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Meal Plan: Toddler friendly and totally healthy

I've kind of realised I am having a bit of a food problem when it comes to meal planning - I want to eat everything. Okay, actually no, but I really get stuck on a particular ingredient (chicken or sweet potatoes the last two weeks). And everything I do want to eat should involve that particular ingredient.

This week, I am trying to seriously get out of my sweet potato obsession mode and diversify my meals. I'm trying, but I'm not really sure about how successful I was. At least I avoided including my bacon wrapped sweet potatoes, smashed sweet potatoes, sweet potato noodles, and mashed potatoes all in the same meal plan. A few of those dishes will probably wait until next week. 

Probably. Unless Mr. Toddler requests sweet potatoes for lunch or dinner. In which case my hands will be tied and I will simply have to prepare them. Obviously my two year old controls my life. 

Paleo Meal Plan {Welcome to Mommyhood} Healthy meal plans, #healthymealplans

Aside from getting stuck on particular ingredients, I also realised that a lot of my recipes and foods that I want to cook are either Russian inspired or Dutch inspired. It's been a bit different lately because I'm trying to adjust our meals to make sure that they also fit my in laws' pallets, but aside from the occasional stir fry or pasta dish, I don't really venture out into other styles of cooking. 

How about you? Do you try to get a diversity of 'ethnic backgrounds' in your cooking? While I was planning some homeschool activities for my son, I realised that I have never prepared an African dish. I mean, that's a huge continent with loads of food inspiration potential that I have never even thought of exploring. Not to mention that Asia also has loads of amazing flavours and dishes that are unique to each country/region in it. 

I really want to challenge myself to go beyond my comfort zone and try new things. Not only do I find it absolutely and totally fun, but um, think about all of the potential for deliciousness! I need to get some research going, think about how to make dishes paleo (cuz I'm like that) and get my kid involved! 

For now, here's what I'm planning on making this week: 


Assuming that I can get my homeschool shelves organised well enough, we will be working on Africa themed activities this week. One of the 'lessons' I want to do is cooking an African inspired dish. After doing a google search, I found this recipe for Moroccan chicken stew that I think Mr. Toddler would be able to help me make. If anyone has a delicious and authentic(ish) African dish, I'd love to read about it! 
Lettuce wraps
Beef stew with rosemary potatoes

Easy healthy recipes:  Beef stew {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes

Paleo Meal Plan {Welcome to Mommyhood} Healthy meal plans, #healthymealplans

Pulled pork with paleo loaded mashed potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts
Breakfast for dinner - an egg casserole loaded with veggies, pan fried sausages and more veggies on the side (my point being, eat your veg!)
Stuffed cabbage (grandma's recipe!) 

Breakfasts and Lunches

Pizza egg muffins (recipe testing)
Pulled pork + eggs + veggies
Leftover stuffed cabbage pan fried with an egg in it 
Leftover stew that will be reworked to look like this: 

What I Ate Wednesday {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo

Chia seed pudding

Healthy recipes for kids: kid made coconut chia seed pudding by Welcome to Mommyhood! This is a delicious and easy to make HEALTHY dessert recipe that little ones can make themselves! Cooking is a fantastic way to practice math as well as practical life skills for kids! Plus, this recipe makes a tasty treat for adults! #montessori, #healthyrecipesforkids, #easyhealthydesserts

Pasta, pasta pasta. Sophie from Sophie in Clogs recently posted absolutely delicious sounding recipe for a peas and basil pasta sauce! I need to think up a way to swap out the normal pasta for something paleo-y, which will make it a primal recipe! 

ottolenghi, yogurt sauce

'Meatza' (recipe testing/idea that didn't happen last week)
Smoothies are still a major thing

Basic smoothie recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo, #healthyrecipes, #easyhealthyrecipes, #healthysnacksforkids

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Do you have an ingredient you've been loving lately? Do you know any easy African recipe ;) ? Do you try to cook new recipes regularly?

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