Friday, 7 August 2015

Painting with wheels

When it comes to thinking up crafts or art projects for Y, I have to admit, I am not that creative. I can spend hours making printables or hands on learning activities, but crafts? I consider it an accomplishment if I manage to create some sort of 'invitation' to draw by providing him paper and crayons. 

And then I tend to feel lazy. Or unimaginative. However, I have been thinking a lot about our preschool plans and I came to a conclusion - I like the idea of Y getting to work on art and craft projects. BUT! I like to keep them open ended. It's fun. He enjoys it. I don't stress out about him not following instructions to make the perfect caterpillar or whatnot. 

I decided to make a conscientious effort to provide some sort of open ended invitation to work on an art project, but to have it be set up in a way where he can choose himself how he wants to work on his art. It has been so much fun! 

This past week, we have been working a lot on our transportation shelves! One of the activities he has coincidentally loved the most has been this invitation to paint using wheels and cars! Here's what we did: 

Invitation to paint with wheels by Welcome to Mommyhood #transportation, #artsandcrafts, #preschoolactivities
I prepared a very simple table with paint and a few elements that he could choose to use to help his painting. 

Invitation to paint with wheels by Welcome to Mommyhood #transportation, #montessori, #artsandcrafts, #preschoolactivities

I was thinking that he could dip the objects (cookie cutters, tires, and cars) in the paint, and then could explore the patterns they leave on the paper. 

However, I also left a paintbrush on the table if he preferred that. 

Invitation to paint with wheels by Welcome to Mommyhood #transportation, #montessori, #artsandcrafts, #preschoolactivities

And he did - he decided to use the objects as a canvas and simply painted them. 

Invitation to paint with wheels by Welcome to Mommyhood #transportation, #montessori, #artsandcrafts, #preschoolactivities

Y was very focused on his project and did eventually move on to exploring the patterns that the objects left on the paper. I was really pleased to see the deep look of concentration on his face as he explored the different sizes of the tire marks that each vehicle left on his paper. 

And then tragedy struck! Y got paint on his hands. The kid seriously dislikes having dirty hands, and I had to continuously help him wipe down his hands. It was actually very cute as he would hold up his left hand for me, while continuing to paint with his right - he was far too busy to stop and do it himself! 

Invitation to paint with wheels by Welcome to Mommyhood #transportation, #montessori, #artsandcrafts, #preschoolactivities

In the end, he was extremely proud of his project and has been showing off his designs to everyone at home! I love that he got to be so creative and that he is so pleased with himself!

What you need

  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paper
  • Wheels 
  • Toy cars
  • Cookie cutters
  • Tip: lay down some baking paper on your surface for easy clean ups! 

What did he learn?  

  • Fine motor practice
  • Muscle control
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Pre-writing practice
  • Grasping a paintbrush is great practice for a pencil grip later
  • Perceptual abilities
  • Concentration 
  • Strengthening independence and creativity by allowing kids to make choices - which object to use? Whether he should dip the car in the paint or use the paint brush? 
  • Math - Y got to explore the different tracks from the objects he painted with. We talked about how some were wider, smaller, larger, etc.  
  • Emotional development and perseverance 
  • Confidence! I truly believe that projects such as this help to develop confidence in kids. I loved seeing how Y himself was pleased with his own work, without needing my approval. He loves his creation, and I love that he is confident in his own abilities! 

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