Sunday, 11 January 2015

Whole 30 Meal Plan January Week II

Hi there folks! It's been a hectic and slightly crazy at my home lately. My whole 30 got majorly derailed after the first full day last week. This week, I'm going to try to stick to it again as life settles down and all. With my grandparents here (yay!), I know I need to cook healthy meals at least to feed them sufficiently, especially as my grandfather has diabetes and needs regular, healthy meals. Plus, after all of our meals got thrown off with visits and late nights, Mr. Toddler has been behaving quite poorly and needs to get back to eating broccoli rather than cookies. 

This week, rather than eating the aforementioned cookies for dinner with a cup of coffee, we're going back to real food. Plus, my grandma is horrified that the Hubby and I seem to be slim and all of the work of 'fattening us up' on our last visit to the United States is gone. So, we're going to go grocery shopping, test some new recipes together and prepare some old goodies! 

While I haven't been terribly hungry this week, I am excited about this, and we'll really be cooking up work-lunch friendly dishes so my husband can also have some tasty and filling meals at work. 

Here's what will be brewing in our kitchen this week: 

Whole 30 Meal Plan by Welcome to Mommyhood #whole30, #paleo

Whole 30 Meal Plan 


Whole roasted chicken (recipe will be up soon!) with loaded mashed potatoes
Spinach and bacon burgers/meatballs 
Beet soup

Whole 30 Meal Plan by Welcome to Mommyhood #whole30, #paleo

Dutch Inspired Beef Stew with sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts  
Lettuce wraps
Someone else cooks

Breakfasts and lunches

Leftover chicken with sweet potatoes pan fried with a cracked egg
Leftover stew
Stuffed sweet potatoes 
Russian beet salad 
Egg muffins
Oven baked eggs

Easy tuna salad: Whole 30 approved {Welcome to Mommyhood} #EasyTunaSalad, #Whole30, #Paleo


  • What do you cook during busy weeks? 
  • Do you meal plan? 

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