Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sausages in a mushroom sauce

I don't know about you guys, but when it comes to breakfast time lately, I have been so lazy, but oh so seriously hungry. 

We've been putting in loads of extra hours at the house trying to get everything livable and finally be able to move in, and that extra physical work has resulted in me becoming some sort of starving monster all. the. time. 

But cooking breakfast? I need it to be easy or I will simply enjoy my black coffee without anything else to accompany it. The result is that I'm hungry, cranky, and tired. 'Cuz food is important and all. See: yummy food!

Easy breakfast recipes:  Sausages in mushroom sauce {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #whole30, #easybreakfastrecipes

My relatively new desire to enjoy breakfast has actually been one of the most drastic changes in my diet and lifestyle since starting paleo. Until then, I usually opted out simply because of my lack of motivation to cook in the morning. 

I've also learned to love savory breakfasts! Here's the thing with them - I can revamp a simple dish like these delicious sausages in a mushroom sauce with fresh herbs, and turn the leftovers into a breakfast all within the span of 5 minutes. 

While a bit longer than the 2 minutes that microwaved oatmeal takes, these definitely keep me fuller longer and are filled with amazing flavours! 

Fresh herbs? Plus onion? Plus mushrooms? Yep! All of the ingredients necessary for an amazing bit of oompth in your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for whenever you prefer to eat something savory! 

Easy breakfast recipes:  Sausages in mushroom sauce {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #whole30, #easybreakfastrecipes

Easy breakfast recipes: 

Sausages in mushroom sauce

Easy breakfast recipes:  Sausages in mushroom sauce {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #whole30, #easybreakfastrecipesTime

20-25 minutes


2 adult portions 


2 teaspoons coconut oil
4-6 sausages
1 tablespoon paprika powder
1 yellow onion 
1/3 cup water or homemade stock/broth
1/2 cup mushrooms
2 bay leaves
3 sprigs fresh thyme 
Salt and pepper to taste 

Cook it

  • Heat coconut oil in frying pan
  • Add sausages
  • Pan fry on high heat for 5 minutes, being sure to flip a few times to prevent burning
  • After 5 minutes have elapsed, add the onion and turn down the heat
  • Once the onion is translucent, add the water 
  • Bring to a boil by turning up the heat 
  • Place lid on pan, and let simmer/cook down for an additional 5 minutes 
  • Add the mushrooms (they also absorb liquid and will help to thicken up the water) 
  • Once the mushrooms are cooked to your liking, an additional 3-5 minutes, you can turn off the heat
  • Remove the thyme leaves from the stick and add to the dish 
  • Remove the bay leaves before serving

To serve as a breakfast, you can crack an egg into this dish. I would add some fresh greens to my plate along with some leftover roasted sweet potato. 

Easy breakfast recipes:  Sausages in mushroom sauce {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #whole30, #easybreakfastrecipes

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