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Our favourite building toys

The holidays are approaching quickly! When it comes to gifts, it can be difficult to decide on what to get the little ones in your lives. Today, I am sharing tons of ideas for building toys for kids that range in price points! 

Building toys are great for kids! Y loves to construct different objects, towers, cars etc with these types of toys. They're great for development of so many different skills: hand eye coordination, motor skills, creativity and so much more! 

Holiday gift guide: building toys for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #buildingtoys, #holidays, #giftguide, #montessori, #naturalfamily


Holiday gift guide: building toys for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #buildingtoys, #holidays, #giftguide, #montessori, #naturalfamily

TheMontessori Pink Tower is a fabulous 'toy'! The tower is great for learning and a must have Montessori item. 

Of course, the Montessori Brown Stairs are a great pair to the pink tower. 

Another fabulous idea is a set of Montessori numerical rods.

Knobless cylinders are another great gift idea! 


Holiday gift guide: building toys for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #buildingtoys, #holidays, #giftguide, #montessori, #naturalfamily

Of course, a good ole set of wooden building blocks is a must have! Our kiddo got these as part of a shape sorter gift and he has been loving them! We building tractors, dogs, farms, trucks, and even giraffes from them!

These building blocks feature some unique shapes and bright colours! How pretty! 

Here are some fun accessoriesto go along fabulously with wooden building blocks!

Aside from a normal set of blocks, we have also had a few years of play with a similar wooden blocks train set! I really love that this isn't just a train that drives but is a construction set where kiddos can use their imaginations to make different types of trains!  

How awesome is this magnetic wooden block set? We don't have this particular set but this high on our 'to buy' list! Perhaps an idea for Santa! This particular set is pretty pricey, but there are different sets with different quantities of blocks. When it comes to quality toys like this, I do think it's worth the money though. 

These rainbow sound blocks are so pretty and are a great way to stimulate so many senses! 

Another set of beautiful blocks

These totter tower blocks are so cool!

I love these peacock blocks

I love this Grimm's wooden flower puzzleEven though it's called a 'puzzle', I can see Y building so many fabulous creations with this set!  love that the pieces are curved and find that the quality is just gorgeous with Grimm's toys! 

Similarly, this rainbow stacker is beautiful!

This four elements building set is another one with curves and beautiful colurs! 

These wooden pattern blocks would make a great gift! 

These tree blocks are just so beautiful!


Holiday gift guide: building toys for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #buildingtoys, #holidays, #giftguide, #montessori, #naturalfamily

Your kids can use this marble railway from Hape to make all sorts of fun roads! I love the idea of a marble road! This is another item on our list of future buys for the kiddo! 

Here is another marble road with tons of building opportunities!

One of Y's all time favourite toys is his wooden railway! He can spend hours building and designing roads with bridges, curves, forks, etc! 

Another option is this road for toy cars rather than a train set!


Holiday gift guide: building toys for kids by Welcome to Mommyhood #buildingtoys, #holidays, #giftguide, #montessori, #naturalfamily

These see through pattern blocks look like they would be a great addition to a light table exploration! 

Lincoln logs are another fabulous building toy!

My mother in law bought some of these 'brain flakes' for Y a little while ago. I had never seen them before but she said that her kids used to love them at Y's age. She was definitely right and Y loves these! They are small and provide some fabulous fine motor practice. 

This set contains different shapes. 

The first time I saw these magic bricks was at the dentist. Y was terrified of the dentist himself but loved these blocks and was actually sad to leave because that meant he had to stop building. I ended up buying a set of these for the holidays last year and they have been a major hit since. He loves building tractors with these, too. (He loves building tractors out of anything). 

I have to admit that I prefer the wooden version of these magnetic tiles more, but the plastic ones are cheaper. These are magnetic which adds a fun element to building! 

Another fun magnetic set!

Of course, lego had to make the cut! We love lego, or rather duplo at the moment. Y has even asked to play with his mega blocks. The kiddo loves to build things! 

Here is a fort building set! This looks like so much fun!

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