Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Whole 30 WIAW and Life update

Today's What I Ate Wednesday post features some pretty delicious Whole 30 meals, but before we get to that, I'm going to very briefly share a short update on life that may or may not have ramifications for the frequency and consistency of my posting.

If you're a regular reader, I'm hoping to keep my posting going as I normally do, but if I'm absent or posts come later, there are grammar errors, etc this is the reason why.  

Disclaimer: it get's sad here. If you don't want to read it, scroll ahead. 

On Monday, we found out a very dear relative has cancer. It's very serious and the predicted life expectancy is less than a year. We're trying to keep our lives functioning, support each other, and well... deal. 

It's hard. We're still reeling from the news. It feels unreal at times, and other times, the reality of the situation hits like a ton of bricks. Pretty much everyone is a wreck. 

I'm not sure that I'll give more details on this for now. We still have to continue with construction of the house, and my grandparents are still arriving in a few days so life continues on. 

End of sad bit 

As for the blog, I have several posts already pre-written and I'm definitely going to keep publishing those. In the meanwhile, I also have a load of ideas and really want to make those a reality. I'm not sure whether it's realistic, and I'm sure that there will be loads of unscheduled visits, phone calls, etc in my personal life. So well, that's that. 

Here's the food: 


For breakfast, I made eggs. I amped up their flavour by pan frying some bacon. Afterwards, I added mushrooms and a small yellow onion. Once those were mostly cooked, I cracked several eggs into the pan. After those were done, I turned off the heat and added as much spinach as the pan could handle. All the while, I had some sweet potatoes pan frying in some coconut oil. Breakfast was really delicious and everyone enjoyed it very much! 


Lunch was filled with just as much awesome as breakfast. It was also the result of some amazing recipe testing, which I was able to get done because the husband was home! 

I made some sausages with an amazing sauce (recipe coming soon), bacon wrapped endive (recipe coming soon), and more spinach and yet more sweet potatoes. Both spinach and sweet potatoes are kind of a thing at my house. We consume both pretty much everyday. 

Sausages in the pan: 


Clearly, I've been loving thyme, as well. I really don't like dried thyme and rosemary, but if I use the fresh stuff, I always love it and have been adding both herbs to many of my dishes lately. 


I made my paleo friendly stir fry, but I don't have a photo of it. Before we had a chance to sit down for dinner, we got a devastating phone call, and left straight away to take care of things. By the time we got back (2.30 am), we were too exhausted to eat and went to bed. 

Here's what we would have eaten:

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