Thursday, 31 July 2014

Life this week + Fruit and vegetable Montessori Printables

Happy Friday! Normally I'd be sharing a load of photos relating to Montessori Toddler activities. Today, it's a little different because I'm keeping it short and sweet, but it's more of a here's what we've been up to post. I'm still going to be sharing our week, and some fun fruit and veg printables! See: 

Montessori Inspired Fruit and Vegetable Printables by Welcome to Mommyhood

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

House tour [or have a look at the before pictures]

I can't believe I'm brave enough to do this, but today, you're getting a house tour! I do have to say though, please keep an open mind - we're changing everything! Seriously. This house is a mess, but we fell in love with it's potential, the gorgeous land, it's location [exactly seven minutes away from my husband's work], and just the lifestyle we could lead here. So the fact that the house looks a bit small [mostly due to my horrible photography attempts, and not because it's tiny] and is definitely in a state of ... horribleness. 

Aside from any of the specifics I mention below, we will be doing construction/structural work to the house, painting each room, putting in floors (hardwood or carpet), redoing the ceilings, redoing tiles, fixing up walls, insulating better, putting in triple insulated windows, and basically doing anything possible to make it energy efficient and more environmentally friendly [while remaining in budget]. One little tid bit, you get tax cuts and discounts from the government for making your home environmentally friendly. We'll be doing that, and we 'plan', meaning we really want to but don't know when it will happen, to put in solar panels eventually, but definitely don't have the budget or time for that project right now. 

Are you ready for this? Try not to be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of work or this ridiculous yellow color! Let's get started: 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What I ate on my date night + random photos

So paleo? Yea, fail. This week was a major fail. I did know that would happen. We went out and celebrated being official home owners. That meant a pretty carb-tastic meal. I'm okay with it. It was awesome. And I'm sharing photos of every course, plus an obnoxious photo bomb that will actually include photos of myself!

I don't post photos of me [or my family] on here very often. My husband doesn't want to have his face all over the interwebz, which I respect. We also don't feel too comfortable with putting the toddler on here, which is also a-okay. I do think that I should actually let you guys see me, but here's the thing - I find it very difficult to find photographs of myself where I don't look 14. I'm not 14. In fact, I'm almost 27. But people think I'm 14. True story, this happened: 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Rosemary lemon chicken recipe

Given my absolute laziness in the kitchen the past few weeks, one pot dishes are pretty much the only way my family will get some form of dinner that doesn't include carry out or frozen dinners. This rosemary lemon [& zucchini] dish was, not only a winner, but it just so easy to make! I mean, anything in one pot is guaranteed to be easy, but the best part was that it was absolutely full of flavour. Or maybe the best part was that I didn't have to be in the kitchen that much. Yea, probably that last point, but same difference. Good, easy food that's healthy = win! 

Lemon rosemary chicken recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo

One more thing - the rosemary, zucchini, and potatoes in this dish came from the garden. It was also organic [and cheap]. I just love having a garden. Seriously. Maybe that's the best part of this dish? That most of the ingredients came from here:

My mother in law's garden. It actually looks pretty small in this photo, but rest assured, we've bought basically no veg this summer. It's been pretty fantastic. Okay, okay, let's get to that recipe I started telling you about: 

Rosemary Lemon Chicken with Zucchini

Meal Plan: birthday parties galore, eating out, and some healthy food edition

I didn't quite realise how crazy this week is going to be until I started putting together this post. I think I'm cooking dinner only twice this week, and for the rest of the meals, I'm going for basic, easy, peasy minimal effort dishes. I'm not even going to try to keep it paleo - I know I won't make it due to birthday parties, eating out, it being obnoxiously hot, and life being generally crazy right now because ... see yesterday's announcement. I cannot honestly say that I mind the lack of cooking that I'll be doing as I am fully annoyed with the kitchen, my current food rut, and the lack of food related inspiration at the moment. 

It's really not helping that we finally HAVE A HOUSE, and all I can think about is design, remodeling, and construction. Oops, that was yesterday's announcement. Anyway, the week after will be better [I hope], and I'll make up for it with tasty noms, but for now, we'll be eating: 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fennel and cucumber salad

Hello there! Sooooooo guess what! 

Did you guess already? 

How about now? 

Okay, I'll tell you! You may or may not have noticed me complaining about that teeny tiny housing situation that we have been dealing with for the past 3+ months. I mean, it's not like I was telling you about it in every single post or anything. Oh wait, I most definitely did that. Well, that housing situation is resolved because we officially got the key!!!! 

Now, the real work begins - remodeling, fixing up the house, and of course preparing a house tour for all of you! Hubby is going to be building the kitchen this week, and we have to start off with a bunch of work to make the house safe for said remodeling, but it's starting! Yay! Yes, I am currently doing a happy dance... 

Speaking of kitchens - today is Saturday, which means I have a recipe to share!  It's actually a salad recipe. I always question whether or not I should share these recipes. After all, they are so easy, and my dressings are so basic that I can hardly call them recipes. Buuuut, I'm sharing this one. Because it was good. Really, really good! 

Healthy salad recipes: fennel and cucumber salad #paleo #salad #yummy

With the summer heat scorching on full blast over here in the Netherlands, this salad is such a simple and refreshing treat! Plus it involves zero cooking, minimal mess, and is just difficult to get wrong, depending on how you feel about fennel, of course. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tot School: Montessori inspired peas unit and free printables

Hello there! Happy Friday! This week, we kept things short and sweet! I was pretty lazy when it came to making this week's activities, so we continued on with a few from last week, spent hours outside, and accomplished these: 

Pea math unit: Montessori toddler activities by Welcome to Mommyhood #Montessori #freeprintables

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Blog writing process tour and blog goals

Hi there! Today, we're changing things up a bit, and I'm going to be participating in the Blog Writing Process Tour. Marnie from Super Smart Mama asked me to continue this tour so be sure to check out her blog and Blog Writing Process Tour post! She has a wonderful Mom Blog, and writes about health and fitness, Toddler activities, and much more! 

Today, I'm going to be sharing an inside look into Welcome to Mommyhood, how I write, and my goals for the near future! I have been blogging since August 2013, but Shhh! You don't really need to know that. 

The first six months or so were consisted of very poor quality posts as I didn't know what I was doing, what blogging meant, or how to actually take a photo that shows what I wanted to photograph. Since February/March 2014, I have started really getting into blogging, and am now thinking about the future of this blog.

At this point, I'm going to try to expand this blog a bit by adding some new topics, and working more on the ones that are already here! I hope to be able to grow this blog a bit, and perhaps even start monetizing. I'm really excited about this new adventure, am so thankful for my husband's support, and am so grateful for every single visitor I have on this blog!

When I started blogging, it seemed unfathomable to me that I'd be able to get so much as fifty visitors a month to visit my blog with family recipes, or mommy ideas! Now, this blog has really grown! I still think it's crazy that some of my printables are being noticed by my favourite bloggers, or that my recipes are being pinned by people that aren't me! 

Now that this long intro is done, let's move on to the tour! 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What I Ate Wednesday [on Tuesday]

Happy Wednesday everyone! I had some pretty big plans for cooking at the beginning of the week [lots of recipe testing]. The weather and the Toddler have caused me to change my mind. I stuck with more simple and tasty food, but my recipe testing will certainly happen next week. 

Speaking of next week! Hubby has two weeks off from work! Even though this time will be used for house related things rather than a holiday, I'm really looking forward to it. Oh and by the way, still no key officially, but we have measurements to start prep work at home like the new kitchen perhaps! We'll be heading off to ikea the first day of his holiday to pick out a few details like door handles, and a few larger bits like counter tops. 

So with all of these plans going on... I am a nervous wreck. I haven't been able to sleep, get caught up on my Toddler's 'school' activities, let alone actually being active enough to play with him. This may also explain my lack of willingness to cook. I mean, aside from that whole not officially owning the house situation [which has caused many sleepless nights], I am also the most indecisive person ever. The colours I had previously decided upon for our bedroom now seem horrible so what if I hate the kitchen after Hubby assembles it. Oh, and door colours? What color doors should we buy for the house? Okay end #firstworldproblems. 

I really shouldn't be complaining about being in a position to pick out all of those things. It is awesome. But it is quite overwhelming at the moment. Most of all, because the house is so old and in such a poor condition, I have only a slightly unrealistic paranoia that the house will collapse. 

Anyhow, while we wait on the house front, I'm sharing some eats from yesterday. Because of all of the above, like I said, I really didn't get too much cooking done. There may or may not be progress on the paperwork front soon, though, but I'm keeping that information to myself until it's official! Here's the food folks: 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Montessori practical life ideas

Given that things around here have been pretty food centred lately, I thought I'd change it up, and go back to the other topic that I love: Montessori works for the Toddler. We've been focusing a lot on practical life lately even though I haven't been posting too much about it. These aren't always the types of activities that I prepare beforehand or spend too much time thinking about beforehand. They flow organically and many happen spur of the moment throughout the day. Most of the these activities also use items that many people will already have on hand at home.

These are definitely the Toddler's favourite types of works as he loves anything that involves using his hands and keeping busy. Makes sense, doesn't it? I mean, what toddler likes to sit still? Definitely not mine! He loves to work on learning activities that involve action, and these activities are definitely about doing

Since we have transitioned into a more Montessori [inspired] approach to tot school, I have seen such progress in my son's development. My mother in law gasped with shock the first time she saw my toddler calmly collect his cup, pour himself a glass of water, carefully carry it over to the coffee table, and place it on a coaster to enjoy later. The child is not even two yet. I know that this stems largely from the amount of practice he has had pouring, spooning, and just learning to be careful with our Montessori inspired practical life works. 

... which I why, I want to share this post, describing the type of practical life works that the Toddler has been loving for the past month or so: 

Montessori Practical life ideas by Welcome to Mommyhood. #montessori, #practicallife, #montessoripracticallifeideas

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Cabbage breakfast hash

Apparently, I've been on a bit of a cabbage kick lately. I made this recipe a few times in the not so distant past, and created a few versions. Actually, they're pretty much the same, but one has eggs. See: 

Version 1: 

Healthy cabbage recipes: cabbage breakfast hash by Welcome to Mommyhood

Version 2: 

Healthy cabbage recipes: cabbage breakfast hash by Welcome to Mommyhood

This recipe is of course part of my easy, healthy recipes trend so of course it was necessary to prepare it during the paleo challenge. I think I must have offered my husband this as a work lunch at least once a week. Topped off with some sriracha and some chili flakes - this can really hit the spot as a hot and spicy lunch. With slightly less heat, I found it to be a delicious breakfast! 

Meal Plan - End of paleo challenge

I know I post a lot of recipes on here. I know I love to cook. I adore it. In fact, husband and I just stayed up way too late several nights in a row planning our new kitchen, where more recipes are just waiting to be made! It's that same kitchen that I hope to create beautiful, healthy new recipes in. It's that same room that kept me up every night this week because I am so excited to get experimenting. Buuuuut... 

I don't want to cook this week. Folks, we don't have air conditioners and I feel like I am melting. Making sure my entire family is eating paleo has been kicking my rear end and I am tired. And hot. And sweaty. And it's not in a sexy way. It's in that oh-my-word-I-am-melting type of way. Is it crazy that I actually thought about moving back States' side just for the air conditioners? 

I know, I know we're buying a house and all. I know that the Netherlands usually doesn't have more than three sunny/hot days a year, but those three days sure make me feel like I'm unintentionally spending the day in a sauna... even my family in Ukraine Russia (????)/Crimea have air conditioners [and more importantly are still safe at the moment!]. 

Now that all of that complaining is done. I will just go ahead and share my meal plan! I'm going to try to get others to take over the cooking responsibilities as much as possible this upcoming week, will be including a bunch of no cook meals, and will be completely eschewing the oven!

Paleo Meal Plan by Welcome to Mommyhood

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Paleo pasta

My husband adores pasta. I cannot cook it. Seriously guys, I don't know what it is, but even before going paleo I refused to cook pasta and my husband would have to do it himself if he wanted some. I just have never been able to get it just right. It's either overcooked or undercooked or just not quite right. 

Here's the thing - paleo pasta? Easy! I got it straight away and my pasta perfectionist husband loved it. My in-laws? Loved it! The Toddler? absolutely adored it. I mean, I got him to eat zucchini - something that would immediately be thrown to the floor with a look of disgust. I guess I tricked a certain almost two year old into thinking that he's getting the real thing, but I'll take it! 

Paleo Pasta by Welcome to Mommyhood

What did I think? While this is certainly not the same texture as a 'real' pasta, the flavours were great! I loved the combination and the extra oompth from the zucchini! I tend to find pasta a bit bland and flavorless on its own, a problem this paleo pasta dish most definitely didn't have!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tot School: Transportation theme III and math printables

Before we get started on this week's toddler activities, I'm going to apologise in advance for the wonky background and any technical difficulties you may have experienced today. I'm slowly trying to change things up on here, and somethings go better than others. Please bear with me and stay awhile!  

Now, let's chat about Tot School! Remember about two weeks ago when I promised some [pre] math printables and activities? Well, here they are finally! We had a lot of fun with these this past week! I also mentioned recently that I'm going to keep these tot school posts a bit shorter for the time being? So that failed. Here's another big round up of our busy school week. We also spent hours and hours playing outside, exploring the garden, and going on nature walks. 

Summer is in full swing and for some reason I'm still crazy enough to spend hours on printables, which by the way took a really long time this week. Each of the printables you see in this post will be available for download at the end in both English and the Russian that I use for my son. So here are this week's toddler activities: 

Vehicle toddler activities by Welcome to Mommyhood [Montessori inspired] #toddleractivities, #Montessori

Healthy Zucchini Recipes: Zucchini latkes

So remember yesterday? I wrote that something miraculous happened. I successfully managed to get my toddler to eat something that wasn't a banana, apple, or sweet potato. In fact, it was something that the floor had been enjoying for quite some time - zucchini. 

It was zucchini in the form of a latke [that admittedly looks more like a patty than a latke]. I made these pretty gigantic monsters, but the taste? Oh yes folks. These. Were. Fantastic! I mean, seriously, the Toddler devoured them and even requested more! This is officially one of our favourite healthy zucchini recipes!

Healthy Zucchini Recipes: Zucchini latkes by Welcome to Mommyhood

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

WIAW: Paleo challenge week III

Hi there! Welcome to yet another What I Ate Wednesday! Did you notice my accidental posting break yesterday? My darling husband dropped the computer from the couch on Monday evening, whilst I was in the process of uploading photos for about four posts so I could get a headstart on the week. Sigh. Our fancy shmancy computer has sadly taken too many hits recently - the man also stepped on it. It may be time for an upgrade soon, but for now, he reattached the screen and got the touchscreen working again. I'm still annoyed that the screen needed to be reattached to be begin with, but I do find it absolutely wonderful that the man can just fix things. 

This actually has nothing to do with today's post except that I had to get up way too early this morning to get it written after staying far too late last night. A certain somebody in our family (not me) is currently expecting!!! A little girl! The couple stopped by to tell us the sex, which means I need to start knitting little pink things for the little babe! 

Okay, I am finally going to get to the food now. Here's What my Family Ate Saturday. A lot of food, and somewhat of an overlap between my meal plans for last week and this week. That tends to happen every now and again as I go to the market on Fridays and then need to make several meals all together. 


More cabbage. I am officially over it. I mean, this dish was delicious, but we've had a bit of a cabbage overload these past few weeks. I'll be certain to switch it up next week.

A day of paleo meals by Welcome to Mommyhood

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Healthy cabbage recipes: greens and cabbage recipe

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend! We finally started on a few projects for the house, which I'm pretty excited about that. Well, really, really excited! Hubby built a small fence/door because the house has water access in the backyard and we need something to prevent the Toddler from accessing that water while playing outside. I started painting our bed, and my awesome hubby also started designing our kitchen! 

I. Am. So. Excited. I seriously cannot wait to cook in that semi designed, no where near being done kitchen. Lots of counter space that we will be keeping free of clutter, a bunch of custom cabinets, drawers, a coffee 'bar' and a breakfast bar area! Yaayyyy!!! 

Ahhem, okay, calming down again, but did I mention that I am super excited to cook in our new kitchen? For now though, it's my in law's kitchen where recipes like this cabbage and greens creation happen: 

Healthy cabbage recipes: green cabbage recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Meal Plan: Paleo Challenge Week III

Hi there! I'm going to start off this meal planning post by not talking about meal planning or paleo! Gasp, shock. Yes, something unrelated and random seems to be the norm around here lately. Today, it's our almost house. Hubby, the Toddler, and I did another walk through yesterday, took measurements and shared ideas with each other. It was actually a lot of fun to start visualising what we want it to look like. And we met a future neighbour who said that there are a lot of children in the area. Yay!

The actual point with this house talk is not only to express how excited we are about starting on our mammoth project, or rather actually living there, but to say that I realised that there are a lot of little projects I should be working on in the meantime. Whereas my husband is super handy and will be actually fixing the house, I also have loads of little crafty projects I want to get done to make it home-y. It's not like I'll be able to repair the ceilings, but I can certainly DIY a pretty canvas with a family portrait or repaint our bed frame. So, I want to get started this week. 

Given the massive amount of time I have been spending in my kitchen since the start of the paleo challenge, I am determined not to that again this week. It's also been unbearable hot with no air conditioner, and I just can't bring myself to spend hours testing recipes again or keeping everyone's food preferences in mind. I'm keeping it simple, making leftovers by doubling recipes, and I will be enjoying my extra time. Challenge accepted! 

Toddler approved paleo breakfast: Baked avocado

Since my toddler decided to refuse most food I present to him, I've had to get a bit creative with his meals. At the same time, I don't want to cook separate meals for him. Whenever I make this particular recipe however, something wonderful happens - the Toddler sees them cooking out of the oven, runs to grab a fork for himself, and eagerly goes to his high chair, all the while giggling with excitement. And then, within minutes, his plate is empty and he's asking for more. 

Oh yes, it's a beautiful thing! No food on the floor, only one satisfied belly filled with a healthy breakfast. And you know what? I'm always just as excited to eat it as he is! I mean avocado in and of itself is awesome, but baked in the oven with an egg, topped with sprouts, the amount of creamy awesomeness is ... just that - it's awesomeness! 

Baked Avocado By Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo

This recipe is incredibly easy to make, but does require a little bit of work to prevent the avocado from spilling it's eggy contents all over the place and making a big mess. It happened the first time I tried to make them, before I realised - ummm, they're round on the bottom! After cleaning up the spilled egg, making the filling once more, and slicing off a teeny bit of the bottom of the avocado, they stayed put and the Toddler and I were enjoying a delicious treat fifteen minutes later. 

Here's what I did: 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Transportation Part II - shadow matching activities

Hi there! Happy Friday! Today, I'm going to be sharing something that my kiddo has been loving lately- vehicle activities. Given his obsession with anything with an engine, I spent some time this weekend preparing more vehicle themed tot school printables. This week, instead of photo bombing you with all of the different types of Montessori activities that we've been working on, I'll be sharing just a few. Mainly because these were my son's absolute favourite activities this week, but also because we've been spending so much time outside lately that the amount of time spent on official 'tot school' works has been reduced. 

What's special about these activities is also that this time, my hubby helped me to make these printables! I'm going to be sharing these with you today, as well providing the activities pictured here for free to download. [Note: these photos involve Russian text on the activities, but all printables are available in both English and Russian]. These are part of a larger and more comprehensive printable pack that I will be offering for free within the next few weeks so be sure to come back for that! 

Color Matching with cars

To start off with, I want to discuss this cars and color matching work. One of my not really goals, but kind of is a goal for Tot School this summer has been to teach the Toddler some colors. 

Transportation activities for toddlers and preschoolers by Welcome to Mommyhood

First, I presented the three part cards with just the colors. As you can see, I leave one sheet of paper with the cards for my son. I print two of these papers, laminate, and cut one copy out into individual cards. Then I presented the other set of cards as a matching work. Later, I swapped the color cards for vehicle cards with the same colors. The Toddler isn't quite able to do match the cars to the proper colors alone, but has been enjoying trying. 

Mystery bag

This is pretty self explanatory. I wanted a quick activity that we could work on to build vocabulary, without having to put much thought or planning into it. So viola: a mystery bag! 

Transportation activities for toddlers and preschoolers by Welcome to Mommyhood

These are great because they take about three minutes to put together. Then, I can simply put it down somewhere, and my Toddler will eventually come across it, and start pulling out the objects. I come to sit next to him, and explain what each is. If I really wanted to make it more Montessori, I would make up some cards to match each item. You could also put each item into its own compartment, like a box or bag for each individual piece. Once each item is discovered, the child would need to put each back in it's original spot. I didn't feel like putting that much effort into this work, yet. 

Shadow matching with vehicles

Transportation activities for toddlers and preschoolers by Welcome to Mommyhood

My son just loved these so much! He kept returning to these activities throughout the day and would sit quietly on his own for up to ten minutes at a time, repeatedly putting these together, clearing off the loose pieces, and putting them back on!  

Transportation activities for toddlers and preschoolers by Welcome to Mommyhood

Aside from these works, we also continued on with last week's beginning sounds works, and construction vehicle 3 part cards

Construction activities for kids [Montessori inspired activities] by Welcome to Mommyhood

I actually enjoyed the small break I got from planning, and for the rest of the month, I think I'll be keeping our Tot School weeks similar to this- a bit on the simpler side. 

I've been thinking a lot about our plans for the next 'school year', which I say in quotation marks because my son sees homeschool as playtime with mommy. It's obviously not official homeschool. Anyhow, I want to get planning a bit, make up some printables to get at least start us off, decide on our themes and goals. Public school can begin at two here, as well, and we need to make several decisions in that regard and soon! 

Back to my initial point: this post is basically a small sneak peak of a very large construction/vehicle/transportation printable set that I am working on. Since the Toddler is loving this theme and these works so much, I have several more that I will be sharing within the next few weeks, including the math printables I promised last week!

Printable time!

You can download the printable I made for these activities here: 

For more tot school inspiration, stop by my Toddler Activities page. For even more ideas, be sure to visit my Tot School Pinterest board!

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Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Easy healthy recipes: [paleo] broccoli lemon chicken

I have a tendency to make complicated dishes. Not on purpose, I just love throwing in lots of different vegetables and flavours into one pot and seeing what the result will be. It's not that I like to make my life difficult, but it's more that I like to get a variety of veggies into each meal, and for some reason, that translates into one, elaborate dish rather than a few easy sides. This blog has really been a good way for me to focus on one or two flavours rather than a mix of 10,999,274,104 types of vegetables in one large, overflowing pot where you can't taste the difference between carrots and broccoli. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, and perhaps I throw in five to eight types of veg instead of 10,999,274,104, but same difference. 

Anyhow, this recipe is one of my favourite easy and healthy recipes, and one that I have learned not to turn into an everything dish. Don't get me wrong - there's still tons of flavor in it, but it focuses on one lovely vegetable (broccoli) and one protein! Of course, I always like to add some spices and herbs for an oompth of flavah, and this recipe is no different. It's a lovely, easy way to get some green into your life!

Easy healthy recipes: Broccoli lemon chicken by Welcome to Mommyhood

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

WIAW: Paleo style!

Hi there! It's week two of paleo, and it's going well. I have to admit, it's not as easy as I thought it would be, but we are generally sticking with it. I don't tend to like to follow any sort of diet/lifestyle 100% so doing paleo 100% all of the time has been a bit more difficult than I expected. I do generally eat healthy, and like paleo, but do allow myself to have some guilty pleasures every now and again. With this paleo challenge, those same guilty pleasures have been erased from my diet, and I haven't had the chance to make any paleo friendly treats. And I like my treats. And snacks. I guess it's part of the challenge though, to cut back on snacking and sweets. 

Anyhow, here's a look at what my family ate on Monday: 


Again, we had oven baked avocados with eggs: 

WIAW: Paleo edition by Welcome to Mommyhood

Monday, 7 July 2014

Life Update & how we're dealing with tough times

Hi there! Happy Tuesday! Today, I'm going to do a slightly different type of post. It's a bit more personal than what I normally share so I'm a bit nervous about this one. I'm going to chat with you a bit about what's been going on with our house buying adventure, or lack of progress on that front and how we're dealing with it. I'll try to explain how house buying works here, while leaving out some details for privacy. If something doesn't make sense, feel free to ask, and I will try to explain! 

I mentioned several months ago that we bought a house/ are buying a house with this view in the backyard. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Easy and healthy blueberry banana muffins

I think I've mentioned a few times that I'm a mean mom when it comes to my toddler's food. Hubby and I are very strict about making sure we give the Toddler healthy options for each meal (to the best of our ability). I've been pretty busy lately, and sometimes, I just need a healthy but oh so easy and convenient option. Options like these healthy muffins are perfect for busy days when I need a quick snack or breakfast for my son without offering processed foods. Best of all, they are so easy to bake, and I can even freeze them! 

Healthy muffins recipes: blueberry banana breakfast muffins by Welcome to Mommyhood

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Paleo Meal Plan Week 2!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend! Ours has been hotttt and busy and emotional. Things on the house front keep going from super awesome fantastic yipeee! to absolutely terrible all within the same day. We decided to stay positive - if we won't have the key before my Hubby's mandatory two week summer vacation, we will be going on holiday! If we do have the key, we will happily be busy working on the house instead. We're all pretty anxious to get back on our own. 

Living with my in laws has been a bit challenging and one of the biggest struggles has been with food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not to mention a paleo one, when there is so much temptation around. It's been about one week since I've started the Paleo Challenge that Giselle is hosting, and it's been going pretty well. I did have a cheat day already, but I'm not too upset by it as I've kept on track the remainder of the week. I've never been 100% paleo before, so this is definitely an interesting experiment for me. 

So far, I've learned that I am disorganised about my food. I veered off from my meal plan for convenience, but did still manage to stick to paleo. In general, I like to eat healthy, but I'm horrid at meal prep. Part of my problem is also that I like to develop and test new recipes all the time [or whenever inspiration strikes], so I frequently make something just spur of the moment that involves little planning. My meal plan is always a guide to at minimize food waste, and it works. 

Because of the challenge, I'm finding it quite difficult to keep up with my Hubby's work lunches, the Toddler's meals, making sure my in laws will like what we're eating, and also feeding myself. As a result, I admit that I skipped a few meals, which is not what this challenge is about, nor is that the example I want to set for my son. 

So! This week, I tried to plan out my meal plan a bit better. I planned 5 work meals for my Husband, and meals at home that I know require minimal effort on my part. I need to keep what we're eating varied enough that both Hubby and I will want the leftovers. Last week, I felt like we were constantly eating the same thing and definitely want to avoid that feeling this week. 

Here's what we'll hopefully be eating this week: 

Paleo Meal Plan by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo

Friday, 4 July 2014

Toddler approved: easy [& paleo] broccoli egg bites!

If you were around for my last Munchkin Meals post, you will have read a bit of whining about the Toddler's new found adventures in picky eating, which I find terribly uncool. In hopes of getting him to eat torturous foods such as kale or *gasp, shock* that dreaded broccoli, I came up with these yummy breakfast bites: 

Healthy meals for Toddlers: broccoli egg bites by Welcome to Mommyhood

Did it work? Oh yes! It sure did! These babies were devoured after some reluctance. Eagerly devoured even. The Toddler loved them, and so did I! I also did a little shimmy because not only did I get him to rediscover his former love of broccoli, but he also ate kale! Mommy won this battle! Here's the recipe (in case you're fighting your own leafy greens wars or) if you just love an easy and healthy breakfast! 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cars, transportation, construction, and more!

Happy 4th of July my American friends! And Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a lovely week! Ours was a bit rough given some problems with our house, and we had some food challenges we are all really looking forward to this weekend. The one thing that I really feel I accomplished though is a fun and educational tot school week! 

Construction activities for kids [Montessori inspired activities] by Welcome to Mommyhood

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

We're getting picky! Healthy toddler eats

The last time I put together one of these posts, I was in that wonderful stage where the Toddler ate everything. Apparently, between now and then, he decided that he was making my life too easy and we are now meandering our way through pickiness, including the absolute refusal, clenched teeth, head shaking, fist clenching stage where he refuses anything leftover EVER. Does child really expect a freshly cooked meal everytime he sits down in the high chair? Whaaaat is this? I refuse to spend that much time in the kitchen. Seriously. I refuse

As a result of our new found pickiness adventures, I feel like this post is just not going to be as diverse as the last Toddler Meals post I shared. I had big plans though! Really big ones with all of these ideas for delicious and easy toddler meals, but with a) the paleo challenge b) horrible house buying problems, I've just been less than creative. Honestly, all I've wanted to do was cuddle up on the couch with my hubby, some music, a glass of wine and pretend that we were in the new house that we still only kind of own. I tell ya what, being an adult is hard! 

Okay, enough complaining! I'll be enjoying that glass of wine later in the week perhaps, for now it's a cup of coffee and some easy Toddler noms because it's time for Brittany's monthly Munchkin Meals link up party! 

munchkin meals

Here's a look at the meals that the Toddler has actually been enjoying! 


4th of July muffin tray! 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

WIAW [or Monday] Paleo Style

I have to admit that I didn't think through the Paleo challenge [hosted by Giselle at My Healthy Happy Home] well enough in terms of planning and meal prep, especially well enough for Hubby to successfully participate. I feel bad giving him the same food to eat two days in a row (leftovers) every single day, but also don't feel like cooking him something else for the next day. 

This means that I've had to re-evaluate my meal plan and really think about what Hubby will be eating for lunch on which day. I'm also going to have to give our weekends some more thought, as well. Even though I've started changing meals and replanning our meal plan on Monday, I have been able to stick with it both days so far and Hubby for the post part. 

The other challenge that I've had has been breakfast. I've never been a big breakfast eater, but now I'm consistently getting up around 5 am and often even earlier than that. I really dislike eating soon after waking up because it just feels too early. On the other hand, I get really hungry by 6, but still don't feel like making something or having something until 8 or so! Even by that time, I don't like to eat much, and settle for a few hard boiled eggs or a smoothie. The problem is that by this time, I am so hungry, but don't eat enough to stay satisfied until lunch time. This has nothing to do with paleo, but is just my weird dislike of breakfast. The problem for sticking with paleo is that then, I'm inclined to snack, but want to cut back on that. 

What I did yesterday (Tuesday) though was got smarter about food prep. I made a big batch of pan fried ground beef with onion and garlic, and also a big batch of hard boiled eggs. The ground beef will be used with whatever I feel like, but probably with some sort of sweet potato hash. The eggs will probably be eaten with avocados in some way, salads, etc. I also made some cauliflower rice. 

Okay, onto the food!

My meals 


2 hard boiled eggs and an apple an hour or so later. An hour after that I had some nuts. I think that was my breakfast? 


Salad with loads of leafy greens (they're there underneath, I promise!), radishes, half an avocado, cucumber, and one chicken breast that I had pan fried earlier.