Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sweet and spicy roasted pumpkin

Even though Thanksgiving is over, you didn't really expect to see pumpkin recipes disappear around here, right? 

Easy, healthy recipes: sweet and spice roasted pumpkin {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes, #roastedpumpkin

Because my raging pumpkin obsession is still going strong and all things pumpkin are still on 'need to cook and devour straight away' list. I've really been loving all sorts of savory dishes lately. This sweet-savory-spicy pumpkin recipe was a pretty fantastic blend of deliciously sweet pumpkin with some fresh herbs and chili peppers all contributing to my taste buds doing a happy dance! 

Easy, healthy recipes: sweet and spice roasted pumpkin {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes, #roastedpumpkin

This pumpkin was actually the last bit of goodies that I had used up from the last time I went to the market - as in three weeks ago. Which reminds me - I haven't been to the bigger market in three weeks. Whaaat the what. 

My desire to cook is directly correlated to the amount of time I spend at the market. Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to any sorts of happenings in my kitchen. And going to the market as opposed to a conventional grocery store also means that I get to save quite a lot of money. As in - thirty euro for a fully stocked refrigerator filled with delicious greens and sweet potatoes (because that's pretty much all I eat). We're not even going to chat about the quality of produce at a grocery store as opposed to the market. 

Okay maybe a little. There's a serious difference between the taste of produce from a grocery store here and what I get from the market. The latter is fresher, and that means that it also needs to be used straight away. Now that I finally have a car that I can drive places (assuming that I don't get waaay lost and end up in Germany or France. Oohh France!), I can actually get to my favourite market on the weekdays without shoving my kid onto a million and a half forms of public transportation. 

One more random side note about Europe - have you ever driven here? I mean gone from one country to another. I've always been so astonished that you can leave one country for another and not even know it. Hello France, I had no idea I even crossed the border into Belgium. Oh Europe, you're fun. Although I guess it's like crossing state borders in the US. Except people speak different languages.

So much talking, here's some pumpkin to make up for it! 

Easy, healthy recipes: sweet and spice roasted pumpkin {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes, #roastedpumpkin

Easy healthy recipes: 
Roasted pumpkin

Post Thanksgiving, Light Meal Plan

Hi there! Before we get onto meal planning and all that healthy food stuff, I have something kind of exciting to share! My husband and I are finally a two car family. My mind = blown. I have a car. To use. Whenever. I don't have to drop my husband off at work, I don't need to figure out public transportation (albeit it is ridiculously cheap and easy here), but this really does bring a whole new level of convenience to our lives now, especially with construction. 

Here's the thing with cars and my hubby and I - we have never bought a new car. Ever. It's only started being thing here in the Netherlands in recent years, too, as everyone we know also buys used, or at least purchases something they can pay in one go. As in people here don't really do debt outside of a mortgage. It happens, but it's not too common. 

So my point? Well, we've been saving for a while, and finally took the plunge on getting hubby the 'fancy' car he wanted and were finally in a position to do it without credit. It's still oldish, but it's got a powerful engine -.- Obviously that's the most important bit, right? Like psshh safety. 

It's a Volkswagen golf though so it's pretty safe and is also the most typical European car in my neck of the woods. As in every parking lot has about ten of them. As in our older car is also the same one, but older. Same colour, too. 

Anyway that was totally random and unrelated to food and all, but I'm so excited to be able to take Mr. Toddler to the library whenever we feel like it! It's also really nice now that the weather is getting cooler and we can't be outside for most of the day. And to be able to drive on over to our house and have dinner with my husband, then go back to my in laws house right in time to get Mr. Toddler to bed. 

Now, if only I could stop being nervous about sharing the road with tractors and cyclists. Driving in Europe is kind of scary. Driving on tiny European roads while tractors are approaching and a cyclist is refusing to get off to the side is really scary. Driving a stick shift is no longer scary. I guess that's a start! 

That was way too much rambling! Here's what's on the menu for this week, most of which should hopppeeffullly be cooked at the caravan at our house! Yay!

Healthy meal plans: 

Paleo meals

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Invitation to Christmas play dough

Christmas seems to be everywhere on the internet, and I have to admit that I am getting pretty excited! I've already created a whole bunch of printables and planned loads of Christmas themed shelves and activities for Mr. Toddler! 

Today, I'm starting by sharing a Christmas inspired invitation to play: 

Christmas activities for kids: invation to Christmas playdough #ChristmasActivitiesforKids, #toddleractivities

Christmas activities for kids

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Sinterklaas in the Netherlands

Today, I'm going to be chatting about my expat life, and life here in the Netherlands! With all of the fun holidays happening in the US, I thought it would be nice to share some of the holiday traditions that are important here in the Netherlands, specifically Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas' Day) on December 6th.  

I'm sharing (as concisely as I can) a bit about how my in laws celebrate and the general Dutch traditions. 

It all starts off with the arrival of Sinterklaas, called the Sinterklaas intocht! This takes place about two to three weeks before the actual holiday. This is when Saint Nicholas comes from Spain to the Netherlands to prepare for the holidays. I was actually surprised to see that even the villages host an event for this, separately from the larger cities near them.

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

All of the villagers started gathering outside in anticipation for Saint Nicholas' arrival. There was a host, who had a microphone, and was explaining to the kids and families that he had insider news that Sinterklaas was coming soon! The kids were supposed to search around the village for his boat. 

My son had a lot of fun walking around with his friends (who were waiting and looking for Sinterklaas' boat). 

Last year, we attended in a large city, where he arrived on a large boat, with many little ones surrounding. The city was swamped. Here in the village, there was nothing fancy, but all of the kids living here were outside, cheering with excitement and waiting for Sinterklaas to arrive on his boat. 

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

While significantly less 'fancy', this village experience was quite personal in comparison. 

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

The kids crowded the boat as Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Pieten arrived. 

Here's a note on the Zwarte Pieten (Black Pete? literally translated). I'm not going to get into this too much, but there is a lot of controversy regarding them. These tend to be Dutch folks with black face paint and gloves. They are Sinterklaas' helpers, and supposedly are black due to ash from climbing into chimneys to deliver gifts. There are a lot of opponents however saying that it's a racist, where as other people argue that it's tradition and has nothing to do with racism. To be honest, I was shocked to see this for the first time. 

My son was not impressed with the strange, bearded man and didn't want to go near him or his helpers, unlike the majority of other the kiddos. 

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

The Zwarte Pieten handed out pepernoten to the children (they are a small cookie that tastes a bit like gingerbread). 

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

Instead, Sinterklaas' horse and carriage were significantly more interesting, so my son hung out with our neighbours by the horses. 

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

Sinterklaas then rode off on the horse led carriage, with the helpers and majority of villagers following. The helpers had hid all sorts of presents (usually drawings from the children to the Sinterklaas) throughout the village. The kids helped to hunt them down.  

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

Meanwhile my son enjoyed walking hand in hand with his girlfriends ;) 

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

And I saw this cool bike. 

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

Random photo- the reason why all of my stiletto heals have been ruined: the dreaded cobblestone road. 

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

I didn't wear heels on our exploration, and we had a great time walking around the village with Mr. Toddler! 

What usually happens after the arrival of Sinterklaas, is that kids will lay their shoes out the night before. In the morning, they can find small gifts. Families do this bit differently, but we bought a bunch of small cars, and have been leaving them in Mr. Toddler's shoes on the weekends. We will do this until 5 December. Some families leave a carrot out (for Saint Nicholas' horses).  

We also have a fun celebration with my in laws, before or after the actual holiday. My husband and I then celebrate the day of together. This year, we had the larger celebration on 22 November, the same day that we did all of the above. 

We pick the names of family members from an envelope, and buy gifts only for the people we pick. We make a 'surprise' for them and write a poem about them as if from Sinterklaas. 

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

And then eat tons of mashed potatoes! 

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas Day) in the Netherlands {Welcome to Mommyhood}

The top ones had saurkraut in them, and the bottom had kale! These take mashed potatoes to a whole new level! Loaded mashed potatoes are absolutely my favourite Dutch dishes, and my favourite dishes that my mother in law cooks! Delicious! 

This really is a fun holiday and we're making up our own traditions in our mixed culture home! It's been a lot of fun to discover our different ways of doing things and the rhythm that works well for my husband and I. 

For more expat stories and more about life in the Netherlands, checkout these expat posts!


  • What kinds of traditions do you have for the holidays?  
  • Do you celebrate Saint Nicholas' Day? 

PS - Happy Thanksgiving to those of you from the United States! 

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

WIAW: paleo

Happy Wednesday everyone! If you're located in the US, I wish you guys the best of luck in preparing for Thanksgiving, and ... black Friday. I went to a clothing store with a friend on black Friday. Once. It was chaos. 

To be honest, the entire concept kind of scares me. As in, I keep imagining that people are getting trampled in stampedes of rushed shoppers to get the absolute cheapest electronics they can possible find. Regardless of what you're plans are, I do hope you have a blast carrying them out! 

We've been drowning in house stuff in my neck of the woods. That and holiday preparations. Folks, our house is seriously no where near done. It seems every time one project is completed, we find ten more that need to be done before we can move on to the next. If we could just get the roof back on, the floors on the first floor, electrical, and plumping work done, we could move into the first floor at least. We're so crazy for doing this all ourselves. But! In the end, we'll have a pretty home for current and future offspring to play in. 

Because of all of the aforementioned stuff on our to do list, we have been taking comfort in obnoxious amounts of delicious food. It's all healthy, so I can't say that I'm minding stuffing my face with pumpkin. See: 

Paleo WIAW {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo

While pumpkin isn't quite able to fix up our house, it makes a pretty nice comfort food, and I was certainly comforted yesterday! Anyway, here are the other eats and treats from Tuesday: 

Holiday gift guide: for young toddlers (12-24 months)

Today, I am sharing more holiday gift ideas for toddlers! This time, I am focusing on gifts for younger toddlers - or those that are around one year old. 

As I wrote in my Toddler Gift Guide, I have been thinking quite a lot about the types of toys my husband and I prefer for our son. We go for sturdy, wooden toys that also serve an educational purpose. Toys should be fun, for sure, but that doesn't mean that learning doesn't happen while little ones play! 

One thing I was especially particular about when my son was 1 year old was that I didn't want toys that make noise. I don't mean instruments, but ones that sing and beep, and honk, and make a big ole racket, but a lot of my family members didn't quite understand what kind of toys we did want for our son. 

Here is a list of some amazing toys for younger toddlers that are not only wooden, but educational and most importantly fun! 

When picking out gifts for kids, it's of course important to focus on what the particular child enjoys, and then go from there. For the animal lover, finding some wooden blocks with animals on them, could be loads of fun! For the music lover, get them a wooden instrument! For more specific ideas, have a look below!

Holiday gift ideas for toddlers {Welcome to Mommyhood} #holidaygiftideas, #christmas, #holidays, #toddlers

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: Desserts

I think after having pretty much every single food related post this month turn out to be Thanksgiving themed, it's pretty evident that I have a minor major obsession with all things Thanksgiving and especially all things pumpkin related. You're shocked. I know. 

Today, I'm sharing a collection of some of my favourite Thanksgiving-y desserts and pumpkin treats. But guess what?! They're all healthy! And almost all of them are also paleo friendly! This is also pretty awesome because I can actually share a few bites with my toddler without getting a sugar crazed little boy running around the house. 

Enough chatting, right? Let's get on to the good stuff! Here is a list of 11 healthy Thanksgiving desserts: 

11 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: Desserts {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #healthythanksgivingrecipes

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes


Monday, 24 November 2014

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: side dishes

For those of you located in the US, you are lucky enough to have Thanksgiving approaching! That means loads of delicious turkey, lovely side dishes, and probably a bit too many treats! 

I have been preparing all sorts of healthy Thanksgiving inspired recipes here in the Netherlands as nostalgia has hit me full swing. I've been recreating recipes, testing out new ones, and stuffing my family to capacity. Luckily, these are pretty light recipes, but don't get me wrong - they are delicious! 

Here's a compiled list of 19 healthy side dish recipes you can bring to your Thanksgiving bash that your relatives will thank you for! If you still don't have your menu settled, need some new ideas, or are just on the look out for new and delicious recipes, you are bound to find a bunch of amazing recipes here:

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Side dishes

You will be sure to impress your friends and family with any of these 19 healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: 19 healthy Thanksgiving Side dishes by Welcome to Mommyhood #healthythanksgivingrecipes, #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bacon wrapped sweet potato fries

It's pretty much guaranteed that sweet potatoes are amazing, right? Why yes. And bacon? Cliche paleo go-to ingredient? Yea, probably. What do you get when you combine them? Amazingnes. Period. Seeeee: 

Easy healthy recipes:  Bacon wrapped sweet potato fries {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Thanksgiving Week Meal Plan

The tittle of this post is totally anti-climactic because we aren't having a Thanksgiving dinner. Disappointing, but sigghhh it's life. We'll probably be eating dinner in a caravan with a space heater, where I will cook something on one small gas burner. But it will mean the house will be one step closer to being done. And that's awesome!

So, food! Due to the amount of craziness in my life the last two weeks, I have royally failed at cooking the things on my meal plan. The thing is though that I was really looking forward to consuming those meals. I'm pretty sure that the only meal from last week's menu that I actually cooked was this 'Bloody Mary' stew {Recipe coming really soon!}. 

Healthy meal plans: paleo {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #healthymealplans

I hid butternut squash in there. My husband claims to dislike butternut squash. Well HAH. Healthy tastes good and he's now a converted butternut squash lover. He just won't admit it... but it's true. Here's evidence from our conversation: 

Me: Did you like the stew? 

Him: Oh yea! It was really nice! {he says enthusiastically because food is awesome} 

Me: Even the vegetables? 

Him: Yea, those were my favourite!  

Me: {trying really hard not to be obnoxiously excited} There was butternut squash in there. 

Him: -.- I don't like butternut squash.

Hm. What the what dude?! It's good and you know it. He still admitted to liking it before knowing what it was and that's good enough for me!

This opens up a lot more doors in terms of our dinners or at least time saving opportunities for me as I frequently need to swap sweet potato or squash recipes with other stuff as he claims to dislike them. I guess as long as he doesn't know that something actually contains sweet potato or squash, then it's okay. 

I feel like that conversation should have happened with a child instead of a twenty something year old adult man.

I seem to have gotten side tracked there for a minute! Sorry folks. So the menu this week involves loads of Thanksgiving-y meals, meals from last week's menu that I didn't get to, and a bunch of recipe testing. I miss the kitchen. A lot. Here's what I hope to accomplish:

Friday, 21 November 2014

Holiday gift ideas: for toddlers

With all sorts of gift giving holidays approaching in December, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what to get Mr. Toddler. 

Holiday gift ideas for toddlers {Welcome to Mommyhood} #holidaygiftideas, #christmas, #holidays, #toddlers

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

I hibernate works and Presentation

I have a confession to make - we still haven't gotten through these. You guys, I haven't changed our shelves in two weeks. At all. And on Wednesday, I went to bed at 18.30. Immediately after getting Mr. Toddler settled. Craziness. I was thinking a short nap, but well, didn't even end up eating dinner. I guess even Mommy's need to sleep every now and again. 

Today, I am still sharing the presentation for my Hibernation printables. This is my take on some simple science (zoology) themed shelves for preschoolers and toddlers. I kept the topic broad, and basically tried to introduce Mr. Toddler to the animals that hibernate with as much of a Montessori twist as I could pull off! 

Science activities for preschoolers and toddlers: hibernation printables {Welcome to Mommyhood} #montessori, #scienceactivities

Thanksgiving Activities Round Up

We are so excited to be sharing all of the fun Thanksgiving themed printables and activities on Welcome to Mommyhood! 
Over 15 Thanksgiving activities and printables by Welcome to Mommyhood for preschoolers and toddlers  #montessori, #preschoolactivities, #preschoolthanksgivingactivities, #thanksgivingactivities

Thanksgiving Activities and printables

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Green beans in tomato sauce with pork chuck

Green beans. Mhm. They're my favourite. The first time I attended a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, I had a green beans casserole. Heavy. Delicious, but really, really heavy. Obviously, I needed to find a way to recreate a million different kinds of green beans dishes that were lighter and equally delicious. And the result is... 

Easy healthy recipes: green beans in tomato sauce {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes

Deliciousness! Okay, so it's not quite the green bean casserole I imagined when I started off creating this recipe, but it was seriously easy, seriously delicious, and instantly devoured. As in- photo quality was seriously not even a concern because hungry folks were demanding food. 

And buy hungry folks, I mean whining toddler. And whining husband. One's taller. 

Now, here's the thing with this dish, it does take a while to cook. Don't get scared! It's definitely in my typical style of one pot (less dishes), dumping, and getting on with life. Easy is the way to go for me lately, especially with the million and one extra activities we have going on right now. 

Bonus thing we have going on: a likely visit from my grandparents in a few weeks! You guys don't even understand! My graaaaaandma is coming. As in food is coming. In glorious, way too huge to ever be devoured portions. Cake. Borsch. Beef stroganoff. Homemade jams. Homemade eevverything ever. Best homemade everything ever. Just sayin'. 

Okay, okay, I'm calming down, but rest assured, there is so much more food that will be headed your way. I'm not promising that it will be paleo or healthy because I just want my childhood dishes, but it will be delicious! 

For today, here is a really healthy and easy green beans in tomato sauce recipe! 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Randomness: What I Ate Last Week

In this week's meal plan post, I mentioned how last week, I didn't stick to the meal plan at all. I organised a baby shower for my sister in law and it ended up taking a bit more time to plan and replan as I got unexpectedly nervous as we approached the day. 

Ladies don't typically get baby showers here, but they are starting to make appearances among the younger generation (as in my age. Am I young? Yes. I'll go for it.)

The shower ended up going really well, and happily I didn't have any major language blunders as I had to meander between speaking Dutch to the guests, English to the daddy to be, and Russian to my kid who was doing who knows what the entire time. 

We played some games, teased the parents to be, and I of course went way overboard on the food and now have a two extra batches of these double chocolate cookies

Holiday gift guide: toddler books

With the holidays approaching sooner rather than later, my husband and I have been talking quite a bit about what to get our toddler. Today, I am sharing a simple holiday gift guide based on our favourite toddler books! 

When friends and family ask us what kind of gifts to get for Mr. Toddler, our immediate answer is always books or wooden toys. Even before we discovered Montessori, these were always our go to answers. 

However, both categories are pretty broad, and today I'm going to be sharing some of our favourite toddler books! Books are a fantastic gift option for little ones. They're pretty easy to get a hold of and there are so many great ones out there! Since discovering the library, I've been loving digging through new reads for my son (in Dutch of course), but it's wonderful to see his mind grow as he points to letters to recognises and identifies new images. 

We like to keep our books pretty realistic and educational. Sometimes, we go for one that's just fun! Here are: 

Holiday gift guide: toddler books

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Pumpkin oatmeal bake {Toddler Approved}

It should be kind of obvious by now that I have a major addiction to pumpkin everything. Everything. Seriously. Well, it seems that I have another pumpkin addict in the house - my two year old. He not only demands to enjoy all sorts of delicious pumpkin dishes that I prepare, which I happily only slightly begrudgingly share. 

For instance: this healthy baked oatmeal was shared. 

My toddler and I loved this healthy baked oatmeal! It's a perfect healthy breakfast option, and is a pumpkin pie flavor, which is perfect for fall! {Welcome to Mommyhood} #healthytoddlermeals, #healthybreakfastrecipes, #healthybakedoatmeal, #oatmealbake

And in spite of being so small, Mr. Toddler can suddenly develop the appetite of a starving teenager. Or a wild lion. Ya know, cuz there's no difference.

This pumpkin oatmeal bake did not stand a chance. I should have known going in, but the lovely thing about it is that it doubles as a healthy dessert and a healthy breakfast. While this isn't my typical paleo creation, but it is a light and tasty pumpkin bake. 

Thanksgiving Activities: Montessori 3 part cards

Today, I'm sharing the last part of my Thanksgiving Activities series! I'm sharing something very Montessori - Thanksgiving 3 part cards and beginning sound cards! 

Thanksgiving 3 part cards 

Thanksgiving Activities: Montessori 3 part cards {Welcome to Mommyhood} #montessori, #thanksgivingactivities

These cards make fantastic pre-Thanksgiving activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. They are such a great way to build up vocabulary!

In my home, we use 3 part cards as pre-reading cards (because I like to think ahead, and we will be using them as the former once he can read). Mr. Toddler loves to look through the photos, identify objects, and now, he can even identify some letters!

Because of my son's current desire to learn to read, I also included beginning sound cards! You can have little ones match the cards with images and no text to cards with the corresponding beginning sound. 

For kids that are learning letters, you can show them the beginning sound cards with the image, beginning sound, and the name of the item shown. 

Free printables

Thanksgiving themed 3 part cards

Don't forget to stop by Welcome to Mommyhood's facebook page to see all of the fun activities that I share!

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Easy peasy roasted vegetables

Since moving to the Netherlands, I've really realised how some people have a disdain for vegetables. As a whole hearted veg lover, the first time I saw a child refusing to consume chili because there was *gasp, shock* a visible piece of carrot in there, or the first time I saw an adult male picking away piece of fresh fruit from the topping on a cheese cake, I was seriously shocked. 

I mean really! They're vegetables. And fruits. What's the big deal? I mean, look at the pretty colours and just think about all of the delicious herbs and seasonings you can add to them!  

These oven roasted vegetables are absolutely delicious and are so easy to make! They are full of flavour and will be perfect every time. {Welcome to Mommyhood}  #paleo,

...and then I had my first serving of plain ole overcooked, mushy carrots with tinned peas. Um. What? Green beans? Overcooked mush. Mashed potatoes? Dryyyyyy. 

And then, I got it. Yep. Veg can definitely be not only boring but can also have the consistency and flavors of store bought baby food if they're not done properly. 

The good news though is that they're pretty easy to cook perfectly. It's also so easy to completely change the way they taste by swapping spices and herbs, trying out different combinations. 

This recipe for oven roasted vegetables is amazing! There's no mush. No baby-food like consistency, but a layer of crispy vegetables that burst with flavor that is taken to the WOW! level with fresh rosemary. 

Plus it's pretty. Beets make things pretty. If for no other reason, you should make this dish just because it contains so many gorgeous colours! Here's what I did: 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Meal Plan November Week III

So remember last week's meal plan? Yea, so did not happen. We actually still ate pretty healthy and paleo, using much of the same ingredients, but last week was absolute madness. My husband ended up having two random days off to get stuff done at the house and go to the dreaded dentist. 

Side note: I'm a baby about the dentist. 

Back to meal planning... we ended up cooking at the caravan on our property instead of at my in laws a few days a week, which meant I had to make several one pot meals with limited groceries. So Brussel sprouts casserole it was. Again! 

I was obliged to make it anyway because when Mr. Toddler and I went to the grocery store, he ran to the sprouts and dropped them in our basket. So you see, I had to make it again. 

This week, I'm going to be working the leftovers into my meal plan again. It's going to be another crazy one! We're celebrating one of my sister's in law birthday (I have 3 total), and we the next day, we are all celebrating Saint Nicholas' Day. We're doing it early because another sister in law is due with her baby girl around the actual date (5-6 December). 

So! I'm keeping it simple this week. We'll be eating loads of one pot meals and I'll definitely be reworking my leftovers. Easy, peasy is the way to go for me! It also makes such a difference when trying to keep things healthy.  

Healthy Meal Plans: 


Healthy Meal Plans: paleo with leftovers {Welcome to Mommyhood} #healthymealplans, #paleo

Friday, 14 November 2014

Pumpkin chia seed pudding

So... I'm kind of obsessed with all things pumpkin. And paleo (like you couldn't tell, right?). But pumpkin is pretty amazing after all! So confession time: the first time I had pumpkin pie or pumpkin anything was in the Netherlands. And it was homemade. 

Let's just take a minute to process that while checking out some pumpkin pudding: 

Healthy Dessert Recipes:  Pumpkin chia seed pudding {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #vegan, #healthydessesrtrecipes

Thanksgiving Activities: Spelling Activities

Today, I'm sharing the next printable in my Thanksgiving Activities Series! I'm really excited about this one because aside from the fun theme (all things fall), it's touching on spelling and letter recognition! 

Thanksgiving Activities: 

Letter recognition activities

Thanksgiving Activities: Preschool Spelling and Letter Recognition Practice { Welcome to Mommyhood } #thanksgivingactivities

Thursday, 13 November 2014

I Hibernate Printables

I have to admit that I don't present nearly enough science activities for my toddler. I try, but I don't think I really do it enough as Mr. Toddler craves. The times that we do focus on experiments or zoology, I know he absolutely adores and has a blast learning! 

I've been putting in quite some effort to including science trays in our works. Today, I am sharing a light zoology themed printable pack for you guys to download for free! Mr. Toddler has been loving anything and everything animal themed and I am so excited to get working with these printables!

Animal themed activities: Animals that hibernate printables for toddlers and preschoolers in English and Russian by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #montessoriactivities, #animalactivities, #preschoolactivities

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Butternut squash with a sage butter sauce

With Thanksgiving coming up sooner rather than later, I've definitely had Thanksgiving dinner on my mind. Sadly this year, we won't have a big ole Thanksgiving bash because of the ongoing house situation, but I will be making easy Thanksgiving recipes throughout the rest of the month to get us in the holiday spirit! 

One of the my recent favourites is pan fried butternut squash in a sage and butter sauce. 

Easy Thanksgiving recipes: butternut squash with sage butter sauce {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo #thanksgivingrecipes #easythanksgivingrecipes

This squash was seriously delicious, easy, and oh my gosh, it so hit the spot! The key to this recipe is the fresh sage that infused the sauce and took it to wow!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

WIAW: Fall Deliciousness

So food. It's awesome. Just sayin'. I always get so excited about these WIAW posts! I just can't wait to share with you folks the the creations that have been brewing in my kitchen! Today, I'm sharing meals from Monday, a day full of healthy meals that was oh so necessary for my sluggish body after a weekend of working on the house. 

The house? Yea, it's still in a rough state. I lugged a bunch of bricks all weekend to clean up a bit. Best workout ever. My arms are still like jello. Hubby made it totally worth it by cooking up a fancy stake dinner on Sunday, of which I don't have a photo because it was dark and my cellphone refused to cooperate. 

Here's what I did manage to capture on camera: 


Herb omelette because it's delicious.

Healthy breakfast recipes: herb omelet by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo, #healthybreakfastrecipes

My apologies for another recycled breakfast photo. Lighting is definitely not to my advantage at about 7 in the morning! 

I'm finally starting to get over my smoothie obsession. I guess it's back to eggs now that the weather is getting cooler. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

I can change the world! A personalised children's book

This is a sponsored post that I wrote on behalf of I see me, inc.

With Christmas approaching next month, I've already started planning gifts. When it comes to children's gifts, my husband and I are actually quite picky. We search for items that are educational, high quality, and meaningful. Today, I'm excited to share with you an item that covers all of those categories: a personalised I can change the world book from I see me! 

Personalised Children's Books: I Change the World {Welcome to Mommyhood} #childrensbooks, #personalisedchildrensbooks

Pumpkin pie counting cards

One of the things that I un-ashamedly love about Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. I mean, I certainly love anything pumpkin all the time anyway, but there's just something about pumpkin pie around this time of year that I associate with delicious pie. Of course in my mind, I knew I had to incorporate some sort of pumpkin pie into our Thanksgiving activities. 

I came up with some fun pumpkin pie themed counting cards! 

Thanksgiving Activities: Pumpkin Pie Counters! These are great for toddlers, pre-schoolers, kindergarteners and even older children! These free printables include pumpkin pie counters, addition, subtraction, greater than/less than cards, and more! {Welcome to Mommyhood} #thanksgivingactivities, #montessori

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Paleo Meatloaf (loaded with vegetables)

I have to admit that the thought of meatloaf kind of puts me off. What?! But paleo = loads of meat consumption! Yea, but no. I do enjoy good quality meat that comes from animals that were treated humanely, but I do include a ridiculous amount of vegetables in our meals. 

Whilst pondering how to amp up my meatloaf, I decided that herbs and spices wouldn't be enough this time. It needed oompth, and that oompth would come in the form of vegetables. Healthy, delicious vegetables! 

The end result was a delicious concoction of meat and vegetables that was absolutely easy to get together! You see, now that is definitely an appeal of meatloaf - you mix the ingredients and pop it in the oven! How easy! So here it is, another one of my easy, healthy recipes

Easy, healthy recipes: paleo meatloaf {Welcome to Mommyhood] #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Meal Plan November Week II

Last week, I had a bit of difficulty sticking to our meal plan. We have quite a bit to do this week, and I've also started DIYing some holiday gifts [read as major time suck whilst I sit in a pile of assorted yarn colours, unable to decide what colour scarf to make]! 

This week, I've put in a lot more effort into planning our meals. I specifically picked dinner recipes with sides or mains that can be leftover and 're-purposed' into delicious breakfasts and lunches. Leftovers are the easiest meals, but I get tired of eating exactly the same thing two days in a row. I want to turn those dishes into something else instead. 

As a result, I'm changing up the way I structure these posts. I'll share the dinners I'm planning on first, and then share the breakfasts and lunches to give myself (and you guys) an idea of how to reuse the leftovers. This way, I'll be saving time in the kitchen with a more clear plan of how much to prepare of everything and what I want to have leftover. 

Healthy Meal Plan 

Healthy meal plans {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo