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Meal Plan January Week I {Whole 30 whaaaat?}

So the holidays are done, which also means my bloggy break is done. I'm really excited to get things back to normal around here, but I'm also a bit nervous because I've decided it's time for another run at...

Whole 30

dun dun dun. After eating paleo on and off for quite some time now, I shouldn't find Whole 30 terribly intimidating, but my grandparents are arriving this upcoming Friday and I know that non-paleo foods will be making their way to our kitchen table. These are delicious, Russian dishes that I haven't had in years and I'm going to have a hard time resisting. But obviously my sweet, Russian grandma will have a fantastic time stuffing my husband and child full to the max with all sorts of delicious things. And they will happily eat said delicious things (still healthy like brown rice and such, but not per se paleo/whole 30 approved). 

So why bother now? I know my body and it is sick and tired of going 'Dutch' (consuming way more dairy and bread than I thought was humanly possible). I need to find my normal again, and sadly, the holidays threw me off balance.

It wasn't even because of Christmas cookies. In fact, we had none. But rather, the fact that we were playing catch up with the house, organising boxes around at my in laws' home (our stuff is in storage), planning homeschool lessons, and just so much other things were happening that breakfasts and lunches consisted solely of bread with cheese, bread with hagelslaag (sprinkles. The Dutch use sprinkles as a spread), and even nutella because when you're covered in filth, trying to hoist up some huge plates onto the roof of your house so that it's water tight before it inevitably rains the next day, food and cooking become less of a priority. All the while, there's a toddler in the back of your mind. 

Our roof now has insulation and dormers (?) for extra space! The rotten wood is gone! Yay!
So my healthy eating habits were swapped for convenience. Dinners, like I shared in my meal plans, remained healthy and mostly paleo, but also happened pretty late. Klaas-willem (husband) and I are just exhausted and our eating habits are not helping. 

For me, it compounded on a typically hectic day of our 'holiday', whilst Mr. Toddler was being unusually clingy and having a meltdown because my car is broken (another thing to deal with) and he just wanted to see Daddy, who was at the house. Meanwhile, I had cramps to the point where I was unable to move. Luckily my toddler is independent, and grabbed himself a tissue to wipe his nose.. and then cried some more. 

The scenario made me realise that feeding myself essentially crap while trying to balance so much is not really as convenient and time saving as I had thought. 

While making a sandwich only takes 2 minutes, being unable to properly care for my son for 2 hours doesn't save time. Feeling energetic after a proper meal, and being able to function, now that creates more time. Plus, feeling dizzy from not eating enough also sucks, to be frank. 

Even my husband has noticed the decline of proper meals and has asked me to please prepare warm lunches for him instead of the sandwiches that he once claimed to enjoy. Typically, he goes to work in the mornings, and after then, heads straight to our house to work on construction there until about 21.00 (9 pm). It's really a physically demanding schedule and he needs to eat more nourishing meals than simply a few sandwiches here and there plus a warm dinner (again, typical way of eating here in the Netherlands, and what he was used to before meeting me).

So, I really want to commit to Whole 30, grandparents visit and all. I need to get back to feeling good, and enjoying my meals again. 

My husband won't be doing it with me per se, but I will be giving him Whole 30 friendly lunches and dinners to work. Maybe I'll give him brown rice, too or something if he complains. Depending on my ability to balance life, I will try to also share those with you, but they will likely be leftovers from dinner! 

What I do hope to do as I go through this journey into exploring my eating habits is sharing my tips for paleo (Whole 30 and generally healthy) eating, feeding kids, and time saving ways to stick to a healthy eating lifestyle. I will continue to share my meal plans with you (every Sunday) as well as What I Ate Wednesday posts so you can get a really good look at what Whole 30 looks like!

And finally, here's what on the menu this week! 

Whole 30 Meal Plan 


Easy, healthy recipes: Bloody Mary Stew {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes

Bacon wrapped endive with a roasted chicken 
Stir fry (with lots of greens and an egg) 
Someone else cooks

Breakfasts and lunches

A note on breakfasts and lunches. I don't like to cook breakfast unless there's something really creative going on in my head. I just don't enjoy it no matter how much I try and I need to accept it instead of stressing about it. To make my life easier while doing Whole 30, I am pretty much going to be relying 100% on leftovers for breakfast. 

Lunches are my favourite to cook because I usually have Mr. Toddler napping and can make photos for this blog (or a cookbook) if I need to, work on recipes, and just have a few hours to myself. Therefore, I will use a few lunch time cooking sessions a week to prep my meals, especially breakfasts to save time. Or I'll make eggs because I love them and they're easy. 

As far as this meal plan, these are my ideas for the week. I don't like to plan out what I eat on which day because I get stressed out then about not having time to cook them if it's more elaborate and something unexpected happens (like Mr. Toddler refusing to be away from me and absolutely needing to be held). 

Healthy breakfast recipes: herb omelet by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo, #healthybreakfastrecipes


  • Were you able to have healthy holidays? 
  • Have you done Whole 30 before? 
  • What do you think of paleo? 
  • Want to join me on Whole 30? 

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