold weather drink?
  • How's your holiday planning going? 
  • TV, yes no, maybe?

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