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Toddler friendly healthy meal plan

What what - a meal plan is finaaally being published? Yes! I'm super excited to get cooking, get back to food, get back to taking care of my men (Mr. Toddler + Mr. Husband). 

So does this mean you're going home? Well, no. Sadly, I still have a few more weeks to hang out at the rehabilitation centre, but this lovely place has a little house on it's property that is completely wheelchair friendly that we will be staying in for 8 days! 

These days are going to be fairly hectic as I will still have very intensive therapy, as well as a house guest - Mr. Toddler while the hubby will be working during the week. Going to therapy with Mr. Toddler shall be quite an adventure and quite the test for my energy levels. 

A mini life update 

Given that I haven't been as active as I had hoped during my recovery, I guess there's no post like a meal plan to leave you guys updated - I'm doing very well! I am finally at a point where I am independent and can care not only for myself but also for Mr. Toddler who gets to stay the night with me every so often. 

Paleo Meal Plan {Welcome to Mommyhood} Healthy meal plans, #healthymealplans

This also leaves me quite exhausted and unorganised when it comes to doing anything except for the day to day tasks involved in caring for myself and my kiddo. 

Basically, my computer time has been pretty minimal. As my energy comes back, especially with my release date coming up in a few weeks, I really do hope to get back to blogging here regularly again. I do have a few projects and bigger things I am working on at the moment so I am realistically planning to get back to the pre-accident swing of things around the start of the next academic year. Then, it seems like a logical start for lots of toddler/preschool (eep!) activities as well as more food because summer basically means barbecuing and salads for me. 

In the meantime, here's my first meal plan since my accident, which will also be my first time cooking again! This first week will be quite intense so my strategy is to go for easy, large portions for tons of leftovers! The husband will only be joining Mr. Toddler and I in the weekend so I can really get away with making some super quick meals! 

I am also so, so, so, so excited to get away from hospital food which has meant that I go to the cafeteria at least once a week and get french fries. Because that's all they have and they're better than hospital food. I guess. Oh yes, meal plan... here it is! 

Healthy (family friendly) Meal Plan


Whatever I feel like making because I'm inspired (or lazy!) 
Bacon burgers and salad
Broccoli and sausage

Easy, healthy recipes: spicy broccoli and sausage #Paleo, #EasyHealthyRecipes

Paleo spaghetti

Paleo Meal Plan {Welcome to Mommyhood} Healthy meal plans, #healthymealplans

Easy roasted salmon alongside sweet potato fries 

Easy healthy recipes:  Bacon wrapped sweet potato fries {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes

Beef stew with rosemary potatoes (Holland has yet to realise that it is summer. Meaning it is still insanely windy, cold, and not nice weather. I'm making a hearty, filling, delicious stew!) 

Easy healthy recipes:  Beef stew {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo, #easyhealthyrecipes

Paleo Meal Plan {Welcome to Mommyhood} Healthy meal plans, #healthymealplans

Leftovers/husband cooks 

Breakfasts and Lunches


Salads consisting of whatever veggies and goodness we snatch at the grocery store!

Eggs, eggs, and probably more eggs. Seeee: 

Paleo Meal Plan {Welcome to Mommyhood} Healthy meal plans, #healthymealplans

(The eggs go on later. Veggies are crucial to making eggs wonderful. I also recommend avocados and/or bacon if you are like that.) 

Something like this: 

What I Ate Wednesday {Welcome to Mommyhood} #paleo

The this above is a recipe I have yet to share, but which I have been dreaming about! It's leftover beef stew with sweet potato noodles, fried egg, and greens.  Noommmm paleo breakfast goodness. 

Smoothies are the easiest breakfast/snack/drink ever and I miss them. I cannot wait to enjoy them every single day. Imagine all that spinach and delicious kale! Oh happiness! 

Basic smoothie recipe by Welcome to Mommyhood #paleo, #healthyrecipes, #easyhealthyrecipes, #healthysnacksforkids

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