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Tips for going on a nature walk with a toddler

One of my favourite springtime activities to do with my toddler is to go on nature walks. These are such a wonderful way to bring in some one on one time into our days. They're a wonderful way to connect to nature. They're a wonderful way to connect to each other!

Nature walk tips by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #toddleractivties, #outdoortoddleractivities

In today's busy world, I constantly feel like I am rushing through my day, worried about getting everything done. There is just something magical about being able to shut down all of my worries, stresses, and everything that needs to be done and managing to focus on the beauty of nature while enjoying my child (a toddler that is fascinated with everything outdoors!). 

Toddlers are pretty amazing! They notice those tiny details that we manage to miss, they get so excited about the silliest things, and their laughs make the entire world a better place. 

Today, I want to share with you a few tips for really shutting out everything else and just connecting with your little ones on a simple walk. 

What?! Tips for going on a walk? Yes. While toddlers are awesome little creatures, they can also be a little bit wild. Going on a walk can be a pleasurable, stress free experience for everyone, if you remember to keep a few simple things in mind! 

Tips for going on a nature walk 

With a toddler

  • Comfortable clothing for everyone! Oh and clothes you don't mind getting dirty or ruined! Puddles are meant for jumping in of course ;) 
  • Leave all of the technology at home
  • Bring snacks (or lunch) - you can sit down and enjoy it together in nature! How fun! 
  • Bring water!!!
  • Go where your kids want to go (keeping safety in mind of course!). I mean here, let them take the lead. There is no need to rush to any particular place - just let your tot enjoy deciding your direction. You can stop to literally smell the roses, or just checkout a ladybug. You'll be surprised at how many details there are to be explored even in your own backyard! 
  • Bring an empty bag - who knows what treasures your little ones will find?! My tot loves collecting rocks, flowers, fallen leaves. They all make fabulous additions to a play dough table after we get home!  
  • Let them get dirty! And don't forget to get a bit dirty yourself! 
  • Let them explore 
  • Don't rush 
  • Focus on them 
  • Play I spy 
  • Talk to your kids - take this opportunity to chat.
  • Listen - to the sounds of nature, and also to your kids. Without the distractions of everything we have to do, this is the perfect time to have a focused conversation without folding laundry, cooking, etc.  


You may have read that I was in an accident that has left me in a wheelchair. I'm starting to get more energy back and 'nature walks' have been one of my favourite ways to get some quality time with my husband and toddler. 

Nature walk tips by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #toddleractivties, #outdoortoddleractivities

The facility where I am spending my rehabilitation has a lot of grounds with some lovely areas that are perfect for toddlers that want to explore nature. 

The husband and Mr. Toddler spend the weekends here with me. This is one of the many ways this rehabilitation centre makes coping with my time here more bearable - my family can spend the night here as long as we let them know ahead of time. 

When the weather permits, we love going outside and seeing all of the lovely animals on the grounds here - deer, peacocks, ducks, and gigantic fish in a river that runs through the back. It's beautiful and a wonderful way to spend quality, technology-free time together as a family. Mr. Toddler asks go outside as soon as he sees me get into my wheelchair! 

Nature walk tips by Welcome to Mommyhood #montessori, #toddleractivties, #outdoortoddleractivities

And nothing makes the Hubby and I happier than seeing joy and happiness on our little man's face, especially as he explores and learns about nature with both of his parents around! 

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